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Top 10 Best Anne Hathaway Movies

In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Best Anne Hathaway Movies. We have seen her in comedy, drama, love, action and also horror movies. She is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most favorite actresses. Thanks to her charisma and also sympathy. The actress and also singer originating in Brooklyn started on the small screen at 17 in the television series named Get Real. From there on she has shown her bravery in various genres. 

Check out these Top 10 Best Anne Hathaway Movies. 

The Devil Wears Prada

IMDb- 7.4

It’s a heartwarming tale of a person finding what he / she aspires to become, wishes to have, what to stick on with and also what to let go of after a certain point of time. This movie holds the first rank in our list of top 10 popular movies of Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway is perfect for this role, she has taken a leap of faith into the fashion industry with little knowledge of how harsh it really is. She was amazing and also super fun in this movie. 

The Intern

IMDb- 7.1

Anne Hathaway, as always, creates a pleasant aura with her presence & acting. The writers have beautifully shown how it is important to respect and also leverage the experience of the older generation in today’s world to enhance our learning. Anne Hathaway beautifully portrayed the character of Jules. 

Brokeback Mountain

IMDb- 7.7

Brokeback Mountain is one of the most critically and also commercially successful films in 2005 and also has tackled a sensitive theme with justice and also realistic approaches. Hathaway is portrayed as Lureen, a Texas rodeo queen. She gets married to Jack, and also her emotionally complex delivery helps people to see her in a new form. The romance between Jack and also Ennis is really irreplaceable. 

Les Misérables


IMDb- 7.6

Anne Hathaway and also Hugh Jackman deserve the tremendous number of awards they received. Their performances were amazing and also Anne Hathaway showed the richness of both acting and voice. Just be prepared to have some songs stuck in your head for a couple days after watching it. This film won 10 awards. 

Becoming Jane

anne hathaway

IMDb- 7

 It shows the realistic yet empowering time of Jane Austen played by Anne Hathaway. Such strong acting from both the leads. It perfectly portrays a 30-year-old woman becoming Julia Roberts. The making was great along with the dialogues and also lighting. But the best thing for me was the chemistry and also the connection between Jane Austen and also Tom Lefroy,

Dark Waters

anne hathaway

IMDb- 7.6

The movie tells you about a lawyer Rob Billot who is still fighting the chemical mafia. Anne Hathaway gives her best performance since “The Devil Wears Prada ”. Mark Ruffalo and also Anne Hathaway, as lawyer Rob Billot and also his wife, were very persuasive. Though her character was secondary, she was also great. The screenplay and also cinematography are great.

The Cat Returns

anne hathaway

IMDb- 7.2

The character’s personalities were very interesting and also the style and feel to the film was immensely charming. This movie is not underrated as it has such beautiful art throughout the entire film. It is very good with soft colors and also the cat appears and also disappears on a whim. All the voices suited the characters well.Haru (Anne Hathaway) is made to look more composed and also focused. 

One Day

anne hathaway

IMDb- 7

It is a touching movie about 2 adult best friends, staying in touch throughout their difficulties of life. One Day was about love and also friendship, while finding yourself in a person that wasn’t anything like you. The main characters Dexter and also Emma, were best friends that just kept missing each other, until there was no each other. Anne Hathaway portrayed Emma beautifully. 

The Dark Knight Rises

IMDb- 8.4

“The Dark Knight Rises” keeps you on the edge of your seat the total time Anne Hathaway performs great as a cat woman. The film gets so much right with its themes and also characters. You watch this trilogy because there is something different from usual superhero black magic stuff. This movie is emotionally driven and also hits hard. 


IMDb- 8.6

The story revolves around a group of talented astronauts and also astrophysicists living in a reimagined world scarred by dust bowls and also crop blights. and Also they should do what they must to not let humankind die on Earth by finding them a new home. This is the last movie in our list of top 10 popular movies of Anne Hathaway. Hathaway plays Brand also She plays the role of a professor named Brand also who uses information about a wormhole to hide said experiment.

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