Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood Who make awesome movies

There are so many associations out there that are giving so many awards. So, it’s hard to hard to find out the best director in Hollywood. So let me take you to the Top 20 best Director in Hollywood.

If you think so movie star runs the cinemas then you are probably wrong. Then who runs the world of Cinema? Let me clear your doubt it’s the movie director who runs the cinema.

The action Hero cannot even turn the needle without the director when it comes to getting assets in the seat. The director can get the attention of the upcoming movie by showing them what the movie is about. And so that they get excited to watch the movie. Also, sometimes the legend actors can also draw to the box office.
The success of a movie mainly depends on the skill and talent of the director. As they are responsible for many aspects like guiding the actors and the technical crew, choose cast and lot more responsibility they do have.

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

20.Milos Forman

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

Milos was born in Czechoslovakia in the year 1932. Originally he was named Jan Tomas Forman but later on, he is now call Milos Forman.
Milos Forman was mostly k-nown as the best director. He was also an actor, screenwriter, and professor.
Most of the famous movies that are directed by Milos include Loves of blonde, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and The fireman’s ball.
He was one of the most famous directors in Czechoslovakia. He had influenced many people over there.

19. David Lean

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

David was one of the directors in the British film industry. Almost he plays an important role in the British film industry. Lean was raise by a Quaker family born in the year 1908.
He comes up in his life to become a Screenwriter, Editor, prolific director, and producer. He used to make the film in the genre of adventure, romance, and war.
Coming on with the most famous and best of him includes Lawrence of Arabia, Great Expectations, Oliver twist, and In which we serve.
Throughout his entire career in the movie industry, he has been awarded three Golden Globes and two Oscar.

18. Ingmar Bargman

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

He is one of the Swedish directors born in the year 1918. Not only he is a director but also he is an actor and writer.
He is know-n in the world for his web series and movie both name ” The Beat Intention”.
He used to direct the movie in the genre of drama, horror, and suspense.
Coming to his best and most famous movie includes While The City Sleep, Summer With Monika, Eva, and a lot more.
Throughout his career, he has been awrded BAFTA. Although he had got nominate for lot more awards only was able to take the BAFTA home.

17. Roman Polanski

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

Roman was born in Paris in 1933. He was a famous director. Not only he was a director, but he also was an actor, writer, and producer. His one of the most featured film was “Knife in the water”. It was nominat-ed in the United States for an Academy Award. It was nominate for the best foreign-language film.
But, eventually, in 1969 he went on a short break. As his wife and four of them were murde-red brutally. This had a very negative impact on him. And he took a short career break while he grieved.
Some of the most famous movie work from him include Chinatown, The Pianist, and a lot more.
During his entire career, he had won a total of 6 Oscars.

16. The Burton

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

Burton was born in the year 1958. He was born in California. Including with director, he is an artist, producer, writer, and animator. He has worked very hard in the movie industry and has established himself as one of the best directors in the modern movie industry. He is mainly kno-wn for his style. Their style is of his include eccentric and flamboyant.

You can get to see his style in the movie he directs and also in his personality.
He mostly directs movies like fantasy, horror, and animation. Most of his famous movie directed and he worked on includes ‘Batman’, ‘Planet of the Apes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and ‘Alice in Wonderland, and many other. Although he had been nominate for Oscar many times he never actually win the one.
But, he had actually won one Emmy Award and one Golden Globe.

15. Charles Chaplin

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

Charles mostly known for Charlie Chaplin was a writer and director born in England in 1889. He got “Charlie Chaplin” name from his onscreen performance. He used to perform in silent movies. One of his silent movie names was “Little Tramp”.
He used to mostly direct the movie like romances, dramas, and theatrical production. He had been awrded Golden Globe and a BAFTA. The most famous movie directed by him includes “A Woman of the Paris”, “The Circus”, “Modern Times”, and any more. Eventually, he died due to a stroke but, throughout his entire career, he had done a lot of great works.

14. Sidney Lumet

Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

Sidney was one of the directors who used to direct the movie in suspense, romance, and drama movies. He was born in Philadelphia in the year 1977.
He had great technical knowledge throughout his entire life. And also he can get the best from the actor this was his most notable ability.
He had mostly filmed his film in New York and throughout his entire career, he has filmed around 40 films.
Some of the most famous movie from him includes Murder on the Orient Express, The Viz, Network, and The Verdict.
He has won six Awards which also included one Oscar. Although he has been nominted for many of the awards but w-as able to grab only six.

13. James Cameron

James Cameron was one of the Canadian directors born in Ontario in the year 1954. Throughout his entire life, he had directed many great movies. And also he has been an inspiration for many other directors.
He actually wanted to be an engineer like his father. So, he had shifted to America at California State University to carry out his further studies. But, later he find out this w-as not him he wanted to be.
So, he changed his course in English. And further he decided to carry out his career on some different path. So, he dropped out of college. He had gone through a lot of hard times.

He used to work as a bus driver so that he gets some financial support. Also, he started with screenwriting at that time.
Later his hard work showed off and he became a successful director, producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker. The most famous work for the movies he had done includes The Terminator, Avatar, Titanic, Strange Days, and Spider-Man we all have watched all these movies in our entire life for once.
He has been awrded three Oscar and two Golden Globe for his work in the movie industry.

12. John Ford

John was known as “The Great American Director”. Ford had direct so many famous films and also had a great reputation in the industry. He was born in the year 1984 in Cape Elizabeth. He is mainly kn-own for his best adaption. As most of his films were adpted from novels. The movies like The Grapes of Wrath and all.
He was majorly kn-own for the movies like Stagecoach, The Man Who Shot Libert Valency, and many more. He had been in the industry for around 50 years and during this time he has directed around 140 films that’s a big number.
But, not all of his films went famous some of them didn’t even got recognize. But, however, he has been awrded four Oscar for the great and outstanding work he had served in the industry.

11. Joel Coen

Joel Coen is one of the most visionary directors in the modern film industry born in Minnesota in the year 1954. Usually, he works in the genres of drama, crime, and suspense.
He is also the half of the famous Coen Brothers. Meaning Joel Coen and Ethan Coen is known for screenwriter both are brothers and they are caled The Coen Brothers in the movie industry.
Coming to most of his famous movies include No Country for the old man, Fargo, and Bridge of spies.
He has been awrded four Oscar, one BAFTA, and also with one Golden Globe.

10. Clint Eastwood

Clint actually had a good history he has bee-n seen switching sides of the camera in his entire life. He has seen taking many nonrelated movie roles.
Besides the director, he is a famous actor, musician, and also political figure.
He directs the film mostly in the genre of drama, crime, western, and war. He has also debuted in a famous western TV series name “Rawhide”.
Coming on the most famous movie. The most famous movie list in Clint Eastwood’s list includes The Gauntlet, The Enforcer, and Million Dollar baby.
Coming on the awards. He has been awrded three Golden Globe and Four Oscar. Also, he has been nominate-d for many more awards throughout his life in the movie industry.

9. Peter Jackson

Jackson was born in New Zealand in the year of 1969. Besides the director, he was a famous screenwriter and film producer. Peter is quite famous in the movie industry. He got famous for the “The Lords of Ring” trilogy.
He directed his first movie in 1987 named “Bad State” it was a horror movie. From that day he has been always seen working on films of the genre of adventure and fantasy.
Also, he has been always mentioning about Martin Scorsese and James Cameron saying that those were his inspirations.
He has been awrded three Oscar, three BAFTA, and one Golden Globe and also he has a net worth of approximately $600 million.

8. John Huston

John Huston is one of the most experienced directors in the movie industry. He has been remaining in the reputation for over five decades. Besides the director he as famous screen writer and a character actor. He has been kno-wn as the rebel in the Hollywood circle.
He used to direct the movie in the genre of adventure, suspense, and drama movies.
Coming on his most famous movie directed by him list includes The Asphalt Jungle, Mobi Dick, Freud, and many other movies.
He has been awarde-d three Golden Globe, one BAFTA, and two Oscar in his entire career in the movie industry.

7. Billy Wilder

Billy used to work as a journalist for a newspaper company based in Berlin before actually becoming a screenwriter. He debuted for the first time in the year 1929. Before becoming a journalist he had a career plan of becoming a lawyer as he wanted to study law.
In his entire career in the movie industry, he had directed over 27 movies. Also, he had written many movies.
He use to direct movies in the genre of drama, comedy, and romance.
Coming on the most famous movie from Wilder includes A foreign Affair, Some like it Hot, and The Apartment.
He has been awrded three Golden Globes, six Oscars, and a BAFTA.

6. Woody Allen

Woody was an actor, musician, comedian, and musician besides being a director. He has been working in the movie industry for over six decades.
He used to direct the film in the genre of romance, drama, and comedy.
Coming on the famous movie from Allen includes Sweet and Lowdown, Wonder Wheel, and many more.
He has been award nine BAFTA, two Golden Globes, and four Oscar in his entire experience of the movie industry.

5. Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola was born in Detroit in the year 1939 and is better known for the movies like The Godfather series.
He also carried his studies in drama at Hosfra university.
He has been award five Oscar, four Golden Globes, and a BAFTA.

So, he ranks 5 in Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

4. Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick was born in New York City in the year 1928. Although he was a failure in his studies. But, he is now kn-own as the most famous director in the movie industry.
The most famous movies from him include A full Metal Jacket and many more.
Although he has been nominate
13 times for Oscar but was only able to grab one. So, he ranks 4 in Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood

3. Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred is better knwn for the movies like horror and suspense. Hitchcock has directed many notable movies throughout his entire career in the movie industry.
He w-as better known for the films like Psycho, Vertigo, Blackmail, and Rebecca.
He has been award the Golden Globe and also five different achievements in his career. So, he ranks 3 in Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood.

2. Martin Scorsese

Martin was an American director born in New York City in the year of 1942.
He used to make movies in the genre of drama, suspense, and crime.
Most of his famous movies include Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and our most favorite The Wolf of Wall Street.
He has won many awards in his life which include three Golden Globe, three BAFTA, and an Oscar. So, he ranks 2 Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood.

1.Steven Spielberg

Best Director in Hollywood

He is the best-known director in Hollywood. Besides the director, he is a producer, and screenwriter, and one of the wealthiest people in the movie industry.
He is better know-n for the film like Indian Jones, and all.
He has been award three Oscar, two BAFTA, and two Golden Globe and has also he has been nominate around 15 times for Oscar.

So, guys above is the list of Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood please let me know in the comment section which director and his movies you found the best. So, he ranks 1 in Top 20 Best Director in Hollywood.

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