What are the ways to rank your website on top of Google or Bing?

What are the ways to rank your website on top of Google or Bing?

Every website owner dreams of ranking top. Even the most skilled website makers struggle to gain that top ranking spot. With so much competition, it can be extremely challenging to get your website to the top of Google. Getting on the first page of Google or Bing means higher clicking through rate. Earning a top spot on Google or Bing leads to immediate exposure, increasing your credibility and traffic to your site.

What are the ways to rank your website on top of Google or Bing?

Search Engine Optimization is behind the process that helps your website perform well on Google or Bing by maximizing your potential website visitors.

Here are some tactics that can rank your website on top of Google or Bing.

1. Create More Long-Form Content

One of the most crucial steps to get your website to the top of Google is to create long form content. Long form content gets more traffic because of being more informative and of higher value. Creating long form content increases your dwell time as well. Long form content enjoys the benefit of being shared among others which results in higher visibility and increased traffic.

2. Concentrate on long-tail keywords

People with a precise purpose search for long-tail keywords and hence it adds value to them. These keywords are useful to attract the right people. Long-tail keywords comprise three or more words providing less competition. By adopting this strategy, your chances of getting into the top of Google search results increases.

3. Optimize for mobile

We perform most of the searches on mobile devices. Google places only those websites at top that are responsive. Google favors mobile-friendly websites. If your website is responsive, your website will adjust to any screen size.

4. Optimize your content for focus keywords.

Your website page needs to have these following elements along with a single focus keyword.

  • Page Title (under 70 characters)
  • Meta Description (under 155 characters)
  • H1 & H2 Title Text (breaks the content by describing it)
  • Alt Text (every image needs a title)
  • Keyword in Content (at least once, bolded)

5. Add tons of content to your site

Most of the B2B companies are now using content marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. You can add a variety of content to your site such as newsletters, blog posts, infographics, videos. To attract the audience. Try to add useful and high-quality content to your site regularly. Adding high quality content improves your visibility. The more people that see your website, the greater your website ranking.

Bing and Google love websites that have unique and engaging content that address the queries of the reader.

Backlinks are an important ranking feature. Bing values content with a backlink network that includes older domains (website age is a domain authority factor for Bing), including links from. gov,. edu, and. org domains and links from social media websites. Building high quality backlinks generates higher organic traffic on google sites. In bing, you can grow your audience reach by exactly matching anchor text and follow links.
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