Top 15 movies related to space

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First Man 

IMDb- 7.3 

 A beautiful, yet melancholic look on a man’s journey to the moon. Focusing on grief and also all loss that can poison anyone’s thoughts. At the end, you get the sad realization it was a suicide mission, not a heroic one. Making you think twice of wanting to be an astronaut. This is the first movie in the list of Top 15 movies related to space. 

While other documentaries and also all motion pictures would attempt to focus on the launching of the spacecraft and also all of Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, this film focuses on the spiritual and also emotional journey that the pioneer traveled.  It shows aspects of his family life that orchestrated his lifestyle.  Through loss and also all hardship, he could rise literally and also look down upon where he had started. 

The space between us

IMDb- 6.4

This film strongly pedals the idea of finding one’s true self through love. Gardner, who falls in love with the only girl he has ever known, travels the distance between Mars and also all of Earth for her, whilst on a quest to gain closure on his heritage. A fantastic romantic, comedy-usage, drama filled, sci-fi induced portrayal of what love truly means. This movie makes you appreciate the beauty of living on this planet. The actors did a good job with their parts and also almost made it seem plausible The featured characters were enjoyable to watch. It had a $30 million dollar budget, and also a  $14 million box office.  Not only is the perception of space and also all  its exploration unrealistic, but also the teen romance involved. This movie holds second rank in the list of Top 15 movies related to space. 


IMDb- 6.6 

Life is a story about six crews in the international space station who discover the most important things in human history: The very first extraterrestrial life. As time passes by and also all crews continue their research further, their actions cause consequences and also all the extraterrestrial life proves smarter than humans. It’s a very well-made space horror movie. The acting, the action sequences, and also the CGI were all well made. You can enjoy it with no doubt if you are looking for something to pass your time off. Depiction of human curiosity and also all how it results in severe damage is wonderfully picturesque. All astronauts play substantial parts complementary to one another. The background score adds to the suspense element and also brings out genuine fear while watching the ET life-form. 


IMDb- 7.7 

By far one of the best cinematic experiences in our era. This film ingeniously captures what it is like to be stranded in space. The attention to detail and also all  the scientific realities are breathtaking. The cinematography is absolutely mind-boggling. The entire first act is pretty much in one shot and also it is completely beautiful. When the space station is hit, the camera work done to show exactly what Ryan, the protagonist, goes through is nothing less than perfect. 

The theme is also an incredible one. Ryan is trying to survive in space just as she is trying to find a reason to live following the death of her daughter. Her activity is to keep driving, just as by the epiphany of the film, she learns to live for the sake of living, as reflected by Ryan driving with no destination, or driving for the sake of driving.


IMDb- 7.5 

It so perfectly portrays my love for science and also all exploration of the universe. It is not some cinematic masterpiece and also all  the pacing and also  all  plot are far from perfect but it has emotionally impacted me more than any other film. Jodie Foster brings Ellie’s character to life in such a great way.  The well executed film has successfully made an artistic synthesis of pure human feelings , imagination , philosophical insights , ethical awareness and also  all  socio-political concerns . It is remarkable for its wonderful exposition of acting skills and also all  use of technical brilliance. Those who pursue science deserve our gratitude for the work they do. and also all also for the moviemakers of these great productions where space travel is the major theme for the picture.

October Sky

IMDb- 7.8 

October Sky is a coming-of-age film with a heart of gold. The film follows Homer Hickman Jr., a kid from West Virginia who follows what he loves doing — making rockets. 

The film shows the rewards of chasing your dreams, no matter how ambitious. Something that I find quintessentially fundamental to the American dream. Easy to forget your own surroundings as you fall deeper into the believable characters and also all the convincing storyline. Delivers an incredible amount of hope for the outcast in school and also all black sheep of the family. Perfect movie for anyone looking for a ‘rise above’ story. This movie is all about perseverance! This is truly a great, inspiring, and also all uplifting movie about chasing your dreams. This is probably the most quintessential example of kids not knowing their way, and also all in the end, finding their true self. 

  1. The Right Stuff

IMDb- 7.8 

The acting from the astronauts is superb, and also Sam Shepard’s male beauty is staggering. An Academy Award-winning masterpiece, brilliant cinematography accompanied by a wonderful Bill Conti score. An outstanding adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s highly entertaining novel, capturing man’s transition from supersonic flight to enter space. The actual story is about the fact that Chuck Yeager could not be an astronaut because he didn’t have a college degree even though her broke the sound barrier. He went from a Buck Privates aircraft mechanic in the old Army Air Corps and retired as a General in the USAF.  


IMDb- 7.9 

This is a beautifully crafted piece of filmic art, slow moving shots through cleverly lit atmospheric sets, common sense editing within scenes giving the feeling that you are changing your own point of view to see what is happening. The more you listen to the music, the more you also understand the movie.  This movie is indeed in the lust of Top 15 movies related to space. 

In addition, this film was successful because it crossed multiple genres extremely well.  This is difficult to do without losing something but, in this movie, this is what made it great. The movie questions our linear concept of time, this business of starting from the beginning and also all  stopping at the end. 

Galaxy Quest 

IMDb- 7.3

A very creative idea executed very well! The small details that celebrate campy space shows make it very entertaining and also  all  will make sci-fi nerds laugh. It’s a total setup of the Star Trek series and also  all  its many permutations. But it’s also a great comedy with a fabulous cast who do the script proud. This movie is an excellent twist on the old good vs.evil concept. A great cast, and also  a  storyline that will leave an everlasting impression on viewers.

 It’s a Sci-fi fantasy comedy with surprisingly great visuals. It is, without a doubt, the best comment on dedicated sci-fi fans also  all om, the Star Trek universe, and also  all  the unnatural nostalgic affections we have for our favorite dated television series. It explores the reality of the characters current situation, never losing sight (and also  all  poking good natured fun) at/of each of their foibles, regaining commitment, and also  all  dedication to each other and also  all  their fans. 


IMDb- 8.6 

The characters and also  all  their missions are so believable and also  all  relatable. There are times when you feel like an explorer yourself and also imagine what you’d do in certain situations; this being the hallmark of a truly immersive movie. The story is about a team of explorers undertaking the most important mission in human history; traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars. Well this was both emotionally and also  all  visually resonant movie.The whole idea of relativity is beautifully shown and also  all  if you watch the whole film in 3D then you’re in for a treat.This film shows a journey of four scientists who are in search of another planet other than the Earth itself ,as frequent dust storms seem to threaten the very existence of mankind.You need to be patient with this movie it is not just anot. Saying that the movie is a visual masterpiece or that it has a soothing soundtrack doesn’t quite provide justice to its enigma. 


IMDb- 7.2

From a design point of view the spacecraft for the journey was very original and also made the idea of travelling  to the sun easier to accept. There are good performances from Cillian Murphy and also  all  the rest of the cast and also a very clever script . Visually it is incredible and also  all  will bring the audience into an environment that will make you shudder from the thoughts of heat and also  all  burning. The grip of emotional and also psychological trauma of space travel pitted against the reality that space is cold and also  all  exact, punishing the slightest lapse of stark logic.

    A movie capturing humanity’s fragile beauty and also  all  insignificance on a stellar scale. Our star is the beginning and also  all  ending of all things within its influence. 


IMDb- 7.8 

This movie shows what can you do with the theme of space without having to save the earth or alien invasion. Story is just about a guy appointed on the Moon by a power supply company. Also Sam Rockwell is just. There are no words to describe his performance in this film. His character makes you feel good and also  all  sad at the same time. The plot is intriguing; however the first 30 minutes are boring but the mystery and suspense begins as the clone first appears. The concept and also  the  story is very interesting, it has a good sense of mystery all the way through. 

Living on the moon is not what it’s cut out to be. Sam Bell is an astronaut who is working on the moon to provide energy for the planet earth. 

Apollo 13 

IMDb- 7.6 

One of the greatest films of the 1990s. The cast is absolutely dramatic, accurate, and also all a true all-star of one. The movie is also extremely well-edited, especially the space scenes, where everything feels as if even though it’s not the actual places of where they are going, the editing helps capture the true spirit of the movie.  It is when the film is showing the Apollo fire and also all  Neil Armstrong and also all the narrator says it was 18 months between the 2 items which would have made July 1968 as the moon landing. If he had said 2 yrs 6 months that would have been correct, making July 1969. The biggest events in the history of space travel. A nail biting drama that keeps you rooting for them all-through the movie. This is a must-see for anyone, whether you’re a film buff, a space-historian, both, or neither. 

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

IMDb- 7.8 

The iconic scene of Elliott and E.T.’s flight across the moon was called the most magical moment in cinema history. Although it has a lot of products placement (especially Reese’s Pieces), it is used efficiently and also all subtly, unlike the 1988 rip-off film Mac and also all Me. Beautiful musical score by none other than the legendary John Williams and also all was his fifth collaboration with Spielberg, after 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark and also all  the 1979 period comedy film 1941. The ending is pretty good, but it’s pretty sad, but it’s very heartwarming.

15. Ad Astra

IMDb- 6.5

“Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and also all  his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.” It’s kind of mix between 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Gravity, with a bit of The Tree of Life mixed in. The plot is laid out early on, and also all even though it moves slowly from there, you can mentally check off the various steps that have been explained. The depiction of the solar system and also all space travel is done in a near-future believable way. The movie covers loneliness, fear, repression, and also all vulnerability. This movie holds the last rank in the list of Top 15 movies related to space. 

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