Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Top 28 Best Hollywood’s Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Here we will discuss Top 28 Best Hollywood’s most down to earth celebrities. It’s a frustrating experience and a sense of disappointment for some fans who are looking forward to seeing their favorite celebs only to discover that they are nasty and unpleasant. There have been many instances in which supporters have been subjected to such heinous behavior. The characters they portray on the big screen may be diametrically opposed to who they are in real life. 

In contrast, there are real-life superstars who constantly appear to think about others. There are a few celebrities that are in line for sainthood. Top 28 Best Hollywood’s Most Down To Earth Celebrities. They never put a foot wrong, are constantly thinking of others, and also are unbelievably giving. They are the sweetest and friendliest celebrities you will ever meet. 

In this article we will introduce you to the top down to earth actors, who have been considered the best not only in their profession but also as excellent human beings.

Below is list Top 28 Best Hollywood’s Most Down To Earth Celebrities:

28. Russell Brand

most down to earth celebrities

Away from being the most popular star in Hollywood, Russell Brand and his brand of incendiary humor (not to mention his extramarital affairs behind Katy Perry’s back) may portray Russell Brand as a bad guy in the eyes of many. While no one can deny that Russell has faults, it is those weaknesses that make Brand one of Hollywood’s most modest celebrities.

Russell has definitely done his fair bit when it comes to the homeless. While he may not be writing checks to halt deforestation or giving his time to clean oil off a marine turtle’s shell, he has certainly done his fair part when it comes to the homeless. 

27. Anthony Stewart

most down to earth celebrities

Anthony Stewart Head, is considered to be one of the sweetest and friendliest celebrities you’ll ever meet in person. There are many tales of how the actor has gone out of his way to assist and support his fans. Head is regarded as one of the most modest celebs, constantly making time for his followers.

One of the incidents that garnered a lot of attention for Stewart Head was when he went out of his way to assist a fan who had come out as transgender.

Jay Hulme, a longtime Anthony admirer, struggled greatly after coming out as trans.

Anthony and his lovely wife Sarah contacted me and asked me to spend the day at their farm,” Hulme said in a Twitter thread.

“They spent the day with me, brought me to the most expensive restaurant I’d ever been to, showed me to their horses, took beautiful pictures, printed and signed them, and also even offered me advice on a Shakespeare essay I was writing for school.

26. Ed Sheeran

most down to earth celebrities

Ed Sheeran, the Aquarius superstar, is one of the kindest celebrities around, based on his soft-hearted song lyrics. He’s been known to surprise fans with hospital visits and wedding day wishes.

Ed Sheeran reportedly turned up to one of his fans, Jess Wright’s, birthday party in the hospital after she was unable to attend his performance due to sickness.

He is one of the kindest and friendliest celebrities you will ever meet in person. Ed Sheeran once assisted a man in proposing to his fiancée, who is fighting brain cancer, at a performance. 

25. Steve Zahn

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Steve Zahn is often regarded as one of the most modest, kindest, and humble celebrities. He lives in Kentucky, and many other Kentuckians have expressed their admiration for Steve Zahn on social media. Steve is well-known for being a generous tipper who is always willing to assist others.

He greets everyone as if they’ve known him for years, drives a large pick-up truck, and is constantly smiling. Another incident about him: one day, when my mother was driving home, she stopped to assist an elderly guy who had fallen out of his wheelchair at the end of his driveway. She was suffering since she was so little. Steve arrives, gets out of his vehicle, assists her, they high-five, and he gets back in his truck and drives away. I like to imagine Steve Zahn driving around all day searching for folks to assist.”

24. Jason Statham

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

The British actor who epitomizes “rags to riches” is one of the kindest, most giving, and nicest celebrities you will ever meet. Jason Statham is a highly disciplined character who does not tolerate disorderly and boisterous behavior.

Jason is constantly available to his followers. He is a really humble celebrity who is always willing to sign autographs or pose for photos with fans. 

Jason is also a really kind and generous celebrity. As much as his on-screen performances are lauded, Jason Statham is a true hero off-screen as well. In 2014, he established the Jason Children Foundation and Charity Home, which shelters and educates approximately 500 orphans. He also contributes to a number of charitable organizations, including Together for Short Lives and the Autograph Store Charity Fund Raising.

23. Zachery Levi

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Zac, the star of NBC’s popular TV program Chuck as well as the animated Disney feature Tangled, is one of the nicest celebs you’ll ever meet. His lovely demeanor and modest attitude continue to captivate the hearts of his admirers.

Zachery Levi is one of the most friendly and approachable celebs. He loves his followers and takes the time to interact with them.

Zachary Levi’s generosity and assistance have had a significant effect on Operation Smile. His efforts have helped collect money for almost 1,000 operations, giving youngsters all around the globe fresh hope. 

22. Robin Williams

22. Robin Williams

Aside from all the talk about his skill and comedy and Academy tweets, you’ll hear that Williams took part in Comic Relief, which collected money for the homeless. Robin was actively engaged with and contributed to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

He was also very kind and friendly to all of his admirers. He has also served as a secret Santa to numerous hospitalized youngsters. Robin Williams has one of the kindest hearts of any celebrity.

21. LeBron James

21. LeBron James

LeBron James, the NBA star, is well-known for his generosity and significant charitable efforts via the LeBron James Family Foundation. Not only is he renowned for giving back — in 2018, he established the I Promise School, a public school that offers kids with free meals, bikes, and college tuition — but he also doesn’t take himself too seriously. In Amy Schumer’s film Trainwreck, he memorably portrayed and mocked himself.

20. Steve Buscemi

20. Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi may have built a career out of portraying unlikable villains, but in actual life, the actor is very endearing. One of the most touching tales of Steve Buscemi’s everlasting compassion and devotion after 9/11. Buscemi, who was a fireman before becoming an actor, returned to New York City and volunteered for five days sifting through the debris.

19. Jeff Goldblum

19. Jeff Goldblum

Many would consider Goldblum to have a weird sense of humour, but in overall, he is a really fun loving and humble person. While signing autographs, he not only signs them, but he also makes eye contact with each fan and expresses his sincere appreciation to them. He is very personable and takes the effort to establish contact with celebrities he meets for the first time during interviews. He doesn’t brush off or ignore intimate or unusual inquiries, but instead approaches them wittyly and with all his talents.

18. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, the Twilight actor, does not seem to have let stardom go to his head. Throughout his career, he has stayed extremely down to earth, often standing outdoors at all hours of the day and night to sign autographs and engage with his fans without complaint. Even other celebrities have remarked on Pattinson’s humility. Reese Witherspoon, who co-starred with Pattinson in the film Water for Elephants, said in an interview, “He [Pattinson] was very kind, brilliant, and genuinely timid and introverted.” He’s a really appreciative person.”

17. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel may seem to be large and scary, but he is really a very kind and, more importantly, modest man. Diesel has maintained a positive connection with his fans over the years, and he seems to be very grateful for all of their support. When his Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker died in 2013, he displayed a very compassionate and loving side of himself by naming his newborn daughter in his honor.

16. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, the child star turned adult superstar, hasn’t lost himself along the way. Even though he has climbed through the ranks of Hollywood star status, DiCaprio seems to be a very ordinary man. He is known to spoil his pals and has even leased islands and boats to throw parties for people close to him.

15. Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis may be one of Hollywood’s funniest men, but he’s concerned about being a decent person. He made news in 2013 when he brought an elderly lady, Mimi Haist, to the Hangover III premiere. Galifianakis reportedly met Haist in the 1990s when she was working at a laundry that he frequented. Unfortunately, Haist had fallen on hard times and had been homeless over the years. When Galifianakis learned about this, he found Haist a one-bedroom apartment that he pays for, and he recruited the assistance of another celebrity, Renee Zellweger, to decorate it.

14. Bill Murray

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is well-known for making surprise visits at regular clubs and bars. When he’s at a home party, he sings with the guests and even cleans their dishes.

He is renown for never exuding a star aura and treats everyone like a friend.

13. Fred Rogers


Fred Rogers was undoubtedly one of the most significant television personalities of all time. His success equaled Oprah’s, and he encouraged youngsters to be more self-assured and taught ideals that are uncommon today.

He was always kind and never spent more than he could afford. His vehicle was once stole, and the news was broadcast on public radio that Fred Rogers’ car had been take. As was typical of his demeanor, the thief returned the vehicle with an apologetic letter.

12. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

It’s hard to imagine, but Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey used to live in a trailer, even after making his first millions in romantic comedies. He said that his trailer was all about life’s simplicity, which he believes is the greatest anti-stress weapon since a large home requires a lot of care and energy.

11. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, Hollywood’s most famous Catholic, who gave us many iconic achievements in The Lethal Weapon movies, dramas like the Mad Max Franchise, and directed The Passion of the Christ, chooses to believe in putting a good portion of his money to good use for charitable causes such as ten million dollars to reimburse hospitals for health care given to children, and one million dollars to Mexico to help recovery from the earthquake.

10. Morgan Freeman

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

When he’s not portraying God in movies, he’s a generous philanthropist, supporting many global organizations and humanitarian causes. A million dollar donation was make via his Rock River Foundation, which supports people in his native state of Mississippi. The funds will be use to assist education and the arts. His ambition is for every kid to get the same high-quality education that he received, and to educate them how to become self-sufficient, successful adults.

9. Tom Hanks

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

They claim he’s easing up on the signature signings these days, but Hanks, who just added novelist to his resume, is widely regard as one of Hollywood’s top nice men. He’s a devoted spouse (to actress Rita Wilson), and he doesn’t exude the air that many stars do.

8. Chris Pratt

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

No one can deny that this Hollywood superhero has earned his place among the greatest leading men of all time. On the surface, Chris Pratt seems to be such a genuine, sociable, and down-to-earth person that any number of cynics may suspect that a Pratt-related controversy lurks menacingly underneath his endearing attitude. Doubtful. When Pratt isn’t on work, he may be see visiting the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, dressed as Starlord and giving pleasure and smiles to ill children.

7. George Clooney

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Despite his smarmy handsomeness, Clooney has been recognize to advocate for some fairly respectable causes, a record that is only match by his number of sexual conquests. Joking aside, Clooney has collaborated with a variety of organizations, including Feeding America, UNICEF, the World Food Programme, and the United Way.

6. Johnny Depp

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Johnny Depp is certainly one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, yet when he’s not walking the red carpet, he’s a complete introvert. Depp avoids the public spotlight whenever possible, leading a life that some would describe as “dull” for someone who has given life to figures. 

In many respects, Depp traces his preference for calm and quiet to his tumultuous home life as a child. Depp may not know how to feel happy about his life, but turning up unexpectedly to reprise his role as Captain Jack to the joy of youngsters in schools and hospitals is a fine place to start.

5. Hugh Jackman

most down to earth celebrities

Hugh Jackman, the muscular Aussie who portrays everyone’s favorite ill-tempered mutant Wolverine, believes that the key to remaining grounded is to focus on one’s mistakes as much as one’s triumphs. As strange as it may seem, Jackman’s way of thinking is obviously working for him; he has had a very successful profession and a scandal-free private life. Jackman, a well-known philanthropist, has collaborated with groups such as the Global Poverty Project and serves as a World Vision ambassador.

4. Jim Carrey

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Jim Carrey is an extrovert who is as entertaining in real life as he is on film. He, too, has overcome hardship and therefore appreciates the ordinary people who approach him to speak. And He maintains a solid demeanor and avoids exuding arrogance.

Jim also launched an effort to assist farmers in developing nations in growing rice more effectively.

3. Adam Sandler

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

Adam Sandler is one of Hollywood’s most successful actors. He is consider to be ordinary and maintains a low profile. He speaks politely to everyone he encounters and does not act entitled.

2. Dwayne Johnson

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

His work with the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, an organization establish by the professional wrestler turn actor, aims not only to help children who have been hospitalize for severe medical problems, but also to encourage education in adolescents and to offer child obesity prevention initiatives. 

Johnson is also very involve with The Beacon Experience, which promotes unique activities, increased parental engagement, and mentorship to inspire children to continue their education beyond high school.

1. Keanu Reeves

Top 28 Best Hollywood's Most Down To Earth Celebrities

We’ve all heard how wonderful a person Keanu Reeves is. Although the Matrix trilogy earned him a cool $80 million. Reeves shared his massive salary with the film’s makeup and special effects crews. Clearly, Reeves is not under the influence of the all-powerful dollar – or maybe he still believes he is in the Matrix, in which case our money would be of little worth to him.

Charity is one thing, but Reeves refuses to exploit his fame to get preferential treatment. For example, this past December, Reeves waited in line for a cold twenty minutes to get into his own wrap party for the film Daughter of God. This kind of modesty not only makes Keanu a wonderful human person, but it also makes the rest of us seem terrible in contrast.


To be famous and being polite are two very distinct tasks, and not everyone is capable of doing both at the same time. Off camera, there are a number of superstars who are the most modest and likeable individuals you could ever meet. They express great appreciation to their followers and to others in their immediate vicinity, and they radiate good energy.

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