Top 15 best documentaries of all time

In this article, we will discuss the top 15 best documentaries of all time. These awesome documentaries cover a diverse range of subjects including environment, sports, sea and also food culture and also true crimes. 

The Social Dilemma

IMDb- 7.6 

The Social Dilemma is a Shockingly Disturbing and also Insightfully Captivating documentary film that explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. There is no other film that is more important than ‘The Social Dilemma’ right now. and also I doubt if there has ever been a film more relevant in the history of cinema.

This Eye-Opening documentary is a wake-up call for all of us. The Social Dilemma does make a few good points, we are told that social media is the great evil of the world every day. Its one unique selling point – how social media actually works to foster “addiction” – falls embarrassingly short. This documentary should be shown in Schools and also Colleges where the future generation of our country is being created. It is on the top of the list of top 15 best documentaries of all time. 

The Game Changers

IMDb- 7.9 

The Movie Game Changers was truly an eye opening documentary of a thousand, perhaps tens of thousands, of facts most of us never knew about things we do and also care about everyday, the foods we eat. A large part of this film is about challenging conventional “wisdom” about protein. For decades the USDA “fed” us the view that meat and also dairy products were essential nutrients; that no healthy diet could exclude animal-based products. It holds second rank in the list of top 15 best documentaries of all time. Game Changers seeks to explode this view as myth, as marketing, unsupported by science. The movie makes the point that a plant-based diet will improve not just the health of individuals who partake of it, but also improve the dismal health of our planet.

Blackpink: Light Up the Sky

IMDb- 7.5 

Getting to know about the entire process like from where the girls started out, their training, monthly evaluations, how they came together as a group and also how they debuted was quite amazing actually. This documentary really makes you feel as if you are there with the girls. It’s so mesmerizing to see how the girls have grown over the years and also the risks they took to get where they are today. The documentary is just so cute, fun, light, but emotional enough to really make you feel a connection with the girls. This documentary is really a helpful insight towards their personality and also contrasting passion which ends up complementing, and also brings out the answer to why they are who they are today. 

American Murder: The Family Next Door

IMDb- 7.2 

This story was so well put together that it almost seems like a fake murder movie. What so interesting about this murder documentary is that everything is filmed. What helped even more to put this together is that Shannon was a YouTuber so she was always filming. The detectives were also patient with enormous control of the case. Although convinced of the husband’s guilt, in self control they teamed up superbly to draw out his confession. A crime documentary well shot as both Shannon a youtuber recorded everything and also the police department recorded every moment. It felt like a real movie, it just didn’t feel like a real murder investigation. They made it so well that it went in a perfect manner. 


IMDb- 6.4 

The documentary tells us Cristiano Ronaldo is more than just a footballer, he is a good son, a lovely father and also a good friend also. His astonishing life of passion, hard work and also dedication is a marvellous example to everyone who wants to achieve his goal. Ronaldo is truly one the greatest athletes ever born in the history of sports.He is an inspiration for all of us.  It is inspiring to see the hardships and also struggle of one of the best footballers in the world. It’s a great watch for every football fan, irrespective of whether they have any preference as to who is the greatest of the footballers. Cristiano did the impossible and also that was by being focused on his aim. He never wants to lose and also always tries to get more. 

My Octopus Teacher

IMDb- 8.1

It may feel like just another documentary from Discovery days but you as you start to connect this as a life story of Craig Foster. The documentary has some amazing moments where he first touches the Octopus, carries her to him, the outstanding Shark chases and also her incredible intelligence to save herself. More importantly, while all this is happening – he starts to unearth new connections with nature, his family and also finds a new meaning to life; in the end when he starts a Sea Change project. This story was about more than just an intimate look into the incredible world of the Octopus, it was also about what it means to be a human taking your own journey and also undergoing the sort of profound growth that most of us probably feel or at least suspect is hiding somewhere deep inside, but likely will never really “get there”.

Miss Americana

IMDb- 7.4 

This documentary shows viewers that even through all Taylor’s wealth, and also fame, Taylor Swift is a normal person with a huge heart . Many people just view her as just a singer that deals with lots of drama, but this documentary reveals another side of her, and also that she has real problems just like anybody else. This film is truly inspiring, It acknowledges Taylor’s fight for equality for all people, including people in the LGBTQ+ community, Women, Older people, and also others.

The songs went beyond love, and also breakups. They were about life, and also the struggles that people face everyday. This documentary is funny, heart touching, and also very relatable. It is worth your time and also very accurately showcases her struggles in life on her way to being one of the best-known artists ever. Miss Americana is not a documentary but a journey like no other along with the 1989 star. 


IMDb- 8.2

It’s an eye opener, shocker and also definitely one of the best documentaries of 2021.

It exposes the corruption, pollution and also emotion in the global fishing industry. It does have good facts like – 

Algae oil is a plant-based source of EPA and also DHA, two omega-3 fats that are essential for your health. Covering a lot of aspects from commercial shipping, to slavery, ecology, government cover ups and also frankly disingenuity at best on behalf of organisations who set themselves up to advise us what is sustainable. Seaspiracy is the most watched film on Netflix and also, as expected, it has ignited a tsunami of acerbic responses to the film  from ‘professionals’ involved in ocean conservation, science, ecology and also the  corporations profiteering the rape of the ocean. 

Rising Phoenix

IMDb- 8.1 

Rising Phoenix is an inspirational documentary based on the stories of specially-abled individuals, it shows us how they overcome the hurdles in their lives and also take part in the not commonly known, Paralympics which is basically Olympics designed for specially-abled people so that they can show the world that they are capable to do things even better than abled-bodies and also prove themselves to the people who didn’t believe in them. A well done heartfelt piece on both the history of the Paralympic games, and also how they are moving forward into the future. It’s so powerful and also raw and also incredibly inspiring. It’s also such an emotional roller coaster but it is so essential, especially for typicals to watch!


IMDb- 8.5 

It takes you to another world with fantastic camera work on nature and also blissful surround sound. If you didn’t watch, you missed something really good. This is visually stunning, thought provoking and also easy to get lost in; No narration yet it speaks to your soul. It is one of the most epic, euphoric and also visually emotional documentaries. It makes you awaken to the world at large and also yourself. The oneness; the awakening; the meditation through the eye of a camera presented beautifully on your screen. It is the exact meaning of life, Variety culture of humanity. This documentary is a must in the list of  top 15 best documentaries of all time.


IMDb- 8.6 

It is a splendid collection of slices of humanity and also the world that we have designed for ourselves! Visual masterpiece for a movie made over 28 years ago. Shows the stark contrast between the beauty of the world and also its people to the conditions most of us are living in. Impossibly pure and also unblinking tour of earth and also its inhabitants as if by an enchanted other-worldly guide, absent judgments or restrictions. Likened to a dream or parallel world in its grace, music and editing with countless scenes glimpsing mythic films unto themselves. A powerful eye opening film backed up with music by the Dead Can Dance. A film that says so much without uttering a word.


IMDb- 8.1 

 This documentary shows the sad reality of the beautiful and also entertaining whale shows that we go to see at sea. It also shows what sea world and also the media have been hiding from us and also includes interviews from former sea world trainers which is also very interesting. This documentary, backed by decades of research, finally alerts the general public to the horrendous facts of captivity that SeaWorld has willfully ignored for many, many years. The movie literally exposed many things that happened before Dawn’s death and also what Seaworld was doing with the animals! This will really open your eyes and also you’ll realize that orcas don’t always live up to their nickname of killer whales. 

The Cove

IMDb- 8.4 

Very informative documentary! Every citizen should watch this! To realize how humans are growing cruel and also gruesome each day for their selfish attributes and also attitudes. It is Powerful documentary that comes from the passion of individuals. Highly recommend, though fair warning to those sensitive to animal cruelty–plenty of that in this film. It is a must-see film for anyone who already has, or is planning to visit a marine park or a swim with dolphin facility. A powerful, gripping & shocking documentary which should be viewed by all lovers of action, espionage & SFX films. 

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

IMDb- 8.5 

It uncovers hidden meanings about the universe and also provides a very deep meaning of spirals and also logos, tells about pineal gland also and also kundalini and also much more. This shows The Relation Between Science and also Spirituality and also their History. It is perfectly difficult to explain spiritual experiences but in it this explanation is very amazing. Most beautiful and also colorful documentary on our true knowledge. It’s one of the best explanations of the Akashi Field. The digital illustrations of enlightenment and also the process to realize it are extraordinarily well done. Our ability to understand and be part of the universe is stunning. This holds the second last rank in the list of  top 15 best documentaries of all time.

The Sparks Brothers

IMDb- 8 

The Sparks Brothers is not only a piece of documentary art by Edgar Wright, but if you had no clue who Sparks were and also you didn’t know their story, consider this film your bold introduction. Combining their music with footage of their career along with fun animated visuals, The Sparks Brothers is a feast for the eyes and also ears for longtime fans and also new fans of The Sparks. The brothers are genuine, unique, totally dedicated to music. The band also has been around for over 50 years; it took a director as accomplished as Edgar Wright to properly tell their story, and also he does a first-call job with it. This documentary is in the last rank of the list of top 15 best documentaries of all time. 

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