Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

To rise the great ninja warriors there is always the need for a strong and wise teacher. In Naruto, it’s the same case. To raise the new generation of power Ninja’s there have always been those teachers. So, let me take you to the Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

People always wanted to know about the Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure. The world of Naruto has to have some great teachers when it comes to rising new generations of powerful Ninjas. Every teacher has quite their method of training some are softer, intermediate and some are ruthless. However, it’s due to those teacher warriors like Minato, Jiraiya, and also Naruto himself. Naruto was himself a ninja who aims to be the strongest Shinobi in his village. We’ve seen the rise of many Shinobi throughout the series and those were the result of their teachers.

Students usually become what they learn as a teen in their life and therefore teachers play important role in their life at that time.

The world is full of ninja and everyone has different values in their life. So, let me take you to the best teachers in Naruto. Here are the Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto at the beginning himself was a student who was eager to learn and become the best. But, rather than just a student he also had a great potential to become a teacher. As he used to train many others the different skills he knew. He has become a good teacher as still learning himself.

Konohamaru Sarutobi was one of the students who learned from Naruto Uzumaki. Initially, he learned a lot about Jutsu and developed his skills in it to the next level. This was all the result of his teacher Naruto’s influence.

As mentioned this made him a great teacher that helped the students to become great ninja warriors.


Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

Although we were unable to see most of his teaching style. We’ve just seen a few of his styles. As it was the result because he used to primarily work with Konohamaru off-screen.

But he taught Naruto the best skill and had trained him so well one can’t even imagine.

Naruto at first tested his patience as a result Ebisu left the role when he got to knew that he was not the best suit for the task.

Sometimes the teachers have to know that the student might need someone else to help at the hand to get the best training.

After all, Ebisu was himself was handpick by the Hokage to train Konohamaru at a young age.

Lightning A

Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

He was the Fourth Raikage. There was no doubt about his powers. He was one of the strong Shinobi who had mastered many skills in the journey of his life.

Wondering what made him the best teacher? He had taught many high-level skills to Shainobi in his life. This results in that they will go so far that they might even surpass him in the skill level.

He had helped Killer Bee in a lot of ways like hone his skill. Also he taught Darui who later on become the fifth Raikage.

It was being able to teach the students so well that they have themself become great teachers in their further life.

Hashirama Senju

Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

He was the first Hokage and the founder of the Konoha.

The idea of how the generation of ninjas will learn their skills was foun-d by him.

It was his idea that the skill must be pass on to the next generation. As the first Hokage, he deems to pass on the important skills. Besides all this, he also personally trained Hiruzen Sarutobi. Later on, they became the most beloved leader of the series, and also he was the Third Hokage.

Tobirama Senju

Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

It would be a fault if you are making a list of best teachers and didn’t include Toribama, as he was the great teacher in the Naruto series. If you’re including It said that if Hashirama Senju is on your list then Tobirama Senju also be include. As they’re both the two sides of the same coin.

Tobirama was also one who lead to the Hiruzen’s training. It was also the second the Hokage. He said to be one of the most important because without him there wouldn’t be the most organized method of training exist in Konoha. He was the founder of the Ninja Academy where all young shinobi. Je used to have the belief that everyone has the right to have the same foundation skills and also to provide a high education to all his students. It wouldn’t even matter for him if they had a secret Jitsu family or not.


Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure.

Orochimaru was also one of the great teachers. To make training more interesting and strong enough he used to mix science with training. This used to help the student and helo them found the strongest versions of themselves. He had also trained his son and made him the youngest powerful ninja. He was able to able activate the most powerful ninja mode in him.

But there was a main backlog in Orochimaru that he was willing to sacrifice his student. This makes him not as great as the other teacher. He used to be so mean that he could even not bother the lives of the student. He had sent two of the student to end Hiruzen’s life. While one can learn from him a lot but his style is not safe and also he is ruthless when it comes to training.


She was the one who used to deeply care for his team. Her affection made him put the struggle in the training. She spends a lot of time helping Hinata to build self-confidence and help to reduce the guilt. But, she was not able to help him much. Also, Jonin, who waited for someone else to inspire her.

She had too much affection toward his student which lead in return to love and care for her after Maria and Asuma passed away. She was also consider-ed one of the sincere teachers. Even though she was not good at training but her affection had a great impact on his student and others outside the team also.


Kakashi had the strongest team in Konoha named Team 7. But it might not be debatable if Kakashi had that interest in that team. He didn’t use to put all effort or interest in the training.  Even though the Sakura training was neglect by him. And also he used to put his team in a more dangerous situation than compared to the other team leaders.

The only reason he is still though considered is that he use to bring them all together and make them have a great bonding among them. And also he used to make Naruto and Sasuke rivals. As a result, their rivalry helped Sauke to turn to Orochimaru. This had arisen a lot of difficulties in Konoha. As a result, it was decide to put an end to Sasuke as he had become a dire threat to them.


He was one of the most powerful Shinobi and also a member of the Sarutobi clan. He w-as the effective Jonin teacher but he w-as laid back. However, he use to rely on his student to get organize under Shikamaru. But, he never actually helped Choji to build the confidence he deserved and also never had pride in Ino.

As result, it helped Shikamaru to become a better tactician and also a great leader. There was no doubt he was build for it. But this also lead left his teaching skills. He wa-s never given the credit. Also, he never made Choji feel bad in his life like for the eating habit he had. And also his team had worked well together.


His job was not in any way to be flashy. He was a teacher with a small team. Although he trained his student so well and made them the small stubborn ninja warrior. He had represented his student as the strong and the best personality.

His decision was not always right but his decision used to matter a lot. Also, he was responsible for changing Naruto’s life. He chased him and found him out and helped him get the better life he deserve. He loved his student too much and these all things made him a great teacher. And he deserved all these credits.


The Father of Naruto used to have his team as a Jonin. His team mainly consists of Kakashi, Obito Uchiha, and their friend, Rin. He had also trained and helped many to become strong and noble ninja in his life.  His student was used to always ready to even sacrifice their life for the good. They won’t even think twice about it. For example, Rin had sacrificed his life for protecting the village. Also, the Obito had sacrificed himself to save the life of Kakashi.

But before that they were reckoned to be a team, Obito had lost himself to the darkness of the White Zetsu.

Minato was a great teacher who was kind, supportive, and open-minded and also made a great team in his life and helped many of his students.


Although she didn’t seem too keen on leading Konoha as a honking. She was pretty good at both of these. She trained a powerful team of medic-nin in the village. As she had a unique and great healing skill which he further used to train his student. She also trained it to be one of the strongest students Sakura.

All the other teachers had neglected her as of her knowledge but Tsunade believed in him and saw healing power in him and trained him and had made him the strongest than ever before. She was a real healing teacher, for example, you can consider she did with the Konoha hospital and Sakura.

From the example, we can learn the value of Tsunade as a teacher.

Might Guy

You might have heard that he is a guffy, yeah he might be but Mighty Guy he was one of you can say, a good teacher. He always gives his all dedication to the student and helps the student to get the best out of them.  He had a great responsibility to train the powerful student. You can consider Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga. He has to provide them the right training. Beyond this, he also treated them as a human and had provided them with the best training they deserved. He always helps his student in their worst part of the life this make him a very good teacher.


It’s hard to acknowledge that how he makes the best teacher as he was a shady and perverted person. But although he had helped Naruto in his dark time. He helped him get rid of all mental and physical blocks. No one had expected from Naruto that great. But Jiraiya had brought out the best from him and had surprised everyone.

Within few days he was able to train Naruto the best skill and make great out of him from just a little.

This made him one of the great teachers.


Naruto teacher and student

The one who trained the Sanin himself was the Third Hokage. There are many other ninjas in Konoha but no one can beat Hiruzen.  He was one of the most powerful ninjas to ever live, he had even specialized many of the skills and had achieved Sage Mode. This makes him the best powerful teacher to train from.

Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure were always provided with the best training. Please, let me know in the comment section guys how do you feel about my blog article Naruto teacher and student of Konohagakure. which teacher did you found the best. Also if I’ve forgotten to mention the best teacher on my list then also let me know. Don’t you dare to enjoy alone share with your friend and let them also learn about the best teacher? Also, don’t forget to put the like button on.

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