Top 10 comedy movies in Hollywood you must watch.

Top 10 Hollywood Funny Comedy Movies Must Watch

Here we will discuss Top 10 Hollywood Funny Comedy Movies Must Watch. Who is in for some comedy? Here is a list of some of the best comedy movies for you.

Top 10 Hollywood Funny Comedy Movies Must Watch

1. Parasite

Parasite Ending, Explained by Bong Joon-ho

Watch A highly engaging story about class warfare involving two families, the Kim’s and Park’s.

The cinematography is extremely well done. It’s just stunning and so metaphorical. There are also sequences in this movie that will shake you and leave you on the edge of your seat.It’s funny, thrilling, emotional, satirical and hauntingly true.

2. The big sick

The Big Sick' Star Zoe Kazan Didn't Want to Make Another Rom-Com | IndieWire

The movie is hilarious and Nanjiani kills it both with his acting and his writing. The story revolves around the comic’s somewhat personal life, when his girlfriend was put in a medically induced coma and he had to hang out with her parents who he has never met or talked to before. The movie is moves along at a pace that holds your interest. Each situation comes across believable without ever being cliched. 

3. Lady Bird

Lady Bird' is an affecting study of adolescent uncertainty | by Lucien WD |  Luwd Media | Medium

A fresh, charming film on self-discovery through the contours of adolescence powered by brilliant performances. This movie is great because it didn’t only target one theme but took on so many different ideas pertaining to money, mental health, religion, identity, love, and popularity. It teaches a great moral code in the end, and has consistent and deep themes throughout.

4. The hangover series

The Hangover review | Den of Geek

This is one of the best comedy films of the new millennium. A very funny comedy that is raunchy, unique and is extremely engaging.  

One of this films biggest strengths is it’s script and the way it’s characters pull the dialogue off the page. And they do so in a way that is so consistently funny and entertaining.  A lot of funny moments in this movie that are worth revisiting.  

5. The dictator

The Dictator, starring Sacha Baron Cohen, reviewed

If you want a laugh you have to check out this movie.Truly best comedy movie with unique concept , story , dialogues . Entertaining , funny , best acting , good cast , direction was also good . In short a complete package of comedy and entertainment. There’s actually a lot of smart humor in this film.

6. Ted

Ted (2012) - IMDb

Ted is a fantastic and Hilarious movie. It is about a teddy bear who comes to life and about the brilliant childhood of John Bennett and ted. It’s funny and shows you can have emotion with a teddy bear. Acting is great. Characters bounce off each other.

7. Rush hour series

Laughs are in a endless supply throughout this movie. Jackie teams up with Chris on a mission which leads him being the butt-jokes from Chris. They make one hell of a cop duo which will NOT be surpassed anytime soon! Rush hour is one of the most jamming comedy mixtures. Each and every moment of the movie is humoured.

8. Due date

Why Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. shone in Due Date

 If you have a good sense of humor this movie is right for you. Robert and Zach were an unexpected duo and definitely worked good together. Complete opposite roles in the movie which makes the movie much more funnier. They have humorous interactions and also have their own problems which they deal with throughout the film. Its a really hilarious movie with smart insults and fun humor.

9. Stuber

Plenty of excellent jokes with impeccable delivery. The chemistry between Dave and Kumail is what makes this movie so funny and fantastic. The movie takes a dig at the toxic masculinity and cracks you up. Dave Bautista flaunted his great comic timing, while sharing the screen with the certified comedian Kumail, and the two made the movie a true comic relief for the fans.

10. Clueless

Alicia Silverstone on the Legacy of Clueless, 25 Years Later | Vogue

Entertaining, hilarious and iconic. These are the 3 words that can be used to describe this hit 90’s movie. It is the best Comedy/Romance/Fashion/Drama film Ever made, and all other movies of the same genre after were inspired by this film.

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