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Top 20 Horror Comedy Movies of all time

Top 20 Horror Comedy Movies of all time 

In this article, we will discuss the top 20 horror comedy movies of all time. These movies will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Pee Mak

IMDb- 7.3 

This movie will take you beyond your expectations. It will make you laugh and also cry at the same time. Different storyline and also a bunch of talents will amaze you. The concept looked all new. This has to be one of the best Comedy+Horror blend movies. This is the reason it holds first rank in our list of Top 20 horror comedy movies of all time. It’s a great retelling of an old story with great actors lead by the versatile Mario Maurer. 


IMDb- 7.6 

This is a movie which will make you laugh and also scare at the same time. This genre of movie is hardly any in Bollywood. This movie has given a different dimension to the Genre of horror comedy movies. This movie stand alsos out for its unique narration of a horror story with humour and also suspense and also finally delivers a message beautifully without being preachy or dramatic. Towards the end, the movie drops the horror comedy treatment and also becomes a little too serious about the conventional stabbing-the-ghost-in-the-heart kind of ideas that often play out in horror flicks. 

The Babysitter

IMDb- 6.7 

The babysitter is a movie about a little boy trying to survive while his babysitter and also her friends try to kill him. This movie is so entertaining, you don’t want to stop watching it and also that’s what I really liked about this movie. There are a lot of elements to this movie from love to bullying to murder, its just a lot going on in this movie. There are a lot of funny moments and also crazy moments. This film never intended to take itself seriously but still managed to combine great acting with awesome entertainment!


IMDb- 6.7 

Witty script infused with slapstick and also deadpan humour and also an engaging cast. Watch it only for laughs and also not for those who take their ghost business seriously! Think out of the box and also you will enjoy this movie tremendously.  It captures the fun, almost slapstick energy of the original movies. Great opening scene sets up the movie nicely and also cameos from the original ghostbusters are really fun. It offers the same silliness, light hearted humor,and also spoofing on the paranormal as the first but with a little less Satanic overviews. 

Army of Darkness

IMDb- 7.5 

Army of Darkness touch on every effect for its time, phenomenal stop motion.Over all great movie for visuals & sound. Funny and also full of entertaining goodies. Lots of silly fun and also games! Groovy! This movie is a testament to good film making; and also it’s directed spectacularly by SAM RAIMI as well. It acts as a great film in its own right; despite being the final part of a trilogy. It holds its own, and also is the most quotable movie in the entire trilogy by far. It’s different than the first two evil dead films, because it’s far more comedic.

The Final Girls

IMDb- 6.6 

If you enjoy horror/slasher comedy films, you will definitely like The Final Girls. This low-budget film is buoyed by a very solid cast and also the attention and also reference to multiple horror movie tropes, such as the deaths of the ‘bitchy girl’ and also ‘token black guy’, as well as ‘the final girl’ taking down the psychopathic villain at the film’s end. The film is very well shot and also, once again, the acting is solid. The horror part of the movie is campy and also silly but its supposed to be a cheesy 80s movie. What this movie has is heart. This movie got me all emotional and also I cried at more than one part. This movie is about letting go and also realizing you are better than you know. 


IMDb- 7.6 

There is so much fun in this film. You see an explosion of colors and also smashing glass in one scene, another scene your going on a little rollercoaster ride  Wildly entertaining and also so, so well done, no wonder this is the classic that it is. It akes a different spin on zombies and also not the whole depressing end of the world situation type movie. Its funny, witty and also the cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and also many more suit this movie incredibly well. 


IMDb- 7.2

An absolute classic and also masterpiece, a perfect blend of horror and also black comedy. Has great acting, story, source material, and also especially gore. This movie should be on every horror fan’s watch list. Re-Animator’ is a classy 80’s body horror that manages to balance comedy so well. There will never be anything like this again. Many will try, but those will be known “attempts”. The opening theme is great. The movie is relatively shocking at times. The headless scenes are creative. 

Shaun of the Dead

IMDb- 7.9 

This is by far the comedy to survive from zombies from Edgar wright, he is truly amazing director of Hollywood all movies are amazing. The buildup of the plot is slow but that is by intentional design. The movie foreshadows the entire plot as the clueless protagonists are bumbling around. This results in the audience being kept at real anticipation waiting for the big break. The movie has a satisfying beginning, middle, and also end. All delivery and also jokes don’t taper off and also we’re all kept having fun throughout. Inside jokes and also hints keep the film re-watchable time and also time again. 

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

IMDb- 7.5 

It’s a very enjoyable yet funny film with elements of horror being the mainstay. Showcases how people’s  judging of others tends to be more dangerous than keeping just a broad view about them. This movie plays on the fact that most people are stupid in horror movies. With every ridiculous death, the more funnier it becomes and also the body count and also laughs just keep rising. The movie did a great job of subverting and also poking fun at typic horror movie tropes. It also surprisingly had some good morals in there. 

What We Do in the Shadows

IMDb- 7.7 

The special effects and also the art department is something to be appreciated, they worked great to make the movie funnier in so many scenes.  The story follows a group of 4 vampires who are living together for ages. A couple of cameraman decided to follow their routine and also then we have this funniest ‘documentary’ ever. Every scene had me laughing, references are abound, and also the fact that it is set in New Zealand also of all places is just so ridiculous that you can’t help but appreciate every moment. 

The Lost Boys

It’s a classic 80’s horror and also vampire film that was incredibly funny and also still iconic to this day. As a young girl who has grown up in the new generation I believe it’s totally underrated and also definitely not spoken about enough. The Lost Boys pioneered today’s sexy Buffy Esque vampires and also did so in such a perfect way, and also despite its sequels that fell short, it holds up as one of the best horror comedy movies of all time. You don’t get bored by it. keeps you entertained from the  beginning to the end. It is also interesting how a movie can be amazing with a simple plot line and also easy to follow.

The Cabin in the Woods

IMDb- 7 

A group of teenagers go to a cabin and also end up entering a simulation run by people who don’t want to anger the gods. The monsters were definitely creepy, there was tons of gore, and also the dialogue was humorous and also clever. The characters that came off as so predictable were nothing like you expected. Young adults in a remote area, strand alsoed- can’t escape, nudity and also sex, blood and also gore. This gives an explanation to why we always see these things- to provide a valid offering to the ‘old gods’. This movie shows what it really is 

 till the very end and also it scares you till the end too.

Get Out

IMDb- 7.7 

Great social thriller with a horrifying truth. A society which hides its true nature, where a particular race of people are happy to benefit from their privileges and also won’t stop at anything to extend the span of their luxurious livelihood. All of the cast were amazing in their roles. The film is gripping, intriguing, dark, but not to mention immensely clever. This film draws you into the experiences and also emotions felt by the main character, Chris as he embarks on his weekend from hell whilst going to meet his girlfriend’s parents. 

Happy Death Day

IMDb- 6.6 

The script is smart, there’s horror, there’s comedy, there’s drama. Happy Death Day takes you in numerous directions, while also making sure you have fun along the way. It even pokes fun at Groundhog Day, which it very clearly took some inspiration from. This is a fun horror comedy for all ages, at least, 10 and also older would like it. This movie is good for comedy fans who hate horror. This movie has its spooks and also scares, but its mostly comedy. 


IMDb- 6.3 

The cast did a decent job throughout. Jack Black really excels as R. L. Stine. The special effects and also editing are very well done. This movie is for every age group and also you will surely enjoy it. This is the best horror movie for kids. It is the right mixture of funny and also scary and also kids are likely to enjoy it. The teen is surprised to learn that Hannah’s mysterious father is R.L. Stine (Jack Black), the famous author of the best-selling “Goosebumps” series. When Zach accidentally unleashes the monsters from the fantastic tales, it’s up to Stine, his daughter and also Cooper to return the beasts back to the books where they belong.

Ready or Not

IMDb- 6.9 

The sound design, aesthetic and also effects of the film are superb. Everything is almost beautifully shot and also the soundtrack works really well to build the emotions of a scene. Although lacking a melodic theme, the soundtrack does create tension masterfully to keep you at your toes at moments. For the visuals, the film has just enough gore and also good enough effects to satisfy the majority of fans. 

Go Goa Gone

IMDb- 6.7 

This is the only Indian zombie movie till date that is thoroughly enjoyable and also a great watch. The movie is so funny, horror ,and also the makeup of zombies is life looking. Vfx is on another level. it’s absolutely fun wild trip. the comedy is on point and also the story holds up just fine! Even though every one was amazing, their last ending was good and also after seeing their last ending every person was exited for the next part. 


IMDb- 7.3 

The film is a great piece and also still lives up to today’s stand alsoards with it being both well shot and also acted with good practical effects and also a narrative that doesn’t leave you feeling as if you have wasted time watching it. It pays respect to the semantic aspects of film and also uses genre conventions well but the syntactic aspects are where the film falls short. It is a funny comedy and also horror at the same time.It has a personality that is brave, funny and also creepy. 


IMDb- 7.1 

This was one of those movies which was both beautiful and also terrifying at the same time. Its one of the most amazing movies that I’ve ever seen. It’s a masterpiece indeed. From the start to finish, you can’t look away from the screen even for a second as the movie slowly unfolds it’s devastating intro, dark atmospheric elements, jaw dropping turn of events and also the unexpected plot twist at the end! The movie is primarily set in the wide, expansive nature of Northern Greens and also blues and also the freshness of summer are on full display. This is the last movie in the list of top 20 horror comedy movies of all time.

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