Best Longest Anime series of all time

Best Longest Anime series of all time

Here is the list of Best Longest Anime Series of all time.  Check this out in the following list. These anime episodes will tie you up in mixed emotions.

Fairy Tale

IMDb- 8 

The characters are hilarious and also each one goes through a lot of development. Even quite a lot of the side characters which is something you don’t see happen that often. The show is filled with loads of humor and also all has many memorable moments. It also has all jokes that you will never get out of your head. All joking aside though, this anime actually gets you very emotional when watching it.  This is the First anime in our list of Best Longest Anime Series of all time. 

The art style and also all animation and also all of course, the soundtrack are exceptional. The fight scenes are absolutely amazing, the concept of the magic power and also all its types are all outstanding unique and also all engaging/entertaining. This series will make you laugh, make you cry, and also all make you feel like a part of this wholesome Fairy Tail Family.

One Piece

This series consists of 20 seasons. The characters are all unique which makes their interactions all the more entertaining, it has such a good comedy aspect/appeal, does an exceptional job at world-building, has consistency with every episode. Don’t be daunted by the 950 episodes! One piece is a truly rare story that not only has so many heartbreaking scenes but also has some of the best fights of any anime/manga. 

The best parts of One Piece are its character design and also all concept art. The set pieces, ships, costuming are whimsical, engaging, and also all endlessly creative. Visually it prevents the show from falling into the anime trap of having a number of similar characters with different hair colors whose goal is to overthrow a generic anime bad guy. 

Naruto: Shippuden

IMDb- 8.6

It is an intense story with a lot of twists ,drama ,action ,comedy and also all brain twisting and also all can change anyone’s  path intensively ,motivating anyone who watches it and also all will try to make a better change in this world and also all in themselves. 

The creators of this cartoon deserve high praise for they have influenced many people and also all taken a major step to change this society by creating this spectacular piece of artwork. They have influenced many including me and also all I will carry on their message for future generations to come.thank you all who made an effort in creating the lovingly crafted gift for human kind. It’s fairly long, with lots of fillers, but if you can get past that, it’s an amazing story with great fight scenes and also all character development.


IMDb- 8.6 

The cast is hilarious and also all the protagonist is very atypical to other shounen protagonists. It’s a series with a lot of heart and also all humor, with how hilarious the show is. Everyone fights a battle of its own, everyone is a samurai. The voice actors are amazing too. It is safe to say that this anime is one of a kind with all genres boiled into one earthen pot. Highly nutritious for the mind, this series has the classiest parody ever in anime history.

First few seasons are heavily episodic but as the show progresses more and also all more arcs occur. Gintama has one of the best soundtracks of all time. Characters are extremely loveable, memorable and also all have distinct personalities and also all design which makes it easy to differentiate them. 


IMDb- 8.1

The author, Tite Kubo, has made a masterpiece of forgotten anime. The characters in Bleach are well made and also all thought out, few other anime can make me have such strong emotions as Bleach can. From wishing that Ulquiorra could have lived longer, to feeling sympathy for Grimmjow. This anime is amazing. The show in my opinion is about friends and also all their relationship to each other with a central figure that ties them all together. It is through their trials in life that strains those bonds  but always comes back stronger in the end. Plots and also all sub plots keep things interesting with plenty of action to keep you coming back for more. This is another must watch in the list of Top 10 longest anime series. 


IMDb- 7.2

The story is great, the characters are likeable and also all the duels are action packed and also all well played. This is hand also alls down one of the best anime of the decades Yu-Gi-Oh! Had lots of great funny moments and also all heartfilled moments this will 100% go down as one of the best anime’s of all time. Yu-Gi-Oh is an amazing show that was made in the early 2000s and also all ended in 2006. Interesting plot, entertaining characters, good animation, great voice work. This is the first anime where the main protagonist showed much different than other protagonists, he is cool, completely badass, well attired, cool fashion sense and also all after all his hair style. The writing is superior, the direction is fantastic, and also all the way the story builds is slow but undoubtedly engaging. 

Dragon Ball Z

IMDB- 8.7 

One of the most powerful anime through the years, the action is still going on, the best of the best, used to watch this on the VHS tapes and also all on Japanese TV as well back then. It has humor, action, destiny. It is the ‘greatest anime’ to be recognized in WorldWide’s time, you recognize it in memes, etc. It’s funny because this ANIME’S the masterpiece, a great scenery to it’s succession, a great success not to manga artist but to the readers and also all fans of DBZ. 

A timeless classic, it has crawled through the ages to keep generations entertained. Despite the long drawn out “charge ups” (which have lessened towards Super) It has always pushed the power up narrative. The main protagonist Goku is portrayed as pure justice while also being inherently stupid, this is offset by a once arch nemesis joining the team (Vegeta).


IMDb- 7.7 

The Pokemon anime truly is something special. The anime has been around for nearly 25 years and also all yet the writers are still able to tell great stories. The story is perfect for the kids, easy language, takes care of minor details, comedy is there, Brock, the ladies man, Misty is cute with Togepi, and also all team rocket rocks!! Each pokemon has more than one special power once trained enough.

It has the most amazing graphics compared to any other anime and also all even beats fairy tail in looks by over nine out of ten. The series starting from kanto to the galar region is GR8 and also all interesting . The Japanese tunes  and also all the sounds of musical instruments are very interesting to listen to. There are also funny scenes and also all amazing background music and also all the theme songs are also really good. Team rocket also makes it hilarious and also all the seasons are amazing. 

My Hero Academia

IMDb- 8.4 

The story has a lot of comedy in the beginning and also all then the comedy gets thrown in at a lesser amount around the second half of season 1.

The action scenes are always amazingly well choreographed and also all animated. It all always has a lot of impact to each blow when it wants to, like in the All-Might vs Nomu fight.

 The fight scenes are powerful. The character development is excellent and also all the storyline is solid. The show has plenty of funny moments. Also all memorable characters (Tenya) along with emotional moments such as the end of episode 2. Each quirk is super creative and also all unique with its strengths and also all limitations with almost no two quirks being alike. This is the last anime in our list of Best Longest Anime Series of all time. 

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