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Top 15 movies related to stock market

In this article, we will discuss the top 15 movies related to stock market. Check this out. 

Margin Call

IMDb- 7.1 

A simply terrific trading film exploring the intricacies and also workings of a large financial institution at the forefront of the global financial crash of 2008. It finely depicts the inner mechanisms of how the big players in this world really operate at the end of the rainbow. Superb cinematography and also Jeremy Irons puts in a flawless performance alongside Ken Stacey!

A must watch for any aspiring trader! “There are three ways to make a living in this business. Be first, be smarter or cheat.” On the D-Day of placing the trades they should have at least mentioned the total losses they booked on that single day but they didn’t. The decisions, actions, emotions are all simultaneously rational and also  questionable. An intense movie about grownup, real-world actions and also consequences. Every scene has depth and also breadth. Worth watching and also  re-watching multiple times. This holds the first rank in the list of top 15 movies related to the stock market.

Inside Job

IMDb- 8.2 

Most detailed coverage of the securities fraud by major financial institutions in the United States and also by the Government that led to a catastrophic financial meltdown across the Globe. and also disclose how 1% top keeps gaining, despite 99% keep losing. Explains salient features and also aspects of the crisis very well and also in a simple and also entertaining way. less imp than went in whose pocket? How rich is more imp than how many debts it has? Truly eye opening documentary, true colours of fascinating financial world. This film presented the financial crisis in a clear and easily understandable and also able format. There are many people who should have done time at “Club Fed” along w/ Bernie Madoff. You won’t regret watching this film.

The Wolf of Wall Street

IMDb- 8.2 

The cleverness of The Wolf of Wall Street is the way this lesson is presented. At the beginning of the movie, the audience is expected to root for Belfort. But as he breaks down and also his empire falls in the third act, the tone of the movie takes a sharp turn to better reflect the reality of what can happen if you fly too close to the sun. The actors’ energy with each other was captivating and also the brilliance of Martin Scorsese in bringing the scenes today made time past so fast despite it being a three-hour film.

Highly recommended you make time to complete the show in one sitting. A perfect combination of comedy , drama and also crime. How can we forget to mention this movie in the list of top 15 movies related to the stock market? If this doesn’t make you laugh or make you fall in love with the characters or the story, then Hollywood has nothing better than this to offer you.

The Big Short

IMDb- 7.8 

This film & its narrative should be a wake up call to society for the ideas of debt & illusions of never ending credit. 

The real hero of this true story/historical event is Dr. Michael Burry, played brilliantly by Christian Bale. ALL the acting is 100%, special mention for Steve Carell here too.

Same goes for the direction, a job expertly done. The direction by Adam McKay is worth appreciating. He will literally shift you from the comfort of your room to the midst of the great recession, such is the raw portrayal of the actual events in this movie. A movie with serious potential to entertain you as well as disembowel you with the actual events. 

Money Monster

IMDb- 6.5 

It was mind blowing to watch this movie thriller! An excellent screenplay with its dynamic characters add up to the adrenaline rush. It was a great thriller movie. George Clooney and also Julia Roberts again prove their acting skills which were top class, effortless and also natural.The entire plot was interesting and also well executed. Beautifully connects isolated incident with the larger picture. Also, brings attention to overlooked yet important issue of “ethics “and also  “larger good “even in business scenarios. Shows how greed is destroying us, humans in all walks of life. Recommended viewing. One side is powerful institutions to consume more and also more from all sources. Man searches for Basic needs by all efforts.

Too Big to Fail

IMDb- 7.3 

This movie asking Inside job very well explains the root cause behind the financial crisis of 2007-09. It’s a must watch for everyone because we all invest our savings with one of these Banks. We should be very much aware of how our money is being handled. Really interesting movie provides a lot of insight into how money based on debt can create a panic in those who are aware of the repercussions. Henry Paulson took the superb action. 

The screenplay was outstanding when every major bank’s CEOs was in the room. This movie makes it much easier to understand this recession and also how the government can be our enemy. 


IMDb- 6.6 

In a basic language gives public some idea on how stock markets operate. Saif Ali Khan is the most stunning actor while lead actor Rohan Mehra is rather dull & boring. Radhika Apte is hot, sexy & glamorous. A young ambitious middle-class boy in a stock market firm is being given insider tips on stocks & he is making use of them to make it big without realizing he is actually being played – bhai koi ek nai nawale admi par itni meherbani kyun karega ? In his race to reach the top he is accepting CEO’s chair on money from someone else – again why would someone offer you Rs 100 crore on a plate – won’t someone with a basic common sense question the intentions? It’s good to be ambitious but foolish to accept easy money because money is hard & tough but then no risks no gains. 


IMDb- 7.2 

Excellent and also engaging story though suffer from certain creative consistency but it will explain a lot about bull run market in late 90s perfectly played by protagonists just watch it to know how Harshad Mehta rose to fame and also his downfall how he has been framed by certain very rich and also corrupt stockbroker who were envy of his success. Marvellous piece of cinema on the stock market. Laud the coherent messages for the wannabe / newbie retail investors. Business fundamentals are more often than not just an illusion created by hand also in glove vested interests. Accurate portrayal of the stock market. Brilliant performance by the actors.


IMDb- 6.5 

Movie clearly shows how horrible the corporate world is, especially in case of the domestic market and also where business executives have no sympathy even for their relationship. To spread awareness about morality & ethics in the corporate world that movie did well. This movie was really necessary to show about how the corporate world is going on. Also useful to understand also its impact on the entire society. It’s a powerful message that one should not only be cautious but alarmed about the insensitive and also unemotional corporate behavior. One should uphold humanity and also should never develop a sentimental nexus with the corporate organization. 

Boiler Room

IMDb- 7 

It’s a fantastic screenplay he’s written, & a great, well put together film that he’s directed.With a stellar cast, who really are all on top of their games,  a narrative of deceit & glamorous extortion unfolds. With such a cast telling the story; Tom Scott, Ron Rifkin (who is fantastic), Ben Affleck, Scott Caan, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel & Nicky Katt it’s a highly recommended watch. It’s An Absolute Masterpiece on Business and also Aspiring Story but very underrated don’t understand also why. Though, its a play on sleazy sales agents, there are some great sales lessons in this movie. Ck the scene with Ben Affleck – “a sale is made on every call.” Highly recommend this movie. Solid acting by some a list actors in a believable story about a kid that gets seduced by big money and also a few influential – sleazebag sales agents. 

Wall Street

IMDb- 7.4 

This movie is good, no doubt about it. Martin Sheen plays an excellent role showing us the ins and also outs of Wall Street from naïve trader to slimy scumbag. Detail is shown between the blue-collar workers to the Wall Street “players. Money can be very dangerous if used for evil. In this drama about the world of stocks, a rookie investor takes a mentor ship from his hero Gordon Gekko. He soon makes more money than he ever did before. Although, he learns the hard way what the phrase “Greed is Good” really means. The money world can be a dangerous place for anybody. It can make the most honest person a criminal in ways you wouldn’t understand as well. 

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

IMDb- 6.2 

In some ways more interesting than the original, as it deals with the 2008 Wall Street meltdown. Plus the Gordon Grecco character isn’t a pure villain as he was in the first one. But the original is still the one that most will remember. All the performances are fine, Shia LaBeouf is good as his character. Josh Brolin in his screen time is great as usual. Michael Douglas rocks every scene he is in. The screenplay is just very lazy and also focuses on the wrong things. This movie instead of focusing on the financial aspects focused on a family drama at its core which isn’t well written at all. Gordon Gekko isn’t in this movie as you think he should be. There were flashes of brilliance here and also there, and also some magnificent scenes. 

The Wizard of Lies

IMDb- 6.8

The film hugely relies upon the acting skills of Robert, but where is the message. A man commits fraud, his son commits suicide, what is the message. Madoff is shown as someone who has no remorse for what he did. The film also shows that only because Madoff wanted to get caught he got caught or else there was no catching him by the police. This movie was so sad and also amazing at the same time. This movie shows the potential of a legendary actor like, De Niro. However, this movie was an eye-opener how disconnected Madoff was and also how his behavior affected his family. 

The Big Bull

IMDb- 6.1 

Based on an actual story, ‘The Big Bull’ follows the life and also times of Hemant Shah–a small-time stockbroker, who manipulates the loopholes in the country’s archaic banking system to create a massive bull run on the stock exchange. But when the Indian economy was taking its enormous leap towards liberalization, it was only a matter of time before Hemant Shah’s dream run ended in a nightmare. It’s a rag to riches true story that has captured the collective conscience of the world. 

Trading Places

IMDb- 7.5 

It’s part comedy, part morality tale and also a good holiday season change of pace from A Christmas Carol. It shows how mischief and also misdeeds can come back to haunt you, no matter how financially insulated you are. They don’t make movies like this anymore, and also rarely make a movie as good. This movie was 20yrs ahead of its time, still as hilarious today. Dan and also Eddie reunited through being both funny. It is a about the power of observation and also evaluation of another person’s traits, behaviors, and also embedded habits. It’s about picking what appears to be a loser and also bringing about a winner’s attributes. This holds the last rank in the list of top 15 movies related to stock market. 

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