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Top 10 popular Best Christopher Nolan Movies

In this article, we will discuss Top 10 popular Best Christopher Nolan Movies. We know Christopher Nolan for his very own aesthetic in screenplay, storyline and also character development. His style of making movies differs from any other directors of Hollywood, Bollywood and also other movie industries. He did many guanine movies. His movies grossed 4.6 billion USD dollars worldwide and also whose movies got 30 Oscars nominations in total and also won 10 Oscars. 



IMDb- 7.4

This movie holds the top rank in our list of top 10 popular movies of Christopher Nolan. it is a mind-boggling film to watch. It’s about a secret agent who embarks on a dangerous, time-bending mission to prevent the start of World War III. This movie changes the way you perceive and also think about motion. Nolan is far too intelligent and also advanced that he gave us a movie which is way ahead of our time. 



IMDb- 7.8

Nolan’s war masterpiece takes you totally into world war traumatic history. One can feel agony, pain, trauma, grief and also war brought by soldiers returning home. Special mention about Nolan’s direction is he always goes for perfection, nothing less than that. This movies holds the second rank in our list of top 10 popular movies of Christopher Nolan.

3. Memento


IMDb- 8.4

Even in Christopher Nolan’s debut film he shows how talented he truly is. Nolan’s unique helm of this film truly makes it one of the most creative endeavors in film history. Nolan makes what should be a very confusing movie a very easy watch because of such creative liberties like using black in white to tell time difference, subtle appearance differences and also even subtler context clues. It is based memento on a novel written by his brother Jonah Nolan.

4. The Prestige


IMDb- 8.5

Christopher Nolan has striked yet again and also left us all in love with the perfectionist. The movie revolves around two magicians in old London both trying to be better than the other after a tragic incident separates them. The ironic climax will amaze you and also the impact remains for days. 

5. Batman Begins

b begin

IMDb- 8.2

Christopher Nolan did justice to Batman. The realisation of a fictional character with so much depth and also reality is just amazing. It captures the grimness of Bruce Wayne, the way he’s scarred for life and also can’t get past those 2 bullets. Nolan made something special and also really captured the Batman character in a way that had never been seen. 

6. Inception


IMDb- 8.6

Nolan’s oeuvre is definitely one of the most creative outpourings in commerce and also cliche-ridden Hollywood. The concept of dream-sharing was extremely fresh and also was brilliantly executed. Christopher Nolan continued to conquer the decade with consistent hits starting the decade with one of his best films 

7. The Dark Knight Rises

Top 10 popular Best Christopher Nolan Movies

IMDb- 8.4

Christopher Nolan’s last movie of the Batman trilogy is kind of very, very underrated movie because people often compare it with The Dark knight. A brilliant ending to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy that will forever be iconic. The Dark Knight rises is the brooding and also epic finale to Nolans Bat franchise. It is a seemingly visually interesting film in contrast to The Dark knight. 

8. Man of Steel

Top 10 popular Best Christopher Nolan Movies

IMDb- 8.8

Man of Steel is a reboot of the Superman film franchise, directed by Zack Snyder with a story by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight trilogy. It balances a thoughtful, complex narrative with kinetic, effects-driven action. The character development, Action, Plot and also Emotion and also well managed. This was co written by Christopher Nolan. 

9. The Dark Knight

Top 10 popular Best Christopher Nolan Movies

IMDb- 9

The second instalment of the franchise by the legendary Christopher Nolan outperforms in every way. The story will keep you not only on the edge of your seats. The movie is a thrilling, gruesome, emotional roller coaster which will leave you speechless at the end. The only person on the planet who could out-do Christopher Nolan in a Batman film is Christopher Nolan himself. 

10. Interstellar

Top 10 popular Best Christopher Nolan Movies

IMDb- 7.4

The man who made this insanely, freaking, amazing movie is Christopher Nolan.. the one who made movies like Batman Trilogy, Inception, Dunkirk and also many more. This very movie is one where we see the blend of Christopher Nolan’s brilliance in storytelling and also his skill to connect emotion with intelligence. 

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