Top 20 Most Popular Actors in GOT Game of Throne

Let me introduce you to the Top 20Most Popular Actors in GOT in Game of Throne (GOT). Emmy nomination is receive only by the few actors in Game of Thrones. But, the fact is that an award doesn’t represent how well the actors are. Even there are many best actors who haven’t even recognize. Many heroes, villains, schemers, and warriors’ great performances have brought a good time in our life. So, let me introduce you to the best list.

Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton

Most Popular Actors in GOT

The man who is receiving lots of hate for his role in the Game of Throne, it’s not easy to handle that type of character who receives this much hate. Making three-dimensional actors, to come off as a Vile, loathsome human being, despicable are things for actors to do first in their career. Ramsay have wonderfully perform the role of Iwana Rheon and have taken a stage for it.

But, the fact is that Ramsay is not an interesting villain on the papers. Rather than building him a character the show have made him do the awful thing. But, his actions have brought the role beyond the brutality, and he have really enhanced the role.

Rheon have able to get the new lawyer to the character when it came to his relationship with his father. But the fact is we never have sympathy for him, and he is able to do the Ramsay character more than he have written it.

Dianna Rigg as Olenna Tyrell

Most Popular Actors in GOT

Game of Throne is a show in which acts of violence represent your power. You might feel why? but, the old woman is shown to be the strongest in this series. But, who makes this old woman a successful power lady. It’s Dianna Rigg playing the role of Olenna Tyrell who makes the old woman the strongest, and powerful in the room.

A role that requires a lot of confidence, and is hard to play. Even the youngster can’t play well this role. And this lady with the body weaker than the youngsters plays so well no doubt when comes to her acting.

Emillia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

One of the most iconic characters on the show Game of Throne is Daenerys. And all the credit for making this character iconic goes to Emilia Clarke. Over the time from Season 1 to Season 6 Emilia have successfully developed the character of Daenerys.

Becoming the biggest player of Iron Throne at first she was an abusive pawn to men in power. Growing a character role into a powerful position Clarke have done beautiful work. Although the big position she have been ground to earth for his role and there is no doubt in it. Changing the entire image of women empowerment from having a little legacy.

Gwendoline Christie As Brienne

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

Being on the top of the shortlist, you’ll be seeing a few noble characters in the Games of Thrones. Becoming the fan favorite, this girl have won the hearts of his fans back in season 2. And after Season 2 she have become instantly famous.

The female actress is in a position of power like Olenna, and Daenerys. But, Brienne have the power to go head-on head with any of the male warriors. In the single, she have made Jaime, and The Hound eat mud. Brienne’s strength is all due to her performance. She have played a very role in showing that she doesn’t need male help to give him strength. She is powerful to defeat anyone. And all this credit goes to the actress Gwendoline Christie

Rory McCann As The Hound

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

One of the major things that you’ll see in George R.R. Matin’s book is setting up the character in such a way that you’re going to expect something from them. Let me give you an example for it, Martin flesh out the character of The Hound (Sandor Clegane). To the complex hero from the brutish goon. Rory bought this character into life by getting help from creating it.

McCann always being convince to play the role, he have played to the very well role and brought around a good character to us. Becoming a man who have cut down a number of people in his life this far McCann have carried himself that kind of man within just imposing his size. The Hound’s more vulnerable moments can be drop by him very easily. The first one is when he confess to Arya where he got the scars, and the second is Hound confronts Sansa during the Battle of Blackwater.

Liam Cunningham As Davos Seaworth

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

It seems like Davos is an easy character. Actually, Davos is an advocate for doing the right thing, although allied with Lee’s character sometimes. Liam makes it look easy, but it takes a lot of effort for performing this type of role.

Making every relief when anyone sees him on the screen, he’s like a Teddy bear. The audience trusts him as a beacon of good, having the charming nature another character often heed his advice. In his relationship with young Shireen, spreads sweetness in the world. He plays a very well role for the character he have been asign. And he is constantly winning the hearts of the fans for that.

Sophie Turner As Sansa Stark

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

Being going through a unique character of Sansa Stark who is facing lots of horrors than others, Sophie Turner have perform a very well task. It is very pretty exhausting for an audience to see a character go through lots of pain and grief. But, making everyone feel strong enough Turner is doing a great task.

Starting gaining an agency is just like a matter of time, and Sansa is a victim for so long. Becoming a great manipulator, and stronger we have Sansa growing in the show. When the audience knows the character is lying she is such talent actress making everyone feel like a believable liar. Never making Sansa power unrealistic Turner have done great work. She always let Sansa’s vulnerability to seen, even after she is facing lots of challenges. She have always tried to become stronger. Playing a very well character Turner.

Iain Glen As Jorah Mormont

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

There is plenty of characters who help to hold the whole thing together, besides having lots of big character. Fitting into the latter category Jorah play by Jorah is the best fit.

Sounds more creepy than any other thing when you hear watching a man pine over the girl half his age for the entire season. Much more than physical attraction Jorah, Glen has always sold Daenerys love as genuine and much more. Being one of the most solid performances, on the show, he’s likely to come on the end.

Pedra Pascal As Oberyn Martell

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

Stanging out on this type of big show it have always challenging for an actor to do so. It becomes much more impressive when it is pull off, and you’re only given a season to do so. When he is pull off the challenge when introduce as Oberyn Martell, and Pedro Pascal certainly is up.

In the scene When the yongest Lannister is just a baby shows deeper,  Oberyn speaks to Tyrion about visiting him. Believing in justice must be serve to everyone, he is also an warrior, and arrogant. Although the Oberyn is a shocking moment for everyone, and it is all due to the performance of Padra Pascal.

Conleth Hill As Varys

A daunting task for an actor Conleth was playing a character whose motivation is purposely unclear. Varys is still very much a mystery when you go through a seven-season. Conleth Hill has nevertheless given this enigma a lot of humanity, doesn’t matter the role he gets.

Ranking among the best scene in the season, Hill’s delivers an eloquent speech. Explain about the Tyrion how he becomes a eunuch particularly only about the monologue of the Tyrion. Making Varys the most interesting character, he have play a very well hero. Motivation remains foggy, and while his backstory.

Maisie Williams As Arya Stark

When play is playing such a large role, it is possible that a child actor can ruin the play. But finding the best young talent is the work done well by the Game Of Throne.

Sharing a screen with more other players is the best scene done by Williams. She is not the one who feels shy and runs away. Carrying out one on one scene with Sean Bean, Charles Dance, and Rory McCann smoothly she is really a talented actor. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Sean Ben As Ned Stark

Ned Being the heart of the show Ben have done great work in this show. Even after he pass away hr have done a lot of great work by being the shadow. The reason we are talking about the Ned Stark today is all due to the Sean Bean

Doing fine without him, many a time Ben performance is seen to be missing on the screen. He have done so effectively acting, and have impress everyone with it. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Kit Harrington As Jon Snow

Being an assemble piece Game of Throne is everyone favorite. But in the recent few season Kit, Harrington have change into the star of the show, and Jon Snow intoe the main character. And being that there’s a lot of responsibility on your head.

Handling Jon’s resurrection well, but even if the material change Harrington is able to change into Jon. Jon Snow carries a lot of weight in the show, and it’s not easy to do. Being a dull good guy, Harrington have done very well work maintaining this character. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Alfie Allen As Theon Greyjoy

Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT)

Taking a role in the series progression as a substantial is of the great thing of the Game of Thone secondary character. since his introduction as Robb’s bratty right-hand man, Theon have come a very long way. Being one of the strongest performers is the specialty of Alfie Allen.

Slowly gaining back his identity after losing it, Allen’s role have taken in a lot of changes. Never being disappointed Allen have the most dramatic material. In the upcoming season, it is unclear where the Theon role will go, but it will be safe in the hand of Allen. Because he is performing this role very well. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Charles Dance As Twyin Lannister

In the show full of intimidating figures Tywin Lannister is one of the most overpowering characters. Getting Charles Dance for such a role show must be thankful to him. Effortlessly commanding every single he is in. It is the specialty of his acting.

Keeping the Lannister Legacy the scene share with Arya in season 2 have explore his obsession. Being able to tell what drives his horrific acts explains Tyrion about the day he was born. Making all the motivation clear dance is his best friend of, and even it makes understandable. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Michelle Fairley As Catelyn Stark

Before dropping out Michelle was given the role of Catelyn Stark, as Game of Throne’s first cast. It’s hard for anyone else to play the role of Catelyn rather than Michelle. She was a pretty good actor.

A loving mother who wants nothing more than to keep the family together Fairley was pretty well doing the role showing the pain of the wife, and the mother. Showing how pitty her situation was. Just want her child safe doesn’t want to rule and does not want to do the right things. Concerning her family, Fairley’s raw emotion can break anyone’s heart. And this type of was very well played by the Fairley. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Nikoliaj Coster- Waldu As Jaime Lannister

Most Popular Actors in GOT

No one would have ever imagine that a most popular character will evolve from the one who have try to kill a child in the first episode. And it is done very well by the Nikolaj Coster.

It doesn’t seem organic when a film tries to turn an villain into a hero. But, it is different in the case of the Game of Throne. The role of Jaime is play very well that it feels like this guy have always been good for so long but is burry under his shame of reputation. A real change comes into the character when Jaime losses his one hand. And the Coster explores in depth the character. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Stephen Dillane As Stannis Baratheon

Having the hardest job in the Game of Throne you can say for Dillane. Neve being. a fun character Stannis, by reputation he is rigid, dull, and unemotional. Giving one of the show’s best performances even after getting the little role is the work done by Dillane.

Being the most underrated aspect of the show, Dillane have not really recognized it. Only a few people like the character he plays. But, he is the perfect man for the job. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Lena Heady As Cersei Lannister

Being the great heroes of their own story, they always portray a villain in the story. And it’s the same in the case of Lena portraying Cersei Lannister.
Cersei have receive a lot of rise and falls, then compare to most of the characters. But, the Heady acting have made this character more enjoyable to the audience. Doing all for the love of her children, she have the thrust of the power. And this difficult role is very well played by Lena Heady. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

Peter Dinklage As Tyrion Lannister

A character who is very complex that any other one will not be the choice of any of the actors to play. But, this type of actor can pretty well fall into the hand of the other wrong actor. But, we are lucky, and even the show that this role is played by Peter Dinklage.

There are many exceptional actors and wonderful characters in the show. But, you can’t compare any of those actors to Peter Dinklage. He plays a very hard role smoothly. This includes him in the list of Top 20 Popular Actors in Game of Throne (GOT).

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