Top 10 Best Bradley Cooper Movies of all time

Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Bradley Cooper of all time

In this article we will discuss Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Bradley Cooper of all time. Bradley Cooper is an important actor in Hollywood with a long list of films played and even produced by him. On top of all that, he is the voice of Rocket in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His career began with a guest role in series ‘Sex and the city’. He also once said life is complicated and people do things for a lot of reasons.

Here comprises a list of Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Bradley Cooper of all time

1. A Star is Born

IMDb- 7.6

This is the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper. He did a pretty astounding job, especially for a first timer. A unique tale of love that showcases pleasant music and extraordinary visuals. The way he carries himself throughout with his mumble speech was totally believable. Cooper directs so well and has an emotional roller coaster going at full speed. A Star Is Born is truly a classical romantic film, filled with all the heart-warming and heart-breaking emotions one can imagine. 

2. Silver Linings Playbook

IMDb- 7.7

Bradley Cooper decides to change his lifestyle and forget his past after being returned home from a psychiatric sanatorium. A bipolar man just out if a clinic comes home to his parents with the aim of reconciling with his distant wife, meeting a young widow who will help him in exchange for signing up for a dance contest. What enhances the film are Lawrence and Cooper’s performance. 

3. Limitless

IMDb- 7.4

This is one very good movie by Bradley Cooper. His acting accuracy is perfect. The whole movie starts with Bradley Cooper, an all time writer taking a drug from his ex brother in law, which enables one to utilize his brain up to 100% after taking the drug he finishes every project he had been assigned. Afterwards decide to make lots of money with his newly found brilliance.

4. The Hangover

IMDb- 7.7

The Hangover is a clever comedy flick that relies on its script more than its jokes and is innovative with many mysteries. It had the classic features of a good comedy and the plot was actually strong. Four friends wake up after the worst hangover ever and find their friend Doug is missing. His wedding starts soon and they have no recollection of anything that happened last night. 

5. American Hustle

IMDb- 7.2

Bradley is nothing exceptional, but he remains excellent and has several funny scenes and is the best aspects of his personality. The plot revolves around a conman, Irving Rosenfeld and conwomen, Sydney Prosser who are professional at short cons such as art forgery and loan sharking. It was nice too see Bradley Cooper taking on a more important and Academy award worthy role.

6. American Sniper

IMDb-  7.3

Everyone should watch this movie at least once. It really helps to understand what soldiers go through during their time in combat and also the things that they go through when they get back home. Bradley Cooper does a pretty good job leading the movie. He worked like youth. He captured many scenes lively. Bradley cooper as chris kyle is really a treat to watch. 

7. Wedding Crashers

IMDb- 6.9

A very well balanced combination of humor with not just a love story, but a friends and loyalty story. It has comedy romance and everything an awesome movie should have. The film is hilarious and has some memorable moments and lines. It has Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper and Christopher Walken, among others. 

8. Burnt

IMDb- 6.6

This movie elaborates the whole process of what one goes through, all the debt, failures but at the end everything turns out fine. The characters are addictive, their  passion is infectious, and the performances are strong. The story holds your attention throughout. 

9. The Words

IMDb- 7

To see Bradley Cooper display so much raw emotion and the intensity made the viewers respect for him deepen.  Its a true blend of romance and profession by the little tint of the past. This movie is for those who like the literal things in life with some history and past with it.

10. The A- Team

IMDb- 6.7

Awesome movie for tedious weekend, strictly for action fans, never boring. Incredible representation of Military Action and Crime. Awesome combat scenes, great overall plot and execution. 

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