Top 10 Movies related to Hacking of 21st Century you must watch

Top 10 Best Movies related Hacking 21 Century

Top 10 Movies related to Hacking of 21 Century you must watch (Top 10 Movies Hacking 21 Century)

These are the most interesting hacking movies of all time Top 10 Movies Hacking 21 Century.

1. The Matrix

IMDb- 8.7

The matrix is a virtual reality created by advanced intelligent machines to keep humanity in control whilst using them for energy to power themselves. This all occurred after man created AI and lost a war with them. It gave inspiration to many scifi and superhero ideas and movie concepts of the 21st century. Great science fiction movie and a must see!

2. War Games


A boy hacks a computer program who loves to play computer games. However, the game becomes too real as the computer starts to play two sides in order to start World War 3. Now, it takes all the computer smarts in the world to outsmart this machine. Classic hacker movie.  There’s a lot of nostalgia when you watch it and see him messing around with the floppy disks and his phone modem.

3. V for Vendetta


V for Vendetta takes place in a near-future dystopian Great Britain. It’s a world where an unjust totalitarian regime takes over the government. The movie makes us question what role we have when governments are no longer just. The use of dark and dreary Great Britain with the well lit and beautiful past says a lot about the movie. The story is filled with current events and has a definite strong political sense.

4. Who Am I


It’s easily one of the best movies with good twists and thrills seasoned with computer tricks. The Movie Never gets boring at any point. The acting is good, the representation of the Internet was legible. Unexpected things happen at unexpected times. It also has some real stories about hacking done by old hackers.

5. Hackers


Hackers is a 10+/10 for its nostalgic factor. Remember roller blades, beepers, dial up modems, Pre-Pentium 86 series computers with 14″ monitors, big thick laptops, payphones and the absence of people staring into the palm of their hands? For a nostalgic ride in a cyber punk world to how the hackers interpreted the code to give you a visual experience..then see the film! 

6. Sneakers


Robert Redford runs a company dedicated to revealing the weaknesses in other companies security systems, and to do this he employs a who’s who of high tech specialists- hackers with varied skills, all of whom have criminal records. Must watch for the people who are looking for genre of cyber crime, comedy, thriller & action in a single movie.Screenplay is mind-blowing.

7. Snowden


This movie tackles how fragile human society is when it comes to the abuse of technological power and advancement for self interests/gains. It mostly discuss the multitude of ways they infringe on your personal space and privacy. It highlights the modern technological & cyber world we are now living in. The film has an impeccably gripping narrative and keeps you hooked right till the end. 

8. Blackhat


A detailed, capitulation view of what cyber terrorism does and the benefits ethical hackers bring to any industry that is dependent on technology. This film is indeed a thinking man’s action thriller. The cyber crime element is there and blurs the lines between good and evil.  

9. Eagle Eye


Action packed film with a good cast. Keeps you on your feet wondering what will happen next. It’s a movie about an AI that has a list of people to terminate in the name of national security. The problem is that the list has members of the house and the President of the United States. Great  fast action movie that shows the danger of AI when it combines with surveillance cameras and is able to access everything that is computerised.

10. Untraceable


Smooth movie, no fillers and extensions which were unnecessary. It’s about a guy who gets disturbed by the way his father’s suicide was made fun of. He’s a mastermind who knows how to evade the police. It brings out the stark reality of the times we live in when everything we do is a source of entertainment for everyone. 

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