Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of all time

Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Harrison Ford of all time

In this article we will discuss Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Harrison Ford of all time. He is a megastar of the highest degree. His  presence on the screen is breathtakingly eye-catching and mesmerizing.

Checkout these Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Harrison Ford of all time listed below. 

1. Witness

Best Harrison Ford Movies

IMDb- 7.4

This movie has all the ingredients to create a great movie. FIrst-rate performance by Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford & cast presented thoughts of how cruelty and love

can imagine together in one story. Ford & McGillis showed great chemistry. Classic movie based on the orthodox culture of Amish community, mixed with romance and thrill. 

2. 42

Best Harrison Ford Movies

IMDb- 7.5

The movie is one of the best true sporting movies of all time. It is historically accurate and it brings out all the emotions. Chadwick Bozeman and Harrison Ford were awesome. Both Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford did an excellent job portraying Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey respectively. A must watch for every human being no matter their age or race. 

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Best Harrison Ford Movies

IMDb- 8.4

This is one of the greatest adventure movie. It beats out so many movies. Raiders of the Lost Ark is great from start to finish. Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford had great chemistry with Karen Allen in the film.  It has great action scenes like the Nepal shootout,the airplane fight. 

4. The Fugitive

Best Harrison Ford Movies

IMDb- 7.8

Ford is intense and elegant in this movie. The fugitive is not only classy but a modern classic.  The story of Dr. Richard Kimble portrayed by Harrison Ford here is really promising. His acting is the main reason which made this movie promising. The film is well-paced, and every scene feels necessary. 

5. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 

Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of all time

IMDb- 8.7 

The Empire Strikes Back is a great classic Star Wars film that never gets old. This film brings the best out of all the characters. It made viewers love the characters even more. Han’s wish to just leave the “Rebellion vs Empire” thing behind him is complicated when he realizes he has feelings for the princess he spent so much time in the last movie criticizing.

6. Apocalypse Now

Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of all time

IMDb- 8.4

It is the best Vietnam War movie ever. This thrilling, fun ride of a movie will excite fans from all generations. Ford’s performance in this film is unmatchable.He’s the member of the group that sends Captain Willard into the forest to murder the deranged Colonel Kurtz. 

7. American Graffiti

Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of all time

IMDb- 7.4

One of the best cult films of the era of american rock and roll. A simple high school drama of their last night before college. With vibrant colors and amazing performances, this classic will get you grooving and shaking. The artistry of Ford is timeless in this movie. This film is a vignette of Americana in the early 60’s and a work of art. 

8. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of all time

IMDb- 8.2

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery both had great chemistry together as father and son. The near-death experience of Indiana’s father gives him a reason to put himself forward – nearly risking his life and his fathers, to possess the Holy Grail. The audience gets a glimpse into Indiana Jones as a person and his past. 

9. Blade Runner 2049

Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of all time

IMDb- 8

Agent tries to find the answers for all.of his questions that led him to Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) retired blade runner.Harrison Ford also showcases his fine acting skills as he reprises his iconic role of Deckard. The film will indeed exhaust you by the time it ends, but that exhaustion will be a satisfactory one.

10. The Conversation

The Quarantine Stream:

IMDb- 7.8

The Conversation is the best film about paranoia, surveillance, privacy of people and the government’ s role in it. It is also  about fear distrust that grew in America after the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal. The Conversation follows a PI hired by a powerful husband who suspects his wife of having an affair. 

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