10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

In this article we will discuss 10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try. While most people think of Japanese cuisine, they think of sushi or ramen. Nevertheless, the fact is that Japan has an exceptional, one-of-a-kind, and diverse cuisine that extends past fish and rice.

Below is 10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

1. Sushi and sashimi


First there is the most well-known Japanese dish, for which many people equate Japan: sushi and sashimi. Sushi is a famous dish all over the world that comprises of a piece of rice flavored with a rice vinegar mix (made with sugar and salt) and combined with various ingredients such as a range of fishes, vegetables, and nori (seaweed).

Sushi may be classified into the following types based on its form and ingredients: Nigiri sushi, Maki sushi, Oshi sushi, Temaki sushi, and so on. Using the chopsticks, you pick up slices of sushi and soak them in soy sauce, wasabi, or both, depending on your choice.

Sashimi is yet another popular Japanese dish that consists of fresh fish or shrimp eaten with wasabi (a fiery Japanese condiment) and soy sauce. It is normally serve with radish slices on the bottom. 

It got its name from the idea that the tail of the fish used to come with the meal to help you distinguish what you were consuming.

2. Ramen


Ramen, a wheat noodles bowl eaten in a soy sauce or miso soup blended with various ingredients, is another common way to taste the oriental flavour. The most popular toppings are green onion, slices of pork, egg, and seaweed; however, the soup is by far the most essential aspect of this meal, and it varies greatly relying on the restaurant.

The flavour is one-of-a-kind, unlike something you’ve ever tried before, and it can be very intense depending on when you buy it. Because of the way the pork is grill, it often splits into bits as soon as you grab it with your chopsticks. With one bowl of ramen and a side dish, you can be certain that you will be full by the time you finish your dinner. If only you could complete it!

3. Tempura 

Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

Firstly Tempura is more like a snack than a dish, and it is mainly make of pound and deep-fried seafood and vegetables that have been flavor with a sauce made of soy sauce, ginger, and sugar.

And also Tempura made from fowl and fish are also available. The size of the slice must be small enough to be consume with one swallow, and even though fry, it must not be sticky. Tetsuyu sauce, a combination of consommé, sweet sake, soy sauce, ginger, radish, and spices, is eat with tempura.

4. Raisu kare raisu (rice with curry)

10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

It is an easy but tasty dish found all over Japan. Kare raisu, which is very common among Japanese children, is simply rice with curry, but the flavour differs from the original Indian version.

A combination of meats and vegetables are use to produce Japanese curry. The meats used are generally ham, pork, beef, and sometimes duck. Onions, cabbage, and potatoes are the basic vegetables. There are various levels of spicy to suit everyone’s taste: mild, usual, and hot are the most popular.

5. Okonomiyaki 

Japan - Japanese Okonomiyaki - Finmail

This savoury Japanese form of pancake is make with rice, yam, and egg and literally means “grill like you want it.”It is cook on a griddle and is normally create by the customers, which can be part of the fun.

Since the preparation must be cooked from both sides, turning it is both a stressful and amusing experience, particularly if it is your first time! However, if you find it difficult, the team would happily assist you or even render it for you, so don’t be concerned.

6. Shabu-shabu

10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

Shabu-shabu is a meal that consists of a stew (beef, pork, poultry, or shrimp), vegetables (watercress, shinjuku, chard, garlic, chives, moyashi, and so on), mushrooms (shiitake and shimeji), and other ingredients ( udon, konnyaku, kamaboko, etc.).

The components are boil easily in a beef broth and eaten with ponzu (usually prepare with sesame). This broth is make hours before the main course and the following ingredients are cook in water: pork and/or ham, konbu (seaweed), and shiitake (mushroom) – without any seasoning. This broth is just use to prepare the ingredients. To cook, cut only the meat and vegetables (without the broth) and sprinkle with the ponzu (sauce).

7. Miso Soup

10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

Miso Soup is a common side dish among the Japanese. Missoshiru is a Japanese term that means fermented soy broth. It is make up of two words: misso, which means “ferment soy,” and shiru, which means “broth.”

Misoshiru is eat before the main course in almost every meal and with almost every dish, rendering it a must-try if you really want to immerse yourself in Japanese gastronomy. As a traditional side dish, you will almost always find it at any restaurant.

8. Yakitori 

10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

Well Firstly Yakitori or grilled chicken is a kind of broiled chicken in Japan. And also Yakitori may also apply to spit foods in general. Kushiyaki (grilled spit) is a formal word for both poultry and non-poultry skewered and grilled. In Japanese culture, the words yakitori and kushiyaki are interchangeable.

At night, yakitori-ya are tiny restaurants or tents that grill yakitori over coals to be drink with alcoholic beverages (usually beer or shochu). These establishments are know for their laid-back environment and are common gathering spots, particularly for young people and employees on their way home. In certain areas of Japan, a row of yakitori-yas can be see in a street or alley.

The oniguiri also known as nigiri or omusubi is a Japanese rice ball that is commonly triangular or oval in form and covered in a nori leaf.

9. Onigiri

10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

In Japan, this is the most common snack. It may be fille with a variety of ingredients, but usually it is fill with fried salmon, umeboshi, katsuobushi, or some other kind of salty or sour ingredient. In Japan, oniguiri can be fou-nd in a variety of locations, including grocery shops, malls, free fairs, sushi restaurants, and also specialist oniguiri establishments such as onigiri-ya. If you are starving and don’t have time, you can buy an onigiri no matter what time it is or where you are.

10. Udon 

10 Best Japanese Foods Everyone Should Try

Firstly Udon  is a kind of thick noodle make of flour that is common in Japanese cuisine. Also Udon is usually prepare as a soup in a hot broth make with dashi, shoyu, and mirin. One or more ingredients are apply to simple udon, and these ingredients give rise to different forms of this dish. Most of them have chopped negi (chives).

The taste of the broth and the additional ingredients differs by area. Dark brown broth make with stronger-tasting shoyu (koikuchi shoyu) is common in Tokyo and northern Japan, whereas light brown broth make with weaker shoyu (usukuchi shoyu) is popular in Osaka and further south.

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