Best valentino perfume and Zara perfume

Best Valentino perfume and Zara perfume

Here we will discuss Best valentino perfume and Zara perfume.

Below are Best Valentino perfume and Zara perfume

1. Rock’n Rose

The legendary Valentino couture presents the new lighting scent of Rock’n Rose. The novelty combines a rampant and rich rock and roll look and elegant style that

matches and perfectly fits young, modern and independent women. The aroma of fruit and citrus notes of pink grapefruit and mandarin, blackcurrant and blueberries, floral shades of vanilla, heliotrope, florentine violet, vetiver, gardenia and finish the fragrant picture of Pews, sandal, musk and beans thin. Valentino Rock n Rose

perfume is designed for all the rock princesses out there! It has the combination of freshness, elegance, and sensuality. The blend of lily of the valley, bergamot, and black currant on its top note will gradually change to the middle note layer of rose, gardenia, and orange blossom. The base note of sandalwood, heliotrope, iris,

  • Vanilla will also spoil your olfactory senses.
  • Upper notes: black currant, bergamot and green notes.
  • Heart notes: orange color, gardenia, landish and rose.
  • Base notes: sandalwood, musk, vanilla, iris root and heliotrope.

2. Valentina Blush

Thick, modest, enveloping aroma of

Valentina Blush by Valentino . This is a sweet, sweety women’s perfume water designed for cheerful and bright ladies. The composition of Valentino Valentina Blash is revealed on different skin in different ways, this composition will give a good mood throughout the day, thanks to its resilience. Valentina Blush dominates the top notes: cherry, pink pepper. Heart notes: orange color. Basic notes: praline, vanilla. The

the fragrance of Valentino Valentina Blush was created by Alexis Dadier in 2017. 

Valentina Blush Perfume by Valentino,

delectably sweet fruit and floral fragrance with a surprising and compelling ripe cherry and caramel finish The top notes are a bright and bracing blend of fruit-tart, sweet and darkly sour cherry spiked with a fresh accord

of lemon and rose pink pepper. The bright fruits and spicy florals of the introduction resolve quickly into an inviting sweet and clean petal and muted citrus heart of

orange blossom, with just a touch of piquant citrus peel. The base notes quickly melt the fruit and florals of the opening: chocolate, cream and praline carries the sweet

and sour of the introduction to a satisfying velvet candied finish that lasts for hours.

3. Valentino Donna Acqua

Valentino Donna Acqua for Women’s Cologne perfume is a fragrance of the mud and eastern olfactory group from the Donna Valentino collection, introduced and launched in 2017 Valentino Donna Aqua scent has a cool and sweet scent that starts with a

unique blend of almonds and pears. Almond bitterness and pearl sweetness in the beginning note is a unique combination that can be smelled in less fragrance. As

time passes, this touching and extreme interaction has become a little more soft with the addition of the perfume of jasmine and jasmine, and at the end it remains in the scent of sandalwood and zalak. Donna

Aqua’s women’s fragrance with good durability and durability is a perfect choice for hot summer days and can create a feeling full of freshness and refreshing.

Initial note: pear, almonds, 

middle note: jasmine flower, jasmine bush. 

Base note : zalzalak blooms, sandal wood.

4. Valentino Valentina

Valentina perfume water from the brand

VALENTINO is the embodiment of desire, elegance and absolute tenderness . Exquisite fragrance is meant for a true lady with flawless manner that you can’t fail to notice . Her consistent look is a fitted dress,boat shoes and a small bag. This

a woman is easy to go through life , always friendly and friendly. Men delight her with pleasant gifts 8. trying to conquer the location forever.  Valentina perfume water from the brand VALENTINO appeared on sale in 2011 The composition was created by Alberton Morillas and Olivier Cresp. . t The aroma pyramid is compiled by: Top notes, including a bright truffle chord, surrounded by honey haze and fresh bergamot. Heart notes, sounding velvet tenderness of tuberose, African orange flower and spring

jasmine, dissolved in the sweetness of strawberry nectar. Basic notes created by unusual intertwining of cedar chords from Virginia and Ambra, turning into an airplane: from vanilla*Valentina perfume water from the brand VALENTINO  will suit women of any age who prefer conservative or romantic style in clothing. The composition belongs to a group of floral-oriental fragrances. 

5. Zara Femme

It was presented in 2013 and this is one of the most famous fragrant notes of the brand Zara. It’s about the light, airy smell of bergamot and vanilla that’s like and interesting and quite versatile, so that’s one of the main reasons why it’s sold so much. The packaging fully monitors the smell. White glass bottle looks elegant and expensive. The whole design is reduced, practical and simple- in one word Scandavian

It’s a ripe, juicy aroma for charming girls. His thick pulling notes will sound great on summer evenings in all the fullness of his magnetism and will be a good addition to romantic clothing. The aroma will turn you to playful and mysterious woman, will provide mysteries and poeticity to your image. Top note sounds bergamot. Heart notes are revealed by orchid and peony. Basic notes makes up vanilla sandalwood and musk. 

6. Zara Oriental

It’s a fragrance for women that can easily taken to oriental classes, oriental and floral. The first thing you’ll feel in initial notes is white fresia and rose in the notes of heart sandal and white sedar in the base notes caramel and vanilla I can boldly recommend and aroma for the cold season it’s sweet, floral and in measure 

This cologne is special for those who love warm and flower and fragrance, especially the Easter flower and that this perfume is very famous for it’s desirable and a very good smell and not to say about it’s lasting.

7. Zara Tuberose

This has 3 notes of black currant, tuberose and vanilla. A gentle fruity floral an easy grab for casual days off. It’s an small enough bottle to stash In a bag for resprays and it’s easy to take in the gym or leave in the car 

It’s summer, sunny and some special cheerful woman’s floral fruit perfume decorated with thin echoes of warm tree notes. The scent is released by the Spanish fashion house Zara and placed in a light pink ceramic bottle, it’s color resembles the east over the sea. The upper notes of aromatic composition begin to sound with a delicate , refreshing tolerance of ripe black currant berries mixed with the sparkling coolness of citrus notes of grapefruit, lemon and orange. sparkling grapefruit, and orange. The heart of perfume gives graceful, drunken spice of gardenia bursting against the background of the aroma of juicy, honey apple and coniferous accents of mighty cedar . And completes the sound of the composition soft and affectionate love a summer breeze, aromatic train woven from silky-cream sandal, delicate spice of fresh hay, warm,

exciting musk and graceful vanilla.

8. Zara Orchid

Part of the Minimal Collection, this is a Eau de Parfum with notes of bergamot, orchid and vanilla. First impression is that it’s very fruity, like an orange and strawberry smoothie. The vanilla isn’t really apparent

early on but creeps in during the dry down – enjoy it while it lasts… Performance is standard Zara, i.e. terrible, even in the

EDP format, but it’s cheap and easy to carry about for respray. it’s a Sunday fragrance for days where you just want to mooch about the house and do nada.

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