Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

I still remember how we use to argue over Oscar. We all actually loved doing that. But we all know that there were many movies that deserve Oscar was never able to get it.
There is a lot of controversy on the internet, social media, and even in the family about the movies that deserve the Oscar but never got. So, let me break down through it and show you the names of the movies that were a part of this controversy. So, let me take you to the Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

20.It’s Wonderful Life (1946)

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

In this movie, it is show-n that a businessman lives a very depressing life and decides a commit suicide. But soon he releases that there is a lot of things beyound businesses that we should leave for.
He learns that there was his family who is relying on him. If he kills himself them he may also destroy his family. Also, the family is the most important in everyone’s life.
This movie shows that money is not everything but family.
This movie was nominate for the best picture and best director but had won no prize.
Also, Stewart’s was suppose to win the best actor award but he didn’t was able to. As his acting in this movie was on the top level. You should definitely have a watch this movie.

19. Once upon a time in America (1984).

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

In this movie, Sergio Leone has shown the life of the Gangstar in New York. As they’ve raised and had revel during the Prohibition era. The movie had a lot of craze on the people during that time when it was release.
The movie also had so many disturbing scenes and had shown everything that use to happen in real life. This movie was really a masterpiece.
But, this movie was not nominate for any of the awards as it had some disturbing scenes like torture and all.
Due to that reason Academy had completely ignored this movie.
This movie deserves to win the awards like Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor. This movie would have taken a lot of Awards if not neglected. Also, this movie will always be one of Oscar’s most notorious snubs.

18. Marvin’s Room (1996)

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

In this movie, Diane Keaton who plays the role of Bessie was suffering from leukemia. When she knows about it she tries to build his relationship again with his sister whose role is play by Meryl Streep and his two sons.
Daine Keaton got nominate for the Best Actress category. But the fun fact was that no other Actor from the movie got recognize for any award.
Keaton, Streep, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been always fantastic.
But Scott McPherson for his emotional acting must have been nominate but didn’t get the chance.

17. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1966)

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

This movie is based on the bounty hunter. Clint Eastwood who plays the role of an unknown bounty hunter was on the search of the two ruthless and dangerous killers Tuco and Angel eye.
The movie is a too violent scene for which this movie was left by the Oscar. The Western was award nothing for his role in this movie.
This movie must have been pick for the Best Picture or Best Director for Sergio Leone but wasn’t. As one who might have seen this movie knows that it really deserved it.

16. Halloween (1978)

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

In this movie, Jamie Lee Curtis’s innocent babysitter was stalk for a long while and Michael Myers who used to stalk him had almost killed him. This movie was direct by John Carpenter.
But this movie had got absolutely nothing as Oscar doesn’t nominate horror films. Although the Academy had put not that bad impact on them. This time they being soft with this movie.
This movie should actually deserve the best director but wasn’t able to get the one. As the movie has shown that how the beautiful world of the middle-class man was turn out into the frightening one.

15. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993).

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

This movie was debute by two the world-class actor Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. This was a family drama movie. In which Gilbert role played by Johnny Depp was taking care of his younger brother Arnie role played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
Leonardo DiCaprio got nominate for a best-supporting actor for this movie.
Although DiCaprio was unable to take the prize the home. As he lost to Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive. Although in comparison to Leonardo DiCaprio he was not that good.

14. Pyscho (1960)

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

In this movie, it is sho-wn that how a person tackles everything from cross-dressing to a cold-blooded murderer.
Hitchcock was the director of the movie.
Although he was pick best director nomination but was unable to get the award. But Janet Leigh who was a supporting actress in the movie got award the Best Supporting Actress. The one from the shower scene.
Actually, Leigh should be award the gold for his acting as she deserved it. But she didn’t get the one.

13. In the mood for Love (2000)

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

The movie was about how two neighbors in Hong Kong fall in love with each other. The movie was all about modern love.
This movie was nominat for nothing. Although Wong Kar Wai did win the Oscar for Lost in Translation. The scene from the movie was highly inspire by In The mood for Love.
The movie should have been given the best foreign-language film was not given.

12. Stand By Me (1986)

This movie is about four friends. They decide to go on a quest to uncover the boy who went missing. The boy got missing in Stephen king’s adaption.
For this movie, Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon got nominate. They got nominate for their best screenplay. But the fun fact was that no one got or received any sort of nomination.
For this movie, the River Phoenix was really Oscar-worthy. There were the young stars in the movie and they were all remarkable. It should have achieved at least Best Adapted Screenplay.

11. Memento (2000)

Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

In this movie, Guy Pearce’s wife w-as shot and kill by someone. Although Guy Pearce was suffering from memory loss. But nothing in his way ever stopped him from tracking down the man who did this.
Guess what this movie is direct by Christopher Nolan the best director ever who never forgets to show time altering in his movies.
This movie was nominate for best film editing and best original screenplay.
Although it really deserved the best film editing award but did not get it. This movie really deserved it due to its nonlinear narrative.

10. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

This movie was based on the famous stockbroker and scammer Jordan Belfort. This movie was highly entertaining showing the rise and fall in the life of Belfort. In this movie, the role was play by Leonardo DiCaprio.
This movie received five nominations which included the best actor for Leonardo and the best director for Martin Scorsese.
This movie should receive an Oscar for the actor but he didn’t get the one.

9. Reservoir Dogs (1992)

This movie was based on the heist. Although the heist went terribly wrong. Also, in this movie someone g-ot his ear cut off during the heist.
Actually, this movie didn’t receive any nomination for Tarantino’s. But the Academy awarded him for pulp fiction in 1994.
This movie should have received the original screenplay. Tarantino has always been always the best dialogue writer.

8. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

In this movie, Adam Sandlakes plays the role of the novelty shop owner. He was struggling through his life a lot. His life w-as too hard he had to deal and live with his ridiculous sister. But everything in his life settles down and he finds the love in his life.
To my knowledge, this movie didn’t receive any nominations. Although the movie had great action and director.
This movie should have given the best actor award to Sandler. His acting is always superb. He suits well in a grounded, less comical role. Also the Philip Seymour also played the best supporting acting role in the movie.

7. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

This movie from Tim Burton was all about dark, magical fantasy. Famous actor Johnny Depp playing the role of Edward Scissorhands is isolated in the castle. After escaping the castle he tries to fit in 60’s society.
For this movie stand, Wiston received a nomination for best makeup. But the fact that everybody was left scratching their head for this.
It should have awarded the best makeup award to Edward and his team but he was not given. Also, Johnny must have been a good choice for Jeremy Irons. He although won Best Actor for Reversal of Fortune.

6. Tokyo Story (1993)

This movie was about how an ordinary life in Tokyo looks like. This movie was really a masterpiece shot in an extraordinary light.
Although the movie was launched in the year 1993. It was a time when foreign languages oscar was not presented to anyone. But the Teinosuke Kinugasa was recognized later in the year 1994. This movie had so much impact that no other nominees were even announced. This put a lot of perspective on how the Academy regarded non-English language cinema.
This movie deserves the best actor and the best director award. It was Steven Spielberg and George Lucas who discovered the movie Tokyo Story and turned it into the great influential movie ever.

5. Drive (2011)

This movie was 80’s style crime thriller. The main role was played by Ryan Gosling who was a nameless deliver in this movie. He was attempting to help his neighbor find himself some trouble.
This movie received a nomination for best sound editing. The nomination was received by Lon Bender and Victor Ray Emmi.
This movie should have been the best actor award for Gosling. As his acting in this movie was just marvelous.

4. Fight Club (1999)

In this movie the Narrator role played by Edward Norton had his life turned upside down by Tyler Durden role played by Brad Pitt who turned out to be the founder of the fight club.
This movie received a nomination for best effects. Yeah, it also amazed me ignoring the acting talent involved it only received a nomination for that.
Both the actor has always been great. But at least Helena Bonham Carter must be awarded for his best-supporting acting but she was not awarded. Also, the cinematography was outstanding in this movie.

3. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

This movie was made from the famous novel written by Stephen King. In this movie the imprisoned banker, Andy Dufresne role played by Tim Robbins who attempts to escape jail.
This movie was groundbreaking it received nomination for seven oscar which included the best cinematography, best sound, and best picture.
For this movie, Morgan Freeman really deserves the best actor award. Also, it deserves the best-adapted screenplay. Hence, it ranks 3rd in our Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

2. The Big Lebowski(1998)

In this movie, the Lebowski role played by Jeff Bridge ruins his life. He was mistaken for a millionaire and to pay the debt he has to accept a job to pay the damage. He had actually done a lot of damage to the rich Lebowski home.
This movie didn’t receive any nominations. Although it received the one for Golden bear.
The bridge must be awarded the best actor for his acting and also the best-supporting actor award should be given to John Goodmen for his scene-stealing acting. Hence, it ranks 2nd in our Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

1.The Terminator (1984)

Here comes the No.1 movie on our list “The Terminator”. In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a robotic bounty hunter-killer travels back in the time to kill the Sarah Connor role played by Linda Hamilton.
Although the best iconic movie didn’t receive any nomination. Not even for the best special effect. It didn’t pick a single nomination.
This movie must give the best special effect award although it didn’t receive it. Also, the script was great at that time. And should receive the Best Screenplay.

So, the guy’s let me tell which movie did you found was really worth and also share with your friend’s to have a discussion with. Also, mention the names of any movie you found should be given Oscar but are neglected. And also don’t forget to put like on my article Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar. Hence, it ranks 1st in our Top 20 Hollywood movies deserve Oscar.

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