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Top 10 Coolest Chris Pratt Movies

In this article we will discuss the Top 10 Coolest Chris Pratt Movies. He has given fantastic roles to this movie industry with his impeccable acting skills.

Checkout these Top 10 Coolest Chris Pratt Movies. 



IMDb- 7.2

Pratt’s amazing acting shows remorse in all ways. Remorse becomes even more clearly at the end where he suggests she go back into the pod. The movie portrays in stark tones this messy business called humanity, all its strong points and also imperfections. This is the first movie in our list of top 10 popular movies of Chris Pratt. This is a thoroughly enjoyable sci fi film. Chris Pratt did a respectable job portraying a mechanic. 

Zero Dark Thirty


IMDb- 7.4

This film shows how much it will take to bring one of the most hated men in history and also the consequences of doing so. The entire film is fantastic in telling the story of the US Military taking revenge against an evil Saudi Arabian man who was a narcissist and also a mass murderer of innocent Human Beings for a God that doesn’t exist. This is the second movie in our list of top 10 popular movies of Chris Pratt. Pratt portrayed a DEVGRU operator in the US Navy as Justin. 

Guardians of the Galaxy


IMDb- 8

Pratt’s Star-Lord is a Han Solo-like outlaw who likes to pretend that he’s a rogue, but deep down he cares for a lot more and also houses some deep emotional trauma. And also it doesn’t hurt that he’s a hilarious guy, too. Each one character is incredibly different, each one is humorous in different ways. Chris Pratt and also Zoe Saldana have great on screen chemistry. 

Jurassic World

J World

IMDb- 7

The characters introduced were a hit (particularly Chris Pratt’s character) and also we get to see what a relationship between Man and also dinosaurs would be like through the use of very interesting interactions between them. Jurassic World is a very awesome movie to watch thanks to a combination of amazing special effects, nail-biting action sequences and also an intriguing storyline. Chris Pratt is a fun lead in this movie. 

The Lego Movie

Top 10 popular movies of Chris Pratt

IMDb- 7.7

Emmet (Chris Pratt) is a nobody, recruited by Obi Wan (er Vitruvius) and also who is predicted to be the chosen one to save Blacksburg from the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell). So while the plot itself is hardly new, it was all so charming. Emmet just wants to fit in like everyone else, and also while that might seem like a recurring plot in a lot of other movies, you actually can relate to Emmet as he tries mimicking what other people said to each other that is “cool”. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Top 10 popular movies of Chris Pratt

IMDb- 7.6

This movie deserves a whole-hearted applause. It is one of the best superhero movies to date. The characters are fun; the film is visually fascinating, the villain forms a tragic relationship with the major hero. Chris Pratt gives us a virtuoso performance as Star Lord. The perfect combination of action, suspenseful plot twists, humor, romance and also the universal theme of sacrifices for friendship, family bonds and also love. 


Top 10 popular movies of Chris Pratt

IMDb- 7.4

Onward is an exciting movie filled to the brim with adventure, comedy, and also warmth. Tom Holland also and Chris Pratt’s bromance! The chemistry between the brothers was just fantastic. These brothers support each other in every way they can. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt both have done a brilliant and also great job in this movie. It’s hard not to get impressed by the moments when Ian and also Barley were in danger.


Top 10 popular movies of Chris Pratt

IMDb- 7.6

The true life plot is terrific and also the reason this works is that it’s more than a sports movie. It’s a narrative based on sporting statistical analysis, a real thinking outside of the box story. A must watch sports drama is very informative and also highly recommended. Chris Pratt was outstanding and also it is just all-around one of his best movies. It comes with a powerful message. 

Avengers: Infinity War

Top 10 popular movies of Chris Pratt

IMDb- 8.4

Guardians are joyful, for the action part they are good (especially Chris). The storyline of the movie is very simple just stopping Thanos from collecting all the infinity stones which makes him the most powerful creature in the universe, but what makes it special actually are the characters. Every character of the movie has its own depth and also dimension. This movie is much darker when compared with other marvel movies and also the Humor scenes worked out very well. 


chris pratt

IMDb- 8

The idea of an AI-Human relationship isn’t one that’s been much explored, so it gives off a distinct aroma — like a new car. In this movie, Chris played the role of  Paul one of Theodore’s co-workers. He and also his girlfriend goes up on a double-date with Theodore and also Samantha. This is such a heartfelt movie with brilliant cinematography and also an extraordinary soundtrack. 

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