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Top 10 Oscar win movies you must watch

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Oscar win movies you must watch. Check this out in the following list to get entertained.


IMDb- 8.4 

Taste is an interesting thing and, as lead protagonist – clown character Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, attests to in the latest Todd Phillips feature film effort: “comedy is subjective”. What the film also spoke to, is the world of comedy and also mass entertainment, which is the biggest farce of all. That making fun of sad people is unfair; yet at the same time, it makes for the very best comedy of self-deprecation when the comic does it himself, and also that tragedy and also comedy straddle the very same line. This is the first serie in the list of top 10 oscar win movies you must watch.

Joker is a drama movie in the vein of movies like Taxi-Driver and also King of Comedy, It is a horror movie without any jump-scares or any other horror movie tropes and also it is a comic-book origin movie about the most notorious and also iconic villain. This movie will make you uncomfortable very often but ultimately it will force upon you some difficult questions that most movies shy away from asking. This is one of the few comic-book movies which will force you to think for hours after you have seen it. 


IMDb- 7.4 

The storyline and screenplay of the movie is something out of this world. You’ll scratch your heads. But as the revelations occur, it’s something Jaw-Dropping. It hits you in your face. The action is spectacular. Especially the choreography of something or someone is Inverted Backwards while the other is Forward. Hoyte Van Hoytema deserves the Academy Award for his astonishing cinematography. Christopher Nolan is a master of lateral thinking and also has set up the audience to believe in the non linear pattern as the new normal, he is the David Copperfield of Cinema. 

John David Washington (Denzel’s son) is a powerhouse actor and also if his previous work didn’t put him on the radar, this surely will. He takes his role seriously and also they, fortunately, don’t allow for any cheesy moments to break his character or the suspense. 

Little Women

IMDb- 7.8 

Little Women is made with so much heart, love and also enthusiasm both behind and also in front of the camera that even the deeply sad scenes still fill you with joy and also longing. It’s an explosion of emotions, from loss to love to everything in between. Gerwig’s smart, delightful film seems on its way to becoming a classic. 

The freshest, well-casted, award-winning and also thoughtfully directed adaptation of the novel about sisterhood is the sincere and also uplifting movie everyone should add to their (quarantine) movie list. Love the chemistry between Saoirse Ronan and also Timothée Chalamet. The relationships that Jo and also Laurie have afterwards just aren’t as heart-clenching as their relationship together. 

The Shape Of Water

IMDb- 7.3 

A beautifully crafted short love story, which is complex but simple at the same time. A mute lady who works as a cleaning staff person at a research center instantly develops an emotional connection which she could not find in the whole world of humans with an amphibian/mermaid like creature who is actually a God of Amazon and also has brought to the research center for research or may be to torture him. The central theme of the novel deals with the battle between humankind’s longing for freedom as well as the threats it possesses to it’s kind, to destroy the beauty of life and also love.

The movie takes its inspiration from 1954’s Creatures from the black lagoon (Gill-man). A phenomenal movie, which shows you the essence of this quote:it is wonderful to be loved but profound to be understood(EllenDg). 


IMDb- 8.6 

Parasite is a South Korean Black Comedy Crime Thriller film directed by Bong Joon-ho who also directed The Host (2006), Snowpiercer (2013) and also Okja (2017), It first premiered at the Film Festival in Cannes where it won the Palme d’Or and also most notably became the first film from a foreign country to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Parasite started as a drama with shades of dark humor, before morphing into an edge of the seat thriller that keeps you captivated and also shocks you to the extent that you can’t even move. It’s that spellbinding.

Parasite is one of the most original films you’ll see in recent memory, and also surprisingly has elements of almost every genre covered in its entire duration. It is packed with impeccable direction supported by sheer performance from the cast and also crew. The writing is pure craftsmanship which shows the contrasting characteristics of two different families.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

IMDb- 7.6 

It’s a glorious fusion of genres; part western, buddy movie and also homage to popular culture in the 1960s. Stylish and also visually stunning, it bears the classic hallmarks of a Tarantino film. Maddening tangents, delightful cameos and also set pieces all provide a compulsive mixture. The cinematography, the writing, the casting, the soundtrack, all flawless. This is a superior film and also sits comfortably in my top three Tarantino films. 

There is just pure joy in watching this story unfold in front of your eyes. It also it takes you back to a time where it feels that the world was still an innocent place and also a safe place.

DiCaprio plays the role of Rick Dalton. It is joined by Brad Pitt who plays his stunt double, Cliff Booth and also they’re reaching the end of their career (Tarrantino’s 9th film) and also are not feeling great about the fact that they’re being deprived of greater opportunities and also are being sidelined by playing villain roles and also made to star in smaller films. The first half of the movie is about DiCaprio reacting to it. He also he does a phenomenal job as always. Brad Pitt basically drives him around, trying to constantly motivate him and also to look on the brighter side of things.

Marriage Story

IMDb- 7.9 

Marriage story” is a true description of married life is all about, the good parts and also bad ones alike. Noah Baumbach the director is a master at capturing dialogues realistically. Also naturally, thus helping the narrative to have a sort of essence that’s very undeniable and also very gripping. the words just flow effortlessly in a way that makes you so invested in what’s being said, there’s waste in scenes, everything means something and also ultimately affects the surroundings, very much like life itself, it is extremely refreshing to be a witness of that.  

It is a beautiful, beautiful story of a failed marriage but yet an unbroken relationship. Both Scarlett Johansson and also Adam Driver are absolutely fabulous.   It has lots going for it. including two very charismatic and also convincing performances by Adam Driver and also Scarlett Johansson as a married couple; Charlie & Nicole.  They find their marriage unfolding, tho still holding onto each other and also their beloved son Henry (an exceptional Azhy Robertson).

La La Land

IMDb- 8 

The editing and also colour grading of the movie is master class. It also honestly no less was expected from the immensely talented Academy Award winner Tom Cross, who reunited with Damien Chazelle after Whiplash. It’s a movie that lifts your spirit up and also leaves you smiling throughout. Even with today’s generation of loud politics, four years of Trump, celebrities dying, and also endless amount of pointless controversy. But then comes a musical about two people who are dreamers also show how dreams can lead to success. By making the impossible possible while living in a place where dreams come to die. Ryan Gosling and also Emma Stone were both dynamite in this movie. The relationship was sweet and also relatable. 

A film such as this, can raise people’s expectations too high, thus putting pressure on it to be ‘all things to all people’.

This musical tells of two individuals who, down on their luck in Hollywood, form a beautiful yet strained relationship.

The Imitation Game

IMDb- 8 

This movie rolls around numbers, Alan Turing, his madness for solving problems and also his problems with his fellow mates. The Imitation Game is a historical drama. It is based on the life of the genius British mathematician Alan Turing. He played an important role as crypto analyst in deciphering the Enigma machine.

. The movie elegantly deals with the topic of homophobia. we were so perplexed about the idea of a man having feelings about other men. 

It also brings to light a little of the machinations of military intelligence at this time. This is an amazing movie hence is included in the list of top 10 oscar win movies you must watch.

The story of Alan Turing is poignant and also heartbreaking; the film captures this (helped by a beautiful score). It also leaves you wondering what might have been achieved, if society didn’t have such backward views on both sexuality of women.

The Big Short

IMDb- 7.8 

The Big Short is as much of a drama as it is a documentary. If you are interested in understanding how Wall Street works. Also why the 2007-8 Financial Crisis occurred, this is the movie for you. This is a very well made movie that helped many people have a better understanding of what really happened.  It broke it down to a simpler explanation of what caused the bubble and also the crash. This film will be a cultural reference that identifies the inefficiencies of American capitalism.

It also a foreshadow into the deeper relationship between Wall Street and also the Government. This movie holds the second rank in the list of top 10 Oscar win movies you must watch.

Suffused with compassion for ordinary people tricked by greedy financial institutions taking advantage of government deregulation; It also for the ordinary viewer who has no idea about the complicated mess of fraud and incompetence creating the GFC. 

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