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Top 10 popular movies of Bruce Willis

Top 10 popular movies of Bruce Willis

In this article we will discuss the top 10 popular movies of Bruce Willis. He has given various outstanding super-hit movies to the movie industry.

Checkout these top ten movies of Bruce Willis.


IMDb- 7.3

The storyline is amazing, and also Bruce was the perfect choice for playing the character of David Dunn. It’s simple and also inspiring. Bruce Willis essays a nuanced performance as the hero who has never really noticed that he’s never ever been ill or injured in his life. This movie is fun to watch and also this is probably Willis’ best work. This movie is indeed first in our list of Top 10 popular movies of Bruce Willis.

The Fifth Element

IMDb- 7.7

Real delightful scenes where characters interact and also even understand each other. At the end, the fifth element is revealed and also the ending is nice. It has humour and action all entwined with superb actors Ian Holm, Gary Oldman, Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is just funny, smart, irreverent, and also unfailingly heroic in this movie. This movie holds second rank in Top 10 popular movies of Bruce Willis.

Moonrise Kingdom

IMDb- 7.8

The concept of this movie is simple and also shows the power of adolescent love. This movie gave all viewers a chance to dream, laugh and also hope. Bruce Willis and also Bill Murray become charmingly different in their roles. Charming action-packed fairy tale with social services as the wicked witch. Ensemble cast of first-rate actors play off each other with the easy flow of kindred spirits.

Lucky Number Slevin

IMDb- 7.7

Thi movie is a plot twisting thriller with the subject manner of gambling and also the horrors that come with it. The filming of the movie took place in Montreal Canada. This movie does a perfect job at being both clever and also entertaining, it is a lot like the usual suspects in the way it taunts you with the truth. 

Sin City

IMDb- 8

Killing the blood and also the cold-blooded scenario of bloodshot are deeply brutal from start to end. High contrast, dark themed background and also amazing sounds complete the masterpiece, the “Sin City”! It puts everything we love about mysteries. His character as John Hartigan stand also out in this movie. 

12 Monkeys

IMDb- 8

A group known as the 12 monkeys is believed that they released the virus but a man known as James Cole played by Bruce has changed the past and also future. The acting skills of Bruce Willis and also Brad Pitt are out-standing. Cole tries desperately to find out the source of the virus. A grim movie for time travel lovers but a great one. 

The Sixth Sense

IMDb- 8.1

The movie dives into Dr. Malcolm and also Cole so well. This movie is a brilliant character study. The scary parts hit the twist, but the emotional journey hits the most. Good. The movie is packed with a great script and also backed up by the wonderful direction of M. Night Shyamalan and also cast whose performance is beyond compare. 

Die Hard

IMDb- 8.1

The plot follows John McClane, (Bruce Willis) a new York cop visiting his wife in L.A, (Bonnie Bedelia) when the building is invaded by German terrorists’. You can’t help but root for NYPD cop, Jon McClave throughout this movie. After all, he’s just a regular guy who ends up being in the right place at the wrong time. 

Die Hard with a Vengeance

IMDb- 8.1

Bruce Willis and also Samuel L. Jackson are paired together in their respective roles. The sequence of events within the film are amazing. They tackle so many issues in such a short amount of time, while simultaneously delivering a supremely entertaining film. The movie had John McBain (Bruce Willis) as a NYPD cop actually in New York…going from suspended to reinstatement. 

Pulp Fiction

IMDb- 8.9

The side story with Butch and also Marcellus was filled to the brim with suspense. It leaves people expecting what would happen next. The Screenplay, Direction, Acting and also Dialogues are so very perfect. And also the actual message the film wants to convey that:

If life gives you a second chance to improve, you grab it with both your hand as well. 

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