Hollywood actors list who are great businessmen

Hollywood actors also great businessmen: Top 16

Recently there have been lots of people asking about Hollywood actors also great businessmen: Top 16. So, I am here with the list you wanted. Today I am going to show you the list of the top 16 Hollywood actors, who have made their transition into the business. Let’s not further waste your time and start with the list.

Many actor/actress has transformed from Hollywood to business and many have prove themself great in this line. So, today I am going to take you to the Hollywood actor list who also are great businessmen.

We are going to see how these actors/actresses have made their success in this lineup and made a good profit. And they have put an example for the other to learn from. So, further not wasting the time here we go with numbers 16 to 1.

16. Dan Aykroyd

He is not only an actor but also a great musician, comedian, and also filmmaker. Besides, that he is now also a successful businessman.
In the year 1992, Aykroyd co-founds the House of Blues Issac Tigret who is the founder of Hard Rock Café.
The Dan saw to be quickly expanded. He started its small beginning from Cambridge and Massachusetts. And now he is the 2nd largest in the world in the list of live music promoters.
The company in the year around 2006 owned around 7 venues in the US and Canada. He also owned around 22 amphitheaters.
But after selling the company Dan started with another successful business of his own range of premium vodka.
He started it with his own company named Crystal Head Vodka.

15. Tom Cruise

Tom is a marvelous actor in Hollywood. Mostly he is known for his stunt. Besides, acting he and agent Paula Wagner both have started the production since the year 1993. It is known as Cruise/ Wagner production.
It has produced many of the movies from that point. Most of the famous movies include the Mission Impossible series. These series have made them a lot of profit. Also, the movies like Vanilla Sky, and The Other were quite famous movies from them.
They both partners also have takeover the studio named United Artists.
But, the Cruise found himself to be busy in producing while Wagner has taken a lead as a chief executive.

14. Brad Pitt

Hollywood actors list who are  great businessmen

He is one of the most handsome guys in Hollywood. Besides the actors also have sharp minds. He is also the founder of the organization named Not On Our Watch. The aim of this organization is to put a stop to mass atrocities. Brad Pitt has always been interesting in architecture. He is also co-authoring an architectural book along with the other architect’s name Thomas A. Heinz and Randell Makinson.
Besides, he is also the founder of the Make it Right foundation. This organization has built around 150 houses for the people who have lost their houses during Hurricane Katrina.
All the houses were sustainable and provided at affordable prices.

13. George Clooney

Hollywood actors list who are  great businessmen

This man is known as the Gorgeous Clooney who has stolen hearts of the women all around the world in recent years. Although he is seen on the occasional movie role mostly.
Clooney has actually developed his tequila brand named Casamigos. Casamigos was one of the premium tequila provider brands in the US.
Later in 2017, Clooney sold this company to the drinks firm Diageo. This company was sold for around $1 billion.
Although Clooney still continues to promote the tequila brand.

12. Mia Wasikowska

Hollywood actors list who are  great businessmen

Mia got famous from the famous HBO television series named In Treatment. Later then he got a chance in Tim’s Burton movie Alice In Wonderland in the year 2010. In this movie, she played the role of Alice.
Later then he became more and more famous and recognized. She was a hot actress and was in very demand actress in the independent feature.
Besides this, she is also great at business. She owns several restaurants, some of them famous or include Fat Wasikowska Burger chain. Also, she owns a stake in the football team.
A famous brand named Pure Wonderwasikowska in Australia is also owned by Mia. Mia is also an owner of the top-selling premium perfumes.

11. Robert Downey Junior

Hollywood actors list who are  great businessmen

Robert Downey had a quite difficult past. Although no one is ever proud of their past. But, now at present, he is a successful as well as the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.
He is famous for his role in the Iron Man movie and the Avenger series. He has also sung on a lot of famous soundtracks like Too Much Shine.
Robert and his wife Susan also have their own production company. At first, the business was launched with Earner Bros in the year 2010. However, Robert left Warner Bros after two years after the movie The Judge, as its first movie.
However, he continue to make new projects. One of his projects includes The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.

10. Maisie Williams

Hollywood actors list who are  great businessmen

Being just 22 years old there is nothing that stops William. He founded his own production company. After, then William and Dom Santry partnered in the year 2018. They launch a new social media app called Daisie.
This app is made to bring collaboration and communication between the artist, film, music, and fashion. This app also provided direct access to the industry for the people.
William’s after this platform launch was credited for its work. This helps a lot of artists to share their work and to bring about collaboration.

9. Sofia Vergara

Hollywood actors list who are  great businessmen

Sofia after his debut in Modern Family have made her go famous as well as the one of the highest-paid actress. Besides, being the highest-paid actress she is also a great businesswoman. She also has been getting salaries from her endorsement of brands like Rooms to go, diet Pepsi, and all.
Besides, this she also has launched its own company brand which includes up to 100 profitable items for the woman. One of them includes an eby, which is an underwear-making brand co-owned by her.
She also owns Latin World Entertainment which is a talent management company.

8. Jessica Simpson

Hollywood actors list who are  great businessmen

Simpson is a successful actress as well she is a beautiful singer. Besides, she is also a successful entrepreneur.

She started with launching the line of handbags, shoes, attire, watches, fragrance, and language. It all started in the year 2006.

Since then she made a pretty good reputation in the business and has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise. She has made a pretty successful brand as a celebrity of all time.

Simpson now owns a fortune worth $200 million, this all credits go to the company.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Hollywood actors also great businessmen

Gwyneth in recent years hasn’t seen most in the cinema. She started with a lifestyle brand in the year 2008. At first, she began it as a weekly e-newsletter. But as time pass on Gwyneth has successfully expanded its business to collaborating with fitness brands, e-commerce sites, hosting a pop show, and launching a print magazine, she has made pretty good growth.

Later in the year 2019, she made its biggest success by launching its own series of documentaries by collaborating with Netflix.

Besides, she has to face a lot of criticism, many people called her brand an endorsement of overpricing products. Leaving behind the criticism she is now worth $60 million and still making great growth.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hollywood actors also great businessmen

Arnold is one of the greatest entrepreneurs as a celebrity. Besides his action in the movie, he is also a successful businessman.

He has almost tried everything in his life from politics to sport, and publishing. In the year 1968, he started his own business named Bricklaying. He co-founded it with his fellow bodybuilder. This was his first step in the business.

They got pretty good success in this business, after that, they started with selling their fitness product through email orders. After few years Arnold started their real estate business with all the profits he made.

After that, he had grown his portfolio with lots of investments in different restaurants. Nowadays, he also owns his production company named Oak Production.

5. Sandra Bullock

She might be not famous on the camera, but she has proven himself as one of the best astute businesswomen.

Besides, she also owns a restaurant in Austin, Texas. Her restaurant is named Bess Bistro and a bakery called Walton’s Fancy which is also close for now.

She has also started her own production company name, Bullock. His production company has featured many of the movies. The most famous movies from them include Armed and Fabulous which was released in the year 2005.

The greatest deal of the Bullock includes the $10 million syndication deal. This keeps Sandra fifth on the Hollywood actors list who also are great businessmen.

4. Clint Eastwood

Eastwood comes to know from his directorial project. He was also an actor before, but he was not quite that famous as an actor.

He was known for his best appearance in Sergio Leone’s Dollar Trilogy.

Beide, keeping step in the directory he also had some other investments in the hotels and the restaurant. Right now he owns the Mission Ranch Hotel, Tehama Gold Club, and the restaurant name Camel By The Sea.

Clint also owns a share which is in California on Pebble Beach.

He has been a successful businessman after changing his path from the actor. This keeps him fourth on the Hollywood actors list who also are great businessmen

3. Jessica Alba

Jessica might not succeed in the movie industry, but she is proven to be a great businesswoman. She owns a company selling diapers, body care products, and environmentally friendly household goods.

Alba company is name as The Honest Company. Late in the year 2017, the company have made $250. The company is also worth $1 billion.

Besides, in Canada and the US, Alba has now taken her business to Western Europe in the year 2019. This has made him a profit of a net worth of around $350 million.

This keeps Alba third on the Hollywood actors list who also are great businessmen.

2. Paul Newman

Paul is said to be the most successful actor who has to turn into the best entrepreneur of all time. In the year 1982, Paul started his business with the Salad Dressings.

His company owns everything from popcorn to pasta sauce. From the first year itself, Newman made the money from his business around $300,000.

Later he started with the frozen ready meals from the year 2008. This also turned out to be his best plan and made him a great profit.

But, nowadays Newman profit from the company seems going to charity. This keeps Newman second on the Hollywood actors list who also are great businessmen

1.Kate Walsh

Walsh is one of the great actresses in the industry. Some of his famous show includes Private Practise and Grey Anatomy.

In recent years she is also doing great with her business. She has started with a beauty and lifestyle company. She started with this company in the year 2010 which produces a large range of scents, body oils, candles, and creams.

From the first day of the launch itself, this company has made a great profit. Kate has proved herself a great businesswoman and this keeps him on the first number of our Hollywood actors list who also are great businessmen.

So, guys let me know about do you feel on this Hollywood actors list who also are great businessmen. Also, comment down below the names if you know of any actors who are also great businessmen or say, businesswomen. Share with your friend if you found any favorite name on the list. And show them that your choice belongs to this list. And also don’t forget to put the like on.

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