Top 10 movies related to 21st century software technology you must watch.

Top 10 Coolest Movies Software Technology 21st Century

In this we will discuss Top 10 Coolest Movies Software Technology 21st Century. The 21st century has developed from all manual to digital. Technology that is dredged and maximized, finally created gadgets and social media that certainly changed its human lifestyle. We all know that Hollywood is well known for showing the application of 21st century software technology perfectly. 

Top 10 Coolest Movies Software Technology 21st Century you must watch.

Here are some impactful movies related to 21st software technology for every tech geek out there. 

1. The Social Network

The Social Network' is one movie to 'like' - The Crimson White

IMDb- 7.7/10

Mark Zuckerberg created a social networking site, Facebook with his friend’s help.The deafening success of this network among users around the world has forever changed the lives of Harvard university classmates who founded it in 2004. In the technological department, the film knocks it out of the park, with the simplistic yet resonant and also sleek engaging editing.

2. The Internship (2013)

IMDb – 6.5/10

Two sales attendants found their business is now obsolete, and they are unemployed. To improve their competence and seek a life of adventure, they land at an internship in Google and try to beat some tech-savvy geniuses. This movie includes unique dialogues within an interesting piece of social documentary of the Google ideal vision and also how they may operate.

3. The imitation game (2014)

IMDb- 8/10

This movie is based on the biography of Alan Turing, a British mathematician who was a real-life hero and also pioneer of modern day computing. This movie has shown how Alan Turing crafted his first computer and his endurance until his death. He is the reason desktop, computers, laptops, facebook, Microsoft exist. 

4. Tron

IMDb- 6.8/10

The film looks beautiful while also a technical marvel for its era.There are some hidden Easter eggs for Software developers and video gamers. The world of artificial intelligence was portrayed visionarily on a futuristic adventure and also is regarded as a cult film. Bridges plays a computer programmer trapped inside the software world of a computer’s mainframe.

5. The Pirates of Silicon Valley

IMDb- 7.3/10

It is absolutely one of the really finest and true stories of the founder of Apple – Steve Jobs and the founder of Microsoft – Bill gates. The greatest technology creators and founders of modern technology. It shows the authentic life of Steve jobs and bill gates.  The Pirates of Silicon Valley is a pretty informative, entertaining and also motivating movie.The story of how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates amassed such wealth and power is interesting. 

6. Hackers

IMDb- 6.3/10

One of the greatest Techno movies of the 1990s. This is the movie that encouraged millions of people to learn the basics of network engineering and also Computer science. It shows a lot of things that back then were true and if you were into computers in the 90s; you know what could and also couldn’t be done! Hackers display many aspects of legitimate hacking not seen very often on TV or Cinema.

7. Jobs

IMDb- 6/10

 It’s a documentary that says a lot about a man who can make anything possible with determination and also hard work.Story is based on real-life events where Steve jobs name person creates a better future for himself and works hard for it. Story revolves around the creation , making and building of an Apple company and invasions of a product which has become the most selling product in this century, that is nothing but iPhone.

8. Her

IMDb- 6/10

Firstly, Her is an insightful study revealing the direction humanity is headed if AI may keep developing, unchecked. The movie also opens up a debate on how AI will take center stage in our lives. Her is a very intimate and also intelligent movie depicting an unusual AI-Human relationship. 

9. Antitrust

IMDb- 6.1/10

As a computer programmer, it will fill you with zest and also enthusiasm. This movie shows the finest details like struts, pointers, arrays of C and also Java programs. I recommend this movie to all programmers, security professionals, startups, and people working in information technology and also computers to watch this movie. 

10. The Matrix

IMDb- 8.7/10

This is a movie that makes you think, makes you gasp, and also makes you totally forget where the 1 and half hour went after finishing it. This all occurred after man created AI and lost a war with them. It’s deep, smart, dramatic and has incredible action scenes and also changed movies forever with concepts like bullet time.

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