Top 10 Everyone’s Favorite Characters of Game Of Thrones

Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters

In this article we will discuss Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters. Nine powerful houses battle for the supremacy of Westeros, as an ancient adversary, reappears after centuries of hibernation. Game of Thrones is among the most complex television shows that are ever made. Game of Thrones was a very character-driven show, and while it didn’t necessarily do its actual characters justice as much as it should have, it is fair enough to say that it was host to some of the finest and most iconic actors of all time. 

We have not added Robert stark, because you all know he is not long survivor in series 🙁

Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters Everyone’s

1. Tyrion Lannister

Special facts about Tyrion Lannister - Animaders News

Tyrion Lannister was not a perfect character, either as a human or in regards to fiction. Despite the slight issues with his growth, he remained a stable character who was a crowd favourite during the course of the show, and whether he was being villainous or attempting to be noble, he was still interesting to watch. He have been the last Lannister left, but he deserve it.

2. Theon Greyjoy

10 Best 'Theon Greyjoy'

Jaime Lannister hoped for a salvation arc for Theon Greyjoy. Theon’s portrayal is take to a whole new dimension by actor Alfie Allen, but he actually transformed from a vain, cynical teenage boy to a character who had transformed himself in the hearts of others.  Theon Greyjoy died protecting his family as well as the rest of the free world from the invasion faced by the White Walkers.

3. Arya Stark

Arya Stark:

Unfortunately, owing to the erratic nature of the storyline and narrative formation, only a few characters are entirely coherent and well-written all throughout the series. However, Arya Stark has been one of the select few. She was a courageous young woman who didn’t fit into the political landscape at first; she dedicat her life to revenge, practically saving the world, and afterwards she discover that life is about more than murdering your enemies.

4. Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark may have started off as no one’s favourite character on Game of Thrones, but she grew from an innocent and arrogant teenage girl to a ferocious diplomat and a leader who eventually won the game of thrones. And, unlike Bran, her ascension to the throne felt won. Sansa’s plot had a few big flaws, but she was among the most strong and well-developed story arcs on the series.

5. Jaime Lannister

Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters

Many viewers were outrage when Jaime came back to Cersei just at the end of the series, but apart from that, he had a fantastic redemption arc. He start off as the most unbelievably monstrous character in the first episode, went through an extensive array of struggles, and finally try to be a good man, even though he couldn’t give up Cersei.

6. John Snow

Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters

It’s impossible to assess the characters that endured the rest of the series because the level of character growth declined dramatically over the episodes. Jon Snow is among the most apparent victims of this, when he spend years developing into one of the strongest characters in the series, a true leader and a man who try to do something for the world, only to come on the screen to announce that he not want to be a ruler and that Daenerys has been his queen.

7. Cersei Lannister

Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters

Firstly Cersei was no exception to the Game of Thrones track record of making fantastic villains. And also Cersei, played to expectations by Lena Headey, was among the most enraging and unnecessarily mean characters in Game of Thrones, but she still appears to be compassionate and understandable at times.

8. Daenerys Targaryen

Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters

Daenerys was arguably the most famous and admire character in the series until possibly the season finale.  Although some viewers have predict Dany’s dark turn for years, the big mistake by  the show’s creators make was the idea how to grow her character in such a way that her transformation into tyranny shouldn’t have been obvious. They are clearly so obsess with making this role transition surprising that they totally ignore the improvement that her portrayal request, and she move from being the show’s most famous character to the most contentious.

9. Bran Stark

Bran Stark

Bran’s journey was one of the most interesting and thrilling in the whole series, but the benefit for all of that suspense was almost non-existent. Bran’s endgame was frustrating and seem entirely unearn, as he became the Three-Eyed Raven and then the emperor of the remaining kingdoms. He may be the new king, but he is by no means the strongest character in The Game of Thrones.

10. Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey Lannister: Top 10 Best Game Of Thrones GOT Favorite Characters

Joffrey Baratheon is widely know as the worst, which makes him the best as well. After all, it’s difficult to imagine a more famous and easy to despise villain than Joffrey. His death elicited cheers and glee from viewers, despite the fact that he had just made it halfway into the season. In a weird way, it was also difficult to lose him because he was such a great baddie.

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