Best Ariana Grande perfume

Best Ariana Grande perfume 

In this article we will discuss the best Ariana Grande perfume. Check this out.


Ariana Grande’s new fragrance cloud is a dreamy blend of alluring lavender blossom, forbidden juicy pear and mouth watering bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is a whipped touch of creme de coconut,indulgent praline and exotic vanilla orchid. This uplifting fragrance is then wrapped with sexy warm musks and irresistible creamy woods 

The note behind this fragrance is Clement gavarry. Top notes are bergamot, pear and lavender middle notes are coconut, whipped cream, praline and vanilla orchid base notes are woody notes and musk. It is one of the Best Ariana Grande perfume.  

It’s the scent that if you spray it on your sweater/clothes and leave it on the chair, every time you pass by it you’ll think “what smells so good in here?” And realise it’s clouds that you sprayed on your sweater hours, even a day or so ago

This is a mature sweet fragrance. Performance is beast, both silage and longevity. 

Ari by Ariana Grande

It’s a fragrance of the olfactory Gourmand Fruital Floral Family for women launched in 2005. Exit notes are raspberry, pear and grapefruit. Heart notes are vanilla orchid, Lily of the valleys and pink. The background notes are marshmallow musk. It is one of the Best Ariana Grande perfume. 

It’s a bottle like a sparkling gem, a white fur that can also be used as a key charm in a bottle like a sparkling gem, the package is cute and the visual of Ariana like a little devil is printed feminine fruity floral and mature musk plus Ariana’s favourite marshmallows. 


It’s a perfume that can make you positive. It’s characterized by a sweet scent like the first caramel with the incense of the floral woody musk. You can enjoy the floral of pair blossom or lavender blossom and the change to the calm scent of white musk and sandal wood 

R.E.M – the pedestal of the crown is a message from Ariana who encourages women with the appearance of the powerful Ariana and her worldview is expressed. It’s not just a scent, but a wonderful design will surely make you happy

I think it’s similar to thank u, next in it’s muskiness. With its notes of lavender, pear blossom, marshmallow, fig and salted caramel I was bound to love it. It’s sweet, but the lavender is strong and it has the same masculine vibe as Cloud has. It is one of the Best Ariana Grande perfume. 


This perfume is named “Moonlight” which is also one of Arian’s songs and is also characterized by a bottle that changes color and flavour depending on the angle. The scent of a juicy pyo and marshmallow that can be played with is a fascinating and mysterious woman. This perfume is more attractive at night. 

Sweet like Candy

Just like the name it’s sweet. It’s far more refreshing with added pear. It also has a marshmallow note which you can smell in the dry down. It is one of the Best Ariana Grande perfume. 

This is a sweet and candied scent and as the moonlight it’s the marshmallow accord that really has me interested it sounds very sweet and apparently is a little bit like midnight fantasy.

Thankyou Next

It has the perfect amount of coconut in it along with pink rose, pear and macaroons. You’ll Love wearing it when You’ll need something uplifting and you can always smell it throughout the day

This perfume projects very well, lasts 6-7 hours on the skin and lasts on clothes until you’ll wash them. It has a lovely sweet raspberry, rose, coconut and musk perfume. Such a pretty sweet scent 

The fragrance is pear and raspberry refined it with the delicate sweetness of coconut cream and the floral aroma of pink rose petals. Fine macaroon sugar and intense musk from the refined, irresistible base note.


Ariana Grande’s Frankie is the first unisex perfume to launch the singer into the market. Inspired by her brother, Frankie Grande is a sweet and very fruitful perfume, with predominant notes of apricot, sugar, rose pepper, pear and cedarwood that makes wearing it in spring but not on hot days, a delight. Removing the signature hair black ball from Ariana’s perfumes, it’s a beautiful, silver and outstanding jar. It has an average length of 6 hours and a moderate wake.

She named this perfume after collaborating with her brother Frankie Grande, how cuteThe box is beautiful! It looks like a vantage-y black and white box with squares and rectangles. But it is also a little simple. Anyway, the bottle is amazing! The same as Ari but in a silver covered bottle

with a black pompon. The scent is literally beautiful! It differs greatly from Ari. It is more masculine (obviously because it is an unisex scent) It has a bold fruity woody scent. The sugar crystals blend well with the cedar wood to get this feminine and masculine scent at the same time. It is so good. 

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