How automation can change the future? What are the advantages and disadvantages of automation?

Automation Change Future Advantages Disadvantages

In thi article we will disuss automation change future advantages disadvantages. Automation refers to a group of technologies that also reduce the need of humans to intervene in processes. Predetermining decision requirements, sub process relationships and also associated behaviors and encoding such predeterminations in machines reduce human involvement. Automation helps simplify the process in your workplace. Automation has been the leading and also guiding word in the era of industrialization. 

The Future of Automation

How automation can change the future? What are the advantages and also disadvantages of automation?

1. Automation will take our jobs.

Automation won’t make people lose their jobs. In fact, it will improve their employees and business owners’ satisfaction. With the help of automation, SMEs and organizations can now streamline tasks, and also free up more time for which they can use to focus on more valuable and higher-level work. It allows you to work smarter and equips you with the updated skill set to improve your overall performance on your job by eliminating redundancy. 

2. Do more with less through Automation.

Intelligent Automation has played a significant role in helping business owners do more with less in the following ways:

  • Helping reduce the time and also cost of managing their book-keeping.
  • Having peace of mind knowing that the right emails are going to the right customer at the right time.
  • Also No longer having to worry about having a customer’s request fall through the gaps.
  • Guaranteeing workforce stability in a time of hardship.
  • Removing mundane and boring activities from their team’s workload so they are happier and more productive.

3. Business Automation

From simple automated processes to AI- driven Technologies, also here are 3 changes that will define business Automation of the future. 

  • More software robots will take over simple automated processes.
  • Also Custom software technologies will integrate closely with business processes to execute complex organizational workflows. 
  • Speed up cloud-based automation.

Advantages of Automation

  • Automation reduces health and also safety risks, eliminates manual handling and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.
  • Automation helps in saving money. It helps you to cut down on the cost of employees.
  • It increases productivity and also boosts consistency.
  • Automation helps to reduce workaround time.
  • Automation helps in effective delivery of products and also services. 
  • It streamlines your processes without sacrificing accuracy or quality. 
  • The best tasks for automation are those that are repetitive and also time taking for human workers. 
  • Automation helps to improve the environment of working conditions and provides safety during the production process. 

Disadvantages of Automation

  • Automated equipment requires a huge amount of expenditure for installation and also maintenance. 
  • The privacy of humans can be invaded through the use of computer data networks.
  • Automation has caused unemployment in the workforce.
  • Also The Automation creates challenges for the employees as they need to adjust according to the changeover to new jobs. 
  • Automation will completely reshape the job categories being replaced by smart robots.
  • Well Automation causes the vanishing of learning by rote. It will impact memorability.

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