Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

In this article we will discuss Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden. The Mangekyo Sharingan is a more advanced version of the Uchiha Sharingan. Only a small number of Uchiha have completely enabled it. It is without a doubt one of the most potent ninja skills in the Naruto series. They are regarded as the divine eyes who perceive the essence of all life without hindrance.

Below are list of Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

1. Madara Uchiha

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

Firstly, Madara was the first of the Uchiha clan to activate the Mangekyo Sharingan. Madara had no idea what each of his eyes’ specific powers were, but he was competent to use Susanoo. When Madara’s excessive use of his Mangekyo during the Warring States Period rendered him blind, his brother, Izuna, bequeathed Madara his eyes on his deathbed for the sake of saving the Uchiha, granting Madara the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. The straight tomoe of his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan gave him fluidity in his combat movements.

2. Itachi Uchiha

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

Itachi Uchiha awoken his Mangekyo Sharingan after seeing Shisui Uchiha’s suicide soon before the Uchiha Clan’s end. And also He will use Tsukuyomi, an incredibly strong genjutsu that misrepresents the victim’s sense of time, using his left Mangekyo. He will be using the Amaterasu with his right Mangekyo, producing unquenchable black flames at the user’s centrepiece. He can use his Mangekyo now that he has activated both of them.

3. Sasuke Uchiha

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

Following the death of his older brother, Itachi, Sasuke reawakened his Mangekyo Sharingan. And also He may cast Amaterasu with his left Mangekyo. He will mould or extinguish the flames with his right Mangekyo. He will use Susanoo now that he has awoken both of his Mangekyo.

4. Obito Uchiha

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

Just after the death of Rin during the Third Shinobi World War, Obito Uchiha awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan; Obito Uchiha only had his right eye at the stage, but the incident induced his Mangekyo to awaken in Kakashi Hatake, who wielded Obito’s left eye. Both eyes have ties to Kamui and can teleport targets to and from Kamui’s Dimension, although in separate ways. The right eye will use nearer Kamui, while the left eye will use lengthy Kamui to create a bubble all around object that teleports them.

5. Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha revived his Mangekyo Sharingan after seeing his partner and opponent dead. In both of his eyes, he might use the Kotoamatsukami, a strong genjutsu that tries to influence a target’s thoughts entirely without everyone, even the target, realising it. This method, though, cannot be used again for an extended period of time. The awakening of the Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes in the anime required him to use Susanoo.

6. Shin Uchiha

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

This Mangekyo Sharingan type is unusual in that it is exchange by several (yet connect) people. Shin Uchiha can telekinetically control any entity with his right eye after first marking it with a special logo. Shin’s clones, who are physically similar to him, share the same Mangekyo Sharingan style and telekinetic abilities. Shin and a creature share the same Mangekyo Sharingan style.

7. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

In the anime, Hagoromo Otsutsuki unveiled this power after putting his brother Hamura’s existence in danger to free him from Kaguya’s control; however, the design of his Mangekyo Sharingan (MS) is unclear since his eyes developed into the Rinnegan at the same time. Although the specific Mangekyou Sharingan (MS) strategies his eyes possessed are unclear, he was able to execute a gigantic Complete Body Susanoo, approximately the size of the Ten-Tails.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths, was conceive with a Byakugan that eventually emerged in the Naruto Shippuden anime. He was able to unleash the forces of the Mangekyo Sharingan as he became stronger.

It needs to be kno-wn what his eyes did. He was, however, shown to be capable of utilising a Full-body Susanoo with its powers. This Susanoo, fueled by Six Paths chakra, was powerful enough to compete with Kaguya Otsutsuki in battle.

8. Fugaku Uchiha

Fugaku Uchiha

Fugaku Uchiha, Sasuke’s father, was the last know chief of the Uchiha clan in Naruto. He contain the Sharingan’s strength, and in the Itachi novel and Naruto Shippuden anime, he was also see to be a recipient of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

The real strength of his Mangekyo Sharingan was never show to us, however we do know that the eye was powerful enough to handle the Nine-Tails if he so desire.

9. Danzo Shimura

Danzou sharingan

Firstly, Danzo was one of Konoha’s most strong ninjas, and he was credit with doing the village’s dirty work from behind the scenes. Danzo robbed numerous Sharingan, namely Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan, in an effort to seize control and ensure the village’s protection. He could use this eye to cast the all-powerful genjutsu Kotoamatsukami, which helped him to control someone without them noticing what was going on. Danzo was a true threat when combined with several other Sharingans that enabled him to spam Izanagi and Hashirama’s cells.

10. Pain

Top Best 10 Sharingan characters in Naruto Shippuden

Pain having Rinnegan gives users a shared view with the King of Hell, a creature summoned through the Animal Path, six pain paths. All of these have a copy of Rinnegan in their own eyes. A statue of the Demon King summoned by Rinnegan.

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