Top 10 Indian foods Americans love eat

Most popular Indian food in the World: Top 10

Americans like the flavor of spices and the subtle taste of salt. We will discuss Top 10 Most popular Indian food in the World. They get a little bewildered by learning about our culture and the way most Indians live but our food absolutely amazes them.

Here are the top 10 Indian foods that amazes Americans

1. Butter Chicken

Butter chicken
Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? Butter chicken

This is the finest representation of Indian cuisine that Americans simply love. Americans love the complexity of flavours in butter chicken. Warm, aromatic spices come together with ginger, lemon, garlic, chilli to make this luscious creamy dish. Butter chicken is made for the International palate, Americans love the tones of velvety sauce and the vibrant hues over pillowy rice. This dish is a spectacular one!

2. Samosa

Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? Samosa

Americans love to taste these stuffed triangles. These triangles are stuff with chopped meat crumbs of lamb or chicken or crispy veggies like onion, peas, nuts, daal. Pocket size samosas are crispy and are rich in spices. These triangles can be make at home easily. They are an absolute filling to stomach. These savoury filled pastries are super crunchy from outside and soft, juicy from inside. Americans love Paneer Samosa and Mutton Samosa. 

3. Tandoori Chicken

chicken tandoori
Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? chicken tandoori

Tandoori chicken yields spicy chicken that is soft and juicy with all the flavours of spices infused. You can make this dish at home in an oven or stovetop. But oven or cooking directly on fire yields the best results. Tandoori chicken is an Indian recipe that is marinat in youghurt, garam masala and cayenne baking made easier. 

4. Chana Masala

Chana masala Top 10 Indian foods Americans love eat

This flavoursome chickpea curry can be serve as a main meal or a snack starter. It’s a vegan and glutten free recipe served with a piece of naan, marinated onions and a squeeze of lemon juice. All the spices are well balance with little heat that brings you straight away to mother India. 

5. Shahi Mattar Paneer

Sahi matter paneer
Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? Sahi matter paneer

It is a delicious recipe Americans love to eat. This rich and creamy dish is make using Indian cottage cheese and peas. It is prepare by emulsifying tomatoes, onions, ground cashews, clarify butter and cream into a curry, with the addition of paneer cubes and a variety of spices. 

6. Rogan Josh

Most popular Indian food in the World
Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? rogan josh

It is an aromatic curried meat dish of kashmiri origin. It is make with red meat, traditionally lamb or goat. The colour is extract from the ratan jot, drie Kashmiri chilli which gives the perfect flavour to this delicious dish. This dish includes distinct spices such as cardamom pods, fennel seeds and cassia sticks. It is serve with a side of Basmati rice or naan. 

7. Masala Dosa

Most popular Indian food in the World
Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? masala dosa

It is one of the most popular south Indian dishes. It is prepare using ferment rice and lentil batter, curry leaves and fenugreek. Masala dosa is aromatic, flavourful and has a potato masala or spiced seasonal potatoes stuffed in it.  It is mostly serve with sambhar and coconut chutney. 

8. Chicken tikka masala

Most popular Indian food in the World
Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? Chicken masala

All spiced citrus chicken BBQ’d and tossed into heat. Tikka is a cube or a piece that is grill. and Chicken tikka is a cube chicken that is marinated in spiced yogurt mixture and then grill to perfection. For Americans, it is an absolute lip smacking North Indian dish that will make them fall in love with the first bite itself. 

9. Naan

Most popular Indian food in the World
Top 10 Indian foods Americans love to eat? naan

It’s quite the simple dough. It”s easy to work with and the perfect texture. Slightly crisp underside, soft and airy in the centre and the charred bubbling on the top. They are usually pair with curry, kebabs or dips. Naan recipe requires two ingredients- yogurt and self raising flour. Brushed with garlic butter or coriander. 

10. Chicken Biryani

A delicious feast for Americans. The Chicken biryani is serve with yogurt, chilli mint and onions. The aroma that makes you hungry and the taste that satisfies your tickling buds. This dish is make with classic spices, amazing quality of rice and very soft pieces of chicken. 

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