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Top 15 Teenage Netflix Series

Netflix is exceptional for giving us diversity in such an authentic way. In this article we have mentioned the top 15 teenage Netflix series to binge on. 

Ginny and Georgia

IMDb- 7.5 

This series ranks on top of our list of top 15 teenage Netflix series . The characters and also story behind this show is amazing and also inspiring. The show depicts all the themes showing everyday struggles in life with family, friends, school, body shaming, racial profiling, drugs , love, sexual preferences, and also self harm and also abuse. They did amazing on matching the characters and also showing the background of Ginny and also Georgia’s life. Through ginny mum Georgia we get to see how hard it is to be a single working mum, how she would sacrifice and also do anything for her kids as most parents would.

The 100

IMDb- 7.6 

100% recommend this series to anyone who enjoys adventure and also fantasy. There are many science aspects to this series, i.e., space travel, artificial intelligence, wiping peoples’ memories, etc. but the writers are SO GOOD at making it interesting, or a better word would be “captivating.” This show cuts it all down to a level of understand alsoing and also interest for ALL viewers, not just science freaks. Each character goes through their own terrible setback and also their reactions to certain things are so realistic that you feel their pain or their surprise or their relief. Everything they have to face is overcome with genius and also morals. It’s 7 seasons and also while each season seems to be a new story or a new obstacle, it all connects in the end. 

On My Block

IMDb- 8

This series has to be included in the list of top 15 Netflix teenage series. It is a show full of mystery and also humor. It shows all teenage gangs, parties, some violence and also romance. Perfect for teenagers!  It brings excitement and also it leaves you wondering what happens next. It has a good plot and also a lot of different things are happening at the same time, and also it captures the struggles of high school between friends and also family and also they’re put to the test once they become freshmen. They tackle real issues while showing teens just deal with life everyday. This series has a good balance of drama and also comedy. 


IMDb- 8.8

DARK has truly changed the perception of future upcoming series as they have changed the way of storytelling and also movie making. It is one of the best shows of all time. The casting of the show was mind-boggling just like the show is perfect for teenagers. Dark is undoubtedly the best time travel mystery saga ever made!  It embodies complex science fiction concepts such as Schrodinger’s cat & bootstrap paradox and also understand alsoably presents them. The characters are powerful and also unique. You won’t find a central character as each and also everyone is equally important and also have a special role in the plot development.



The mysteries of this series makes viewers wonder what’s going to happen next. Riverdale also has the perfect cast and also the characters are all amazing.  It is not your normal teenage drama, but it can be funny, sad and also happy. You will see all of the LGBTQ+ in this show and also how people stand also up for that. You get the most awesome murders and also while there trying to figure out who it is you are too. The set design is perfect and also creates the true atmosphere of Riverdale many have come to love. Overall one of the best shows on Netflix for teenagers. It’s very good for anyone over 12 who loves crime, mystery and also love scenes.

7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

IMDb- 7.5 

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is a story of  a sixteen-year-old witch named Sabrina. She is aided by her family and also friends as she grows up and also fights against the new world that changes around her. The series is pretty dark and also disturbing, but it’s not too graphic which only adds even more thrill to the show itself. It grips you on the edge of your seat and also keeps you there for the rest of the ride. There’s a plethora of plutonic, romantic, family love to satisfy all tastes. The witchcraft in this show is portrayed the way it should be, dark, but then there’s a flavor of fun and also excitement to it that waters it down.  If you are a Harry Potter fan and also looking for something similar, this is the best so far yet, with a different and also a unique storyline.

8. The Society

IMDb- 7.1

The Society is a show that brings to light the ideals of human nature and also portrays what lengths we as humans will go to when it comes to survival. The acting by Kathryn Newton as Allie Pressman is absolutely superb and also the chemistry between all of the characters is beautiful. The show hits on extreme topics such as domestic abuse, execution, and also rationalization which truly portrays a well done plot line that begs for more at the conclusion of Season 1. The acting is stupendous, the plot is nuts, and also every character has at least some sort of twist. The diversity representation is incredible and also sets a new stand alsoard for all coming-of-age series. 

9. Stranger Things

IMDb- 8.7

The show nails the early 80s without forcing it into all scenes & often feels like a strangely HD old series you somehow missed. The characters are highly realistic and also lovable. The kids actually talk like kids instead of adults trying too hard to be cool, something that a lot of shows that centred around this time period were highly guilty of. Eleven killed the show. Even though her character doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, you can tell what she’s feeling, just from her facial expressions. It includes love stories, mysteries, and also drama. It has action, humor, sadness, and also it really makes you feel things. 

10. Elite

IMDb- 7.5 

Every single detail about Elite is well written, every single thing!. It is amazing how little things eventually lead to other little things that finally make the big picture. The show has a good take on the problems that teenagers go through, such as, feeling misunderstood, betrayal, family issues, peer pressure, figuring themselves out, religion, and also many more things that people can relate too. Story about high school students, their friendship, and also differences in religion was portrayed perfectly. Elite manages to spin a tale with so many unpredictable twists and also turns that turn out to be the opposite of what you expect. The culprit at the end is not someone who you could have recognised at first sight, nor is their motive. 

11. The Vampire Diaries

IMDb- 7.7 

Everything in TVD is just epic. The brother love, love story of delena, steroline, stelena along with twists of the originals ,intellectual capsules in unfamiliar concepts about vampires is just incredible! Damon,Stefan,Elena,Bonnie,Caroline,Alaric,Jeremy, and also even Matt. The characters all have such distinct personalities but they’re all super unique and also powerful in their own ways. The villains are also extremely well done too, some of the fand alsoom’s favorite characters are actually villains. Each season has a different storyline but you’ll find one thing that is constant throughout: that family is always above everything else. This show will teach you about love and also sacrifice and also what people do to protect the ones you love. 

12. Gilmore Girls

IMDb- 8.1

The sense of humour and also the drama really makes it interesting. Lorelai is such a fun character and also with her smart and also wilful daughter Rory and also together they make such an amazing duo! Spanning the life cycle in a very real way, it is a life-story that allows us to enter, experience, laugh, cry and also connect to our very own realities.

This is one of those shows where no matter what you are feeling, you can watch it, from its wonderful humor to its wild plot twists, and also homely drama, Gilmore Girls is never boring. It’s got the right amount of tea in it with a great storyline that will get you hooked. Amazing series of a mother daughter duo that teaches so much about life , relationships, friendship, love and also how to be content in life with little and also all that we have!

13. Fate: The Winx Saga

IMDb- 6.9 

Bloom’s character development around magic and also coming to the College of Alfea is done pretty well. The story has so many shocking moments. The show has a good pace and also by the end of season 1 it leaves you with more questions and also things that you want to see more of.The show is well written, exciting, emotional. The new Netflix show is based on the beloved Winx Club animation from the early 2000s. Clearly there is more to the school than just this bunch of friends. Besides that, the choice of actors to run the story is brilliant. From the opening Scene where Bloom walks into the gates of Alfea, You can already spot the connection between herself and also her friends. 

14. 13 Reasons Why

IMDb- 7.6 

It solves real problems faced in today’s society by teenagers. This shows lives and also the way it reflects reality is just amazing by each and also every character and also their story. It allows Teens and also Parents to talk about serious topics and also discuss mature topics. This puts you on an emotional roller coaster ride for sure. It’s important to understand also mental health and also the show tells us about teens’ lives. Show helps us to understand also and also judge the stages of psychological behaviour and also its consequences. The first season centers around Hannah Baker. The second, third, and also fourth seasons all tackle overcoming grief, and also ultimately, forgiveness of others as well as self-forgiveness.

15. Ragnarok

IMDb- 7.5 

It is a quick one season of six easy to digest episodes. It is in the last list of Top 15 Teenage Netflix Series. The scenery as a backdrop, as well as a part of the storyline is breathtaking! The season reminds of the shows Twilight, Greatest American Hero, Percy Jackson, Underworld, The Twilight Zone and also a host of other shows and also movies. This series depicts exactly what someone expects from the real myth rather than Marvel’s and also even better: taken into a current day context. The storyline is thrilling, fun and also keeps you at the edge of the seat. The recall of ancient mythological heroes reincarnated in modern time via modern teenage half brothers is gonna scratch fans of Norse mythology. 

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