Top 10 thriller movies of Hollywood you must watch

Top 10 best thriller movies of Hollywood you must watch

Thriller is a vast genre. Top 10 thriller movies of Hollywood you must watch It is all about creating tension, sustaining it, and ultimately releasing it.

Some of the best thriller movies of Hollywood:

1. The Silence of the Lambs

IMDb- 8.6

The-Silence of the lambs is a must watch for any one who finds an interest in psychological tales that have an albeit morbid but classical twist to it. Fantastic thriller that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. Unexpected plot twists being you on a horrificroller coaster of different emotions such as fear and anxiety. 

2. Mission Impossible Series

IMDb- 7.2

 The action sequences were very well craft and Tom Cruise delivered the best-stunts. It deserves a watch as it is action-pack, thriller with a lot of suspense and twists. Mission-Impossible is a well-write, well shot, well act and further well execute action film which uses plot twists and action scenes very skillfully.

3. The Shutter Island

IMDb- 8.2

 It is the most brilliant, underrate and intelligent work in the whole cinematographic-industry. Definitely, the greatest psychological thriller film ever made. This film has the power of questioning the perception of reality. And what makes this one a masterpiece, is the ending and the climax, where most movies fail. The acting of Leonardo DiCaprio is always mesmerizing to watch, but the addition of Mark Ruffalo adds another dimension in it.

4. Zodiac

IMDb- 7.7

 It is a thrilling murder mystery genre which has all the elements of Mystery as the film makers didn’t reveal the killer till the end as they wanted the audience to research on itThey kept the suspense till the end.

5. Misery

IMDb- 7.8

It’s exceptional from every angle — the acting, writing, cinematography, settings, set dressing, tone, soundtrack. This movie is   recommend to all mature audiences particularly thriller and psychological horror-fans and writers who enjoy movies about writers. 

6. The Game

IMDb- 7.8

This film is a masterclass in how to build suspense slowly and also play with the audience’s expectations. This is a movie that flirts with science-fiction but there is enough-reality in each tension-fille scene to keep you interest. The-Game in the movie changes Nicholas’s life upside down when it gets difficult for him to distinguish between the-game and reality.

7. The Courier

IMDb- 7.3

True account of how a British-businessman was recruit as a spy to get proof that Russia was installing nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1961, it is fascinating and also suspenseful throughout. Gear-specifically for an audience that doesn’t need special effects or explosive action every ten-minutes, it holds its own with a tight script and carefully modulate performances Base on actual events, this is an extremely well craft movie.

8. Nightcrawler

IMDb- 7.9

This movie wins in every aspect such as the cinematography and the background-score, Brilliant performances from Russo and Ahme are pair finely with Gyllenhaal’s for a pretty impressive ride. Performances ,screenplay , direction , editing are striking features of this underrated one of the finest creations.

9. The Platform

IMDb- 7

This movie is mirror of our society and it is depicte with this figurative-drama. It teaches you many things of human nature and also a moment to introspect about our own selves. A Spanish-science fiction thriller is a movie about a prison design in tower format where prisoners are fed with the help of a platform that also travels across the tower.

10. Arrival

IMDb- 7.9

This movie is one of the greatest works of cinema of the 21st century so far. There are several ways this film can be interprete some call it a meditative study on modern society, some call it a prophetic warning to mankind. The casting was perfect. Adams and also Renner essentially carry this film with breathtaking ease — their on-screen chemistry is a huge contributor to the success of this movie. 

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