Top 10 horror movies on Hollywood you have must watch

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Hollywood

In this article we will discuss Top 10 Best Horror Movies Hollywood. Horror is one of cinema’s most disreputable genres. Here I selected the best 10 horror movies you must see before you die. For this list, we looking at the scariest and most critically acclaimed horror movies of all time.

10. The witch

Best Horror Movies

A loving family that has just been consume by a tragedy is plague with supernatural and paranoia-including events there is no know spirit or haunting like any other movie. The biggest danger present is the built-up paranoia and resentment felt through every scene. It’s a pretty unique movie compare to most horror movies nowadays not quite as dark as some people make it out to be, that being , there a few breaking moments that make you feel very disturb.

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9.The Babadook

One of the simplest horror movies of the fashionable age. Chilling and sad, the genuine story itself is written so well, telling the story of a single mother and her young son who is seen as the odd figure wherever he goes due to being different.

8. Hereditary

Top 10 Horror Movies Hollywood

Firstly, The film does away with the standard demon\ghost face jump scare and cliché tropes you had seen in most mainstream horror nowadays. Not only was the film scary as hell, but it also have tons to mention about grief and trauma. The way the film is together is its strongest part. The pacing, the editing, the cinematography, and therefore the sound design all worked together to make a very unique and hellish vision of horror. 

7.The conjuring

In my opinion, this was the simplest movie within the conjuring franchise. It had everything good. There were small references that we, audiences noticed that played a big part in the near end bits, lots of demonic characters that all played a big role (Unlike conjuring 2) and the storyline was interesting

Best Horror Movies Hollywood

The movie is spellbinding and a superb narration of what appears to be real-world events. It shows the love bond between a husband-wife and a mother and also her children. This movie sent chills down your spine. 

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6. The final destination

This movie was frightening for one simple reason, it is not afraid to travel the route of talking about death, fate, and if the inevitable is unavoidable or if death’s plan can be fathomed and subsequently outwitted.

Horror Movies Hollywood

The plot for the Final Destination movies is unique and also original, not just like all those other slasher films out there. Named characters surviving a natural disaster they were suppose to die in, and then getting pick off to die one by one by the supernatural being of death himself. THAT makes for a good horror film!

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5.The silence of lambs

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Hollywood

A monstrously disturbing and brutally realistic thriller that is not for the fainthearted. Truly a masterpiece of cinema. The directing is perfect, the score is incredible, the script is great, and also both performances are just the best. Anthony Hopkins gives the greatest performance in cinema history. This is a very disturbing movie but a very incredible one that is a must-watch for cinema fans.

4. Anabelle

I recommend this movie because it’s a type of good horror movie with a lot of action that shows jump scares and has a lot of mental advanced information of what people want to and want to know most about this scary doll that a demon has created, leading roles has done their jobs very well.

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Hollywood

The screenplay was mostly around the house and also doesn’t bring much interesting plot, like exploring many places or fellows. But last it gave a conclusion and a good ending relating to the movie’s theme.

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3. Get out

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Hollywood

A horror movie with a different flavor. The director made the element of surprise inclusive while balancing comedy and therefore the contrast of social station between black and white and still made it scary and intriguing as hell. This is a unique mix, yet a really difficult and skillful task for a first-time director to tug off and also achieve success.

2.The shining

The best movie ever made about writer’s block and one of the scariest tales ever made regarding cabin fever, The Shining took a simple concept of a haunted hotel and built it up into an unforgettable, psychological horror that will withstand the test of your time despite being slated by its original creator. It’s not a movie that’s getting to offer a jump scare that’s aid by a bang every ten pages to stay the typical viewer invest, but rather a morbid eeriness that hangs over the characters sort of a dark cloud.

1.The Exorcist

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Hollywood

This is the greatest horror movie ever make. A great, well-made, classic horror movie. I would highly recommend this movie to horror movie fans. One of the greatest classic horror films. Great directing, excellent writing, and very talented actors, and also awesome effects for 1973. A truly great movie, one of my favorites, and also like I said I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves the horror genre.

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