Anime with Comedy: Top 12 Exciting

In this article we will discuss Anime with Comedy: Top 12 Exciting and funniest Anime Series of all time. Check this out in the following list. 

Below are Anime with Comedy: Top 12 Exciting

1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

IMDb- 8.3

It is funny, supernatural, etc. The protagonist of the ANIME, ”Saiki”, is Dope. Like he can control the world whenever he wants  to and also rewind time for a day. His parents are super lazy, if Saiki dies, which is not possible, his parents will die because of laziness. Probably the funniest anime ever existed. The humor is really quick and also the punchlines always deliver really well. It’s a really nice series to watch if you have commitment issues. A really genuine show with modest sarcasm and also really comedic characters.

This is hella relatable and also not like other “funny” anime shows that tend to repeat the same humor in different forms and also tend to overreact on genuine funny jokes by laughing hysterically ruining the whole point of the joke. This holds the first rank in the list of top 12 funniest Anime Series. 

2. Mr. Osomatsu

IMDb- 8

This is a perfect anime. Almost all characters are lovable and also each has a big fanbase. This is the mother of all comedy anime, a 80 year old celebration, quite a crazy season, definitely watch it.Great comedy, completely off the wall. A lot of episodes are little shorts, almost comic-strip in feel. Characters are great, definitely something for everyone if you have a strange sense of humour! It’s among other funny series in the list of top 12 funniest Anime Series. 

3. Gintama

IMDb- 8.6 

Well, the comedy will make you choke to death if you are eating something while watching because its hilarious on another level. The comedy ranges from parodies and also references to character comedy to toilet humor to sexual and also perverted humor. 

Animation quality remains consistent and also improves over time. Thematically, Gintama is pretty unique, overall, the samurai era was invaded by aliens and also the technology is near to the current era. Characters are extremely loveable, memorable and also have distinct personalities and also design which makes it easy to differentiate them. Its usually hard to find a show which does everything perfectly and also Gintama is it but don’t go in expecting epic battles in every other episode. 

4. Kill la Kill

IMDb- 7.9

This show utilizes essential anime elements of fan service,  comedy and also action. Every character is likeable, including the antagonists because each of them are unique and also bizarre in their own way, but that’s not to say how some of them do have some questionable traits, however it helps move the plot forward. Comedy is decent, running gag is the protagonist’s bestie interfering during a fight to either give praise or motivate her, being funny and also or a driving force to the plot. Plot is also straightforward with its share of twists and also revelations that keeps the viewers hooked for more episodes such that they end up binge watching it on Netflix. 

5. High School DxD (Not for Kids)

IMDb- 7.6

High school DxD is the pinnacle of high school anime relatable characters great plot,interactive and also indulging stories this is by far one of the most fun anime as well we would fall in love with the characters just like pokemon characters they are very  memorable,Awesome fight scenes and also irresistibly funny scenes with a lot of touching scenes as well. This series has a really great plot that will keep you wanting to watch it more and also more. Made viewers laugh and also made me cry, the excitement, all emotions are packed in this series!

6. Aggretsuko

IMDb- 8.1

The characters are funny and also interesting, it’s easily relatable and also realistic, the biggest feature includes naturalistic dialogue which keeps the fire burning within the show. It has a cutesy look which makes it even more funny and also intriguing. It’s an inside look on a persons life from a 3rd point of view. This show is so relatable it’s crazy and also the characters are so charming. 

7. The Wallflower

IMDb- 7.7 

The anime is very comical with a touch of sizzling romance between Sunako and also Kyouhei. Viewers especially like the personality of the main protagonist. Unlike the many other anime she actually possesses a spine and also isn’t afraid to pick a bone with a gruff looking mob boss, if he tries to harm her friends! There’s no one real genre that fits this, but it meshes a whole bunch of them so well. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll question, and also you’ll enjoy. This anime certainly has it’s moments and also It’s definitely one worth giving a shot, you’ll surely get a good kick out of it’s subtle humor.

8. Maid Sama!

IMDb- 8 

The story is fully understand alsoable and also viewers appreciate the publishers and also the writers who wrote this creative story. Maid sama is about a school and also our girl Misa who is the president of her school. She has a secret (which is being a maid) and also can’t let people find out , some people do. This part of the story makes it exciting but eventually when you reach the end of the anime you can begin to see the relationship grow between misa and also our blonde pervert. Misaki is always denying her feelings for usui and also how usui always teases her to show her true feelings towards him because she really doesn’t think of usui as a perverted human. She is just scared of getting hurt. 

9. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

IMDb- 7.6 

The humor isn’t that clever but it’s silly and also ridiculous, that was the creator’s intention. It’s really nostalgic and also it’s kind of like a fun r-rated parody of shows with an entertaining animation style. It has a unique western cartoon art style, full of strong language and also adult jokes which is pretty entertaining for the targeted audience..

animation can be overly simple but sometimes also has some amazing action scenes. This show is simply one of the best anime ever to come out in 2010. 

10. Black Lagoon

Anime with Comedy

IMDb- 8

Absolute dark humor action fun! Brilliant story ideas! A unique anime tv shows that can be seen in life 2 times, well you gotta watch it watch it watch it, it has all features that make a series enjoyable. Gun fights, crime lords, the mafia, drug cartels, kidnapping and also a great theme song that makes you want to consider being a professional criminal. It had a dark storyline, especially the part in which Roberta appeared in its first season.

11. Great Pretender

Anime with Comedy

IMDb- 8.3

Aside from the awesome plot that deserves 5-star, the quality of the animation is really good too. It’s a little different from the style of other anime and also the colors are just really noticeable in a good way. and also the drawings of the characters are really beautiful. The plot is unique and also quite refreshing. All the anime characters are well-written and also interesting. From child trafficking, to the war on terror the show wasn’t afraid to talk about serious subject matter. The show’s pace also lends to its enjoyability, each episode is an ease to sit through from beginning to end. The animation is amazing. The world consists of beautiful backdrops. From the sunny beaches of LA, to the cityscapes of Tokyo, every shot could be used as a computer’s wallpaper. Characters move with fluidity and also weight making the world even more grounded.

11. Lucky star

Anime with Comedy: Top 12 Exciting

IMDb- 7.4 

Possibly the funniest anime I’ve ever seen. Above even Azumanga Daioh for me. Pop culture references and also complete lack of a story aside, the four main girls are surprisingly memorable, Konata in particular. This crazy blue-haired otaku is just so hard to not love. It’s a great anime about rand alsoom stuff every episode. Sure, it’s long for a slice of life, but it’s worth it. The art style itself and also the opening is special. This show gives viewers so much nostalgia, at this point, it’s clear there won’t be a 2nd season, and also you can only rewatch one season, an OVA and also a spin-off so many times. This anime needs a second season.

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