Top 10 Best Adam Sandler Movies of all time

Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Adam Sandler of all time

In this article we will discuss Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Adam Sandler of all time. Adam Richard Sandler is American comedian, actor, musician, screenwriter and also film producer. After gaining popularity on Saturday Night Live, he starred in several films in Hollywood, which collected more than $100 million in box office gross. Best known for starring roles in Billy Madison, Lucky Gilmore and Big Daddy. He has also found success in romantic and drama movies as well. 

Top 10 everyone favorite Top 10 Best Coolest Movies Adam Sandler of all time

Here is a list of top 10 movies of Adam Sandler.

1. Uncut Gems

Top 10 Best Adam Sandler Movies of all time

IMDb- 7.4

Adam Sandler’s performance is exceptional in this movie. It seems like he was controlling the movie’s tone and presenting this messy and chaotic life perfectly. He beautifully expressed the characters emotions and also developments. This movie has a powerful purpose and also tries to tell it’s story in a unique way. Nothing is ordinary in this movie! 

2. Billy Madison

Top 10 Best Adam Sandler Movies of all time

IMDb- 6.4

He plays as Billy Madison, a wealthy 27 year old extremely immature man with no motivation in life, whose father is the head of a major hotel chain. This film was a massive success on the rental market. It is one of the greatest classic comedy films of all time. The whole plot of this film is just practically ingenious and also super hilarious. 

3. Big Daddy

Top 10 Best Adam Sandler Movies of all time

IMDb- 6.4

Big Daddy is a 90s comedy starring Adam Sandler. He tries to impress his girlfriend by adopting a kid to show he is caring. The idea backfires and also now he has to take care of the kid. This movie is funny and has classic Sandler moments. This movie shows also how hard it is to be a parent. It’s an entertaining comedy that the audience will enjoy!

4. The Wedding Singer

Top 10 Best Adam Sandler Movies of all time

IMDb- 6.8

Funny, romantic, 80s theme. Adam’s rom-coms are the best, especially the ones with Drew. also Their chemistry was like meeting a date for the first time, It show that sometimes it pays to look beyond the shiny outside or the expensive things that a person has to the person underneath. 

5. 50 First Dates

Adam Sandler Movies

IMDb- 6.8

Henry, a vet, falls in love with Lucy, who suffers from short term memory loss. Lucy can never remember meeting him, so Henry has to romance her afresh everyday. It’s a lovely package in the form of romance comedy flick. It features Sandler’s cheesy comedic formula, the film offers a complex presentation of trust, personal character, and also basic human goodness. 

6. Blended

Adam Sandler Movies

IMDb- 6.5

Adam Sandler puts justice to the character to whatever role he plays. He knows how to make you laugh out loud. The movie is light and also with nice tempo and good pictures and in some of its parts it is touching. The lead roles are good and also the supporting roles are funny. A crazy-funny adventure, wonderful family and lighten romance. It’s perfect.

7. Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler Movies

IMDb- 7

Adam sandlers role in it was funny and he played amazing. He is so funny and goofy in this movie. This movie did the impossible – made golf enjoyable to watch! This movie is comedy timed right, the very start of the movie has a couple laughs, and also the very end of the movie has a laugh. 

8. Punch-drunk Love

Adam Sandler Movies

IMDb- 7.3

It is a 2002 romance comedy film starring Adam Sandler. Also The film is about psychologically troubled Barry Egan who is addicted to purchasing puddings to get free flying miles. This is a great movie about loneliness and also in its own subtle way says that it’s perfectly fine being weird. It is a fantastic romance story of a depressed, awkward and also insecure man. 

9. The Longest Yard

Adam Sandler Movies

IMDb- 6.4

It is an awesome American football movie. This movie is all about american football and also prison. One of the best Sports comedies of the 21st century!! Sandler has done a good job on this movie. Fantastic blend of sports with bone chilling thrill. Spices of humor makes the culinary best of its kind. 

10. The Meyerowitz Stories

Adam Sandler Movies

IMDb- 6.3

Excellent script, wonderful cityscape locations, level direction. This movie will speak to anyone who got to have – and also miss – a parent. Beautiful performances and great Direction with a tight script make this film one of the best family dysfunction films in modern times.

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