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Top 10 most popular movies of Tom Hardy

In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 most popular movies of Tom Hardy. He brings raw emotion to a surprisingly captivating film that somehow leaves you wanting more. He delivers everything perfectly, maybe that’s the reason he’s a superstar now. 


IMDb- 7.8

   This movie shows the complexity of war—both in terms of horrors and also heroism. The acting was minimalistic and also brilliant in conveying emotion and also drawing fear of the soldiers placed in situations which show the terrifying horrors of war. The film’s visual aesthetic is also as relatable as its narrative. Dialogue-less Tom Hardy did so great just with his eyes that even made me feel the frustration, aggression, and also all the fear going on in his mind. This movie ranks at the top of our list of top 10 most popular movies of Tom Hardy.


IMDb- 7.3

Tom Hardy delivers an astonishing stellar powerhouse performance. Forrest (Hardy) survives having his throat slit and also by the end of the film his throat seems nearly healed with no marks and also he speaks freely. This movie is based on a true story so you can get the close knit bond of a dysfunctional family. Lawless is one of the most historical accuracy films.


IMDb- 7.1

Locke is a poignant reminder that every life is lived inside a unique bubble particular to each individual. Tom Hardy performs a one man show and also develops the character that argues with himself, his past and also present. He commits to deliver humility and also passion to give you the understanding of the characters’ anguish and also pain of letting almost everyone down when your morals push you to do the kind and also right thing. 


IMDb- 8

The way Tom engaged his acting was amazing, family drama was out of the box and also this movie later dubbed into Bollywood film called ‘Brothers’ lead actor was Akshay Kumar, who played Joel Edgerton role. Hands down the best MMA film done to date. Beautifully directed, fantastically performed and also high on the emotional quotient. 


IMDb- 7.3

A thriller comedy with a good script about British gangsters versus Russian gangsters and also money. Tom Hardy plays a gay top god and also is otherwise very cool & rad about it. There’s a bit where he free runs for a second and also that’s cool. It is an intriguing movie that is enjoyable to watch.

Stuart: A Life Backwards

IMDb- 7.8

Without a doubt Tom Hardy’s best performance in a movie. The movie is about a wannabe writer Alexander who met a homeless man named Stuart who is an alcoholic and also a drug addict. Tom hardy’s acting is a delight and also an unmissable experience. Brilliant performance in the role of the eponymous character by Hardy. 


IMDb- 7

Tom Hardy is no doubt always different and also brings something fresh. No question about the talent he has and also should be used by marvel where they could. It gives us one of the most beloved, amazing and also respected actors of all time, mainly drawing to Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock.  Venom feels like an action, horror, comedy and also all at once and also everyone loves it. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

IMDb- 8

This movie is the best of its kind as it offers the audience with the flawless acting of Tom Hardy and also Charlize Theron, engaging visuals and also sound effects, and also breathtaking action. The visuals in this movie are very well done and also more than compliment the setting of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Max (Tom Hardy) also plays an important role in the movie even after not being connected to the story of Furiosa the way the movie connects him. 

The Dark Knight Rises

IMDb- 8.4

Tom Hardy is menacing as Bane which he further excels  in his role in another hugely successful film ” The Revenant. The action scenes are well executed ; even the two fights between Batman and alsoBane are thrilling but not violent keeping in mind the young audience. His portrayal as Bane is one of the best villain characters. 

The Revenant

IMDb- 8

Tom Hardy gave us a convincing portrayal of John Fitzger, the antagonist who killed Hugh’s adopted son and also left him to death. It’s a great story of vengeance and also survival. This film is an intense and also spectacular effort. This movie shows whom to trust and also whom to not. Every scene featured in this movie is like the real world. This is the last movie in our list of top 10 most popular movies of Tom Hardy.

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