Top 10 Games Banned For Violence some countries

Top 10 Games Banned For Violence some countries

In this article we will disuses Top 10 Games Banned For Violence some countries.

Top 10 Games Banned For Violence

1. Mad World 2009

Residents left on the island have been subject to a lethal virus, and vaccinations will only be given to those who can show themselves – by murdering anyone else. Jefferson Island, part of Varrigan City, has been seal off by a gang of criminals know as “The Organizers”.  The island is quickly turns into a battleground for the violent competition “Death Watch,” with a massive cash reward for the last man remaining.

2. Silent Hill: Homecoming 2008

The player takes on the part of Alex Shepherd, a Military soldier who recently returned home from an international duty and his father and younger brother missing, as well as his mother in catatonia. After searching his town of Shepherd’s Glen, Alex starts his quest to find his younger brother and father that leads him to Silent Hill.

3. Postal 2 2003

The plot of the game revolves around a man who’s been expelle from his house. He suspects that the U.S. Air Force is spreading poisonous gas in his city, and that he is the only one who is not affect. He finds his way to the Airbase by fighting his way through different locations. Postal is then see attempting to ambush an elementary school after terrorizing the Airbase, but his weapons have little impact. He then suffers a nervous breakdown and ends up in a mental institution.

4. Counter Strike 2000

Counter-Strike is a multiplayer first-person shooter with an objective-based gameplay. In game modes, two competing teams—the Attackers and the Counter Terrorists—compete to complete objectives such as securing a place to plant or defuse a bomb, as well as rescuing or defending hostages. Players are award with in-game money at the end of each round depending on their individual success, which they can use to purchase more lethal guns in subsequent rounds. Winning rounds earns you more cash than losing them, and completing tasks like killing enemy players earns you extra cash. Uncooperative conduct, such as murdering teammates, carries a punishment.

5. Duke Nukem 3D 1996

The city of Los Angeles has been capture over by killer aliens in the early twenty-first century, and also the Los Angeles Police Department has mutated. The streets of Los Angeles have been infest. Only one man is capable of taking out the garbage, and that man is the one who enjoys kicking asses and chewing bubblegum.  Returning to Earth with an arsenal of guns, blonde action hero Duke Nukem battles killer aliens and also mutated Los Angeles cops in a thrilling ultra-violent showdown that takes place anywhere from the red light district to the sports stadium. Duke is now the only person who can save the Earth and deter the murderous aliens who need to be exterminated.

6. Carmageddon 1997

Carmageddon is the classic freeform driving sensation, in which pedestrians count for the same amount of points as cars, and also the enemies are a group of crazies driving a crazy combination of car killers. The game includes anarchic drive-anywhere action and surreal adventure aggression that is over-the-top. It’s a racing game where the racers are just wimps.

7. Dead Rising 3 2013

In Dead Rising 3, everything and also anything can be us as a weapon. Start exploring the zombie infested town of Los Perdidos to find a way to get out before a nuclear attack sweeps the city and its inhabitants off the planet. Dead Rising 3 is a heart-pounding game unlike any other, with intense combat and an unrivalled degree of weapons and character customization as you discover, scavenge and struggle to survive in a vast open world on the verge of a zombie apocalypse.

8. Mortal Kombat 2011

The plot revolves around Raiden, Earth’s divine saviour, trying to alter the circumstances of Armageddon by communicating his also past selves as he fights destruction at the hands of Shao Kahn, the dark emperor of the Outworld.

9. Manhunt 2 2007

Inmate Leo Kasper determines that now is the best time to flee the prison, and also Daniel is encourage to follow his example. They then flee the asylum in order to find information about Daniel’s history. Their initial stop is at Daniel’s old home, which is now abandone. He discovers a drug that allows him to recall parts of his life. Following that, Daniel and Leo go on a killing spree in order to discover Daniel’s past mysteries.

10. Grand Theft Auto V 2013

The single-player storey follows 3 characters a thief Michael De Santa, neighborhood mobster Franklin Clinton, and narcotics dealer and gun smuggler Trevor Philips—as they attempt to commit heists when under siege from a crook government department and wealthy criminals in the fictitious state of San Andreas, which is focus on Southern California. Players will easily explore San Andreas’ open terrain and also the futuristic town of Los Santos, which is based on Los Angeles, thanks to the open world architecture.

Bonus: God of War 2018

God of War, like Prince of Persia focuses heavily on bloody fighting and also puzzle-solving. Kratos, the lead character of the game, fights a variety of foes with a variety of firearms and magical abilities, the majority of which are based on Greek mythological beings. Kratos will also start a minigame involving accurate button presses, analogue flips, or button mashing to finish off opponents with a gruesome special kill for the bulk of enemies.

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