Top 10 Best Ryan Gosling Movies of all time

Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Ryan Gosling of all time

In this article we will discuss Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Ryan Gosling of all time. Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor and also musician who gain fame after playing the sociopathic loner in The Notebook. 

Checkout these Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Ryan Gosling of all time

1. First Man

IMDb- 7.3

First Man accounts the space races of the ’60s in the eyes of the emotionally damaged hero, Neil Armstrong played by Ryan. He shows Neil’s suppression of emotion incredibly well. His performance was extremely powerful in this movie. He was an unremarkable man who found himself at a turning point of history. The best thing about the movie are the space scenes which are fille with a sense of mystery and are so realistic. 

2. Fracture

IMDb- 7.2

A great story of a young ambitious lawyer ( Ryan Gosling) who comes to realize who he really is. A very well carried out thriller with a story keeping you glued. Screenplay, background music & the dialogues especially in the courtroom are fabulous. It makes the audience feel the desperation of a cheated husband as well as of a desperate attorney whose career is about to crumble. 

3. The Nice Guys

IMDb- 7.4

Crime comedies are a rare thing these days. But, this film shows not only that crime can be hilarious, but can also be make in a forgot time line as well. First of all, Chemistry between Rusell Crowe & Ryan Gosling was astonishing and also putting Gosling into physical comedy is one of the best choices make in this movie.

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love

IMDb- 7.4

The writer was spot on touching all emotional aspects of love while 

very cleverly turning it into  a comedy. The Play boy character wa s amazingly done by Ryan and also he was charmingly awesome. Excellent storyline, casting and acting. This proved that a playboy can be change with touches of True Love. 

5. Drive

IMDb- 7.8

Drive is another Ryan Gosling classic that teleports you to a darker version of LA. The visuals and audio are one-of-a-kinds for this film that works out surprisingly well. Gosling gave an uplifting and also subtle grandiose performance as the unnamed driver. The story revolves around a stunt driver/mechanic who tries to help his lover’s ex-con husband. 

6. Blue Valentine

IMDb- 7.4

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams both have done amazing jobs. It’s about falling in love. It’s about the decaying of a beautiful relationship. This film hits home to those who have experienced love in their twenties and how people change and also evolve in a relationship. 

7. The Big Short

IMDb- 7.8 

Great film about just how easy it was for US housing market to be manipulate by greedy banks & illegal behavior – worrying that Australia could follow blindly along & have such a terrible economic outcome. It actually helps you understand the financial meltdown in relatively easy terms. The acting done by Gosling and also direction style of this movie is terrific. 

8. Blade Runner 2049

IMDb- 8

Ryan Gosling is exceptional again. He proved himself as a versatile actor. Highly recommended to anyone who likes Sci-Fi and the Cyberpunk genre. Ryan and also Ford are the special delights throughout the movie. The movie can take you in another dimension beautifully weaved by the director. A marvelous addition to the genre of sci-fi or an upgrade according to the time. 

9. The Notebook

IMDb- 7.8

Movies like this remind us being though old school is never bad.Its beautiful flow of story heals you all the way from your eyes and deep down your soul. The love & feeling between Noah and allie is so pure and natural. He portrayed the role of a man devoted to the love of his life perfectly.

10. La La Land

IMDb- 8

It is story of two people who need each other, fou nd each other dur ing the most crucial time of their lives, helping one another achieve their dreams and beco-me who they were “suppose to be.” It uses music, motion, colors, and facial cues to explain what words can’t. The songs and dance are catchy and both Ryan Gosling and Emma stone are fantastic in their roles.  

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